Whose fault is it that we ended this way?

Whose fault is it that we are here today?

We can't always blame each other

All we do is continue to be smothered

We tried to become one

Now we lost instead of won

My heart is broken and we are no longer friends

It seems good things do come to an end

We are now strangers who have a past

We are now people with a contrast

We look past each other as if we don't exist

But I still have moments I miss

Whose fault is it that we don't talk?

Whose fault is it I still look for you when I walk?

Luckily I am slowly recovering from your spell

But I with you I can't tell

You avoid me and so I do the same

It is now just a simple game

But what do you think of me now

In your memory is there a frown

Do you regret talking to me?

Do you regret setting me free?

Either way we are both to blame

We both took a part in the shame

Forever you are important

You're presence is potent

So I ask one last time

Do you regret our moment together which had moments of crime?