People, this is my first story on this site, so please do not be too obnoxiously hateful.

Cerberus is my name. Everyone on my Mother's side is named after a Greek God or Goddess. My granddad is Zeus, God of the Gods. My aunt is Artemis, my uncle Poseidon, and my mother is Aphrodite. My elder brother is named Dameon, but only because his late father named him. He is only my half brother. And I am Cerberus, a grotesque three-headed dog who rots away in the deepest pits of Hades. Or my basement. My mother hates me more than anyone has the right to hate a person. Why does she hate me, you ask? I am the product of something no one should go through.

I am the product of rape.

If she were any normal woman, I would have been disposed of before I could even be born. But due to her strong Catholic beliefs, she didn't have an abortion. Instead, she chose to give me a name that fit what she thought of me.

She hates that I look exactly like the man who raped her. I have his shaggy black hair, pale skin (although mine is more pale because I have never been allowed to step into direct sunlight), and miss-matched eyes. My left eye is green; my right is a startling blue.

My brother looks like his loving father, who loved me as well, for whatever reason I could not fathom. He has chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and caramel skin. But I have only ever seen the way he looks in the dark of my basement, so I wouldn't know how he looks in the light.

I have never left the confines of the basement in my entire life, and I have never made friends that weren't on the computer. My closest friend was a guy by the name of Starship_Enterprise2.0, for God's sake! The only people I ever see are my hateful mother and my brother, who has to sneak in to see me at night, because Mother is too afraid that I will taint her beautiful baby with my poison.

I was so desperate for human contact that I broke the number one rule; do not lie to Mother.

So, what do you think? Should I write more?

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