I've updated this entire story over to the revised and edited version, From the Ashes. Changed the book covers for both the prequel and the sequel as well.

So! If you enjoyed/liked/loved-if-I-dare-to-venture this story, then I highly suggest you read at least the shiny new beginning, and any of Roman's chapters, for that is where the main changes lie. A lot of the chapter titles are different, and condensed.

I've been reading over the reviews this fairly large work has, and just... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasljeiaopwieu hgyuiopwqaisujhdygrfuioyujyh re

That was my face. Snuggling the keyboard. Thus, essentially you. :B I just can't express how wonderful it is to get such great feedback and expressed affection toward my work.. Piles and bags and truckloads and MOUNTAINS of thanks won't express my gratitude! It's been a while since I finished this, and I should've done this waaaaaaaaaaay earlier. But if you happen back upon this 'ol thing, with all my heart, thanks and enjoy. 3