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A loud explosion purged the scene. Fire and burning ashes were raining down in a smoky atmosphere. The wild calls of the ambulance headed the scene with a helicopter going to film the sight.

"Breaking news! The top of floor of the Dyrest Shopping Tower has just been attacked by an explosion. We currently have three reported casualties, Luigi Galvani; age 45, Aaron Druff; age 16 and Megan Homestead ; age 16. A suicide note by one of the victims that was found at the crime scene seems to point the explosion as a suicide, here at RBN will keep you covered.

I had looked up upon the explosion with a smile of delight. I continued doing my work. He would not kill me anymore.

(18 Hours ago)

I held the pencil in my hand. I could not stand here much longer. This man had to be killed. He… bumped me. He had no regard for my safety, what's next? He would punch, kick or kill me? I didn't have to bat an eye at this moment; I wasn't an amateur to the art of murder. I bumped the eraser of my pencil on my chin. It's how I thought of my murder schemes. The plan was laid on my desk. I paid close attention to make sure it was absolutely perfect. I had caught on to a record of having each of my killings completely without as much as sign on whom it was. I would prefer to keep it that way.

My room was very light colored beige. It was perfect for nothing but my small lamp on. I had done the plans with an utmost attention to detail. My pencil dashed the paper with a quick and agile tenor. I always am in a good mood when I design a new plan. Maybe I had actually enjoyed creating this fun preparation of murder. After the last scribble, my plan was done. I had things waiting for Mr. Druff very shortly. I held a devilish smirk. I kept the plan inside a secret container which was only accessible through a complex puzzle I personally designed.

I rested much easier knowing my plan was done. I prepared to go to sleep and jump on my bed all cozy and warm. Preparing for the battle of wits tomorrow will bring.

I woke up and got ready for school. Other than the fact I had some rock in my shoe, it was an average morning. I ate some very crispy waffles, a nice swig of orange juice and blue prints on the murder papers which I planned to check while at school. I left the door to enter the miserable outside and its weather. I don't like the cold. I prefer the nice sunshine of the outside so people like my family won't bother me on the inside. I walked over my bus station and waited for my transportation.

The bus finally came. I showed the man my Student ID and went to sit down on the transit bus. I grabbed my plans from my bag and revised them. Everything was going just as planned till I saw him. That man, the man.

His face may seem apathetic, but it was just probably just a ruse to the true monster he was. He sat down on one of the seats. I knew he was planning to kill me. I absolutely knew it 100%. I may have had to kill him with the knife I keep under my sleeve in case of emergencies... But first, I wanted to see what he would do first. The atmosphere was thick. It was an epic chess game of mind and will.

I stared deeply for several minutes… He was just standing there, doing absolutely nothing but listen to the horrible junk he calls music. I kept the knife at the ready, just in case. The bus has arrived at its destination and we were dropped off at school near the Dyrest Shopping Tower. I coughed up on the bus smoke but I was overall well. I stared at the shopping center with my intent. It was to be the stage of my plan.

It was a large black and silver tower with a modern feel. It would be a skyscraper if it were tall enough. It was composed of multiple shops. I personally only come there for some of Luigi's Ice Cream and the Link. The owner there is my main supplier of weapons. I believe he is a known member of a terrorist organization. It didn't bother me. He's one of the few people I know who would sell highly explosive bombs and materials to minors.

I entered the doors of Feynman High School. It was a pretty big high school. I had entered the neat and almost empty field. I didn't feel like getting cold so I walked for the door. I saw my friend Delta slacking around. I wanted to avoid him but I was caught.

"Darn..." I whispered in an angered voice.

"Hey bro! We chilling tonight?"

I had found friend Delta, or "Robert" as he preferred to be called ever since I was 8. He was quite dim witted but his knowledge in social interaction were above par. He waved at me with his ridiculous grin. I had no intention of talking to him but it would be improper social protocol to ignore him otherwise.

His tendencies to use colloquial terms and refer to me as bro is the reason why I cannot wait to kill him once I am forced to leave high school and having his assistance to me worthless.

"I'm kind of busy, bro." I replied. I never wanted to hang out with him. However, it was mandatory to keep my cover as a "friend". Whenever we hang out, it's just him being a rowdy idiot and me forcing to act like I have half a brain cell.

"Oh totally man, I understand." He said, slightly disappointed. Hah, I dodged a bullet. If I just follow his idiotic quota then I will be fine.

I couldn't believe I had to degrade my language to his primordial level but that's what I was forced to do to stay alive. I thought it was pretty obvious he was a man so I don't know why I had to refer him as much so it made no logically sense!

I learned the world was full of people who want to cause me harm, want to kill me. They do things to me like bumping me (a symbol of wanting to murder me), making terrible jokes (trying to ruin my sanity) and completely gasping when I am not part of this or so site. Sometimes, I wonder if I actually like killing the hundreds I have. Maybe I do…

"I think I should dye my hair blonde, this brown hair doesn't work for me." I would shoot myself to escape this conversation of his scruffy brown hair but I just quietly nodded.

I had to look attentive though. I honestly didn't care much about friends but they are valuable tools in human protocol and socialization. Despite their usefulness, they are obviously flawed of caring about their social ranks and large numerous things I've listed before. I can't kill them so they should be extremely grateful.

The sharp echoes of the bells ringed. School was starting now. It was incredibly easy and boring, as expected. School was just as always. I could easily have perfect grades but I had to hide myself though. On every test, I always get several questions wrong to get an average grade.

I believe this is an essential part of my survival. When I was 6, a kid bragged about how he got perfect score on a test. He was punched and he cried. I just stood there in horror. It was before the time I became a killer, to protect myself. I was a fool back then but I shall not make that mistake.

The bell ringed once again and it was lunch time. I ate my delicious lunch with my small circle of "friends". Delta was there, along with Echo, and Golf. They were having their usual conversations.

"Hey, you know that Karine Stabbs is hosting a party?" said Echo in her raspy voice. Echo was a nice girl. She's not as feminine as the other girls her age but she is in to that sort of thing. Unlike Delta, she hasn't really bothered and her assistance is useful. Unfortunately, she talked like a walrus due to the fact she had caught a cold this morning.

"I'm tryin' to get in, but that party is like V-I-P onlay." said Delta in his usual exaggerated modern gangster-esque voice. "I do have the address and time tho' but that party has like some bounca' or sumting."

"Hmm…" I mumbled quietly. Wasn't Stephanie Devine the girl that pestered me to join her "How to be popular club". She annoyed me from my design of the harpoon. I believe this is a perfect chance for her elimination.

"Hey Robert, may I have this address a time?" I said with a quiet demeanor. The group just stood there in shock.

"I can't believe it Julia, our little Damian wants to go to a party." said Golf to Echo.

"He's growin' up…" sniffed Robert in a melodramatic manor. "Dude, I can't believe you are going to crash a party, that's so sick." he said in complete excitement.

"Yes, I will most definitely "crash" this party" I said with a small smile in my mouth. "The location, please."

"It's 22 Jay Town Avenue, North East. Good luck getting passed the bouncer" smiled Delta.

"Thank you very much Robert, I got to go". Thank you very much, pets.

I walked outside to find a small bench where I usually read. It was a small and dusty brown bench on a corner rarely visited by the student population. I got my book to read and not be bothered by my friends. I had several plans already swirling in my head.

It seems like tomorrow will be an average day then.

Once again, the bell rang and lunch was over. I had walked inside the school and prepare to go to my classroom. By this time, Mr. Druff has already skipped school and is heading over to eat Ice Cream at Luigi's. I had to thank Robert for having connections with his girlfriend Megan or something of the sort. The important thing was that this had sealed his fate.

I went to my math class. Luckily, no one had disrupted or bothered me so no one will die along with . I sat down on my desk and took out my notebook. Our math teacher was explaining us some concepts. However, I had my attention on the time. I looked at my wristwatch anxiously with a deep stare. I had waited for this. It was 1:05.

"Goodbye Mr. Druff." I whispered. I pressed the switch.

"Breaking news…"