Chapter 7, Part 4, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, ST

The final part of chapter 7. Enjoy.

Attend the tale of Sweeny Todd.

His skin was pale and his eye was odd.

He shaved the faces of gentlemen

Who never thereafter were heard of again.

He trod a path that few have trod,

Did Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

He kept a shop in London Town

Of fancy clients and good renown.

And what if none of their souls were saved?

They went to their

Maker impeccably shaved by Sweeny,

By Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Hearing Dameon talk to Will after what he did made my blood boil. How dare he? How dare he take something that didn't belong to him in the first place? The bastard noticed my hand was clenched around Wills.

"Hey, man. You guy's dating now? I'm hurt, Cerb."

"SHUT UP!" Surprisingly, it was not me or William who screamed. It was Aphrodite, standing and looking positively ferocious.

"How dare you, Dameon? How dare you just waltz down here and dump this all on your brother? And how dare you even think of doing that to William? He loved you! They both did, and you go and turn that love and trust into a tool used to break them."

Everyone was looking at my mother now. William in shock, Granddad with approval, Dameon with fear, and my own look was I think blank. I was too busy imagining myself with a foam finger shouting 'go Aphrodite' to care what my face looked like.

"And then I find out you have been lying to me about Cerberus breaking your arm? About trying to kill you? You are a disappointment to me and have disgraced the memory of your father. Get out of my sight; I can't stand to look at you."

Not one of us noticed that Dameon was getting ready to bolt until it happened. He hurriedly stumbled up the stairs and through the open door. Without thinking, I gave chase, storming up the stairs in a desperate attempt to capture the boy who single-handedly ruined my life.

I saw him open the front door and dash to his motorcycle. I tried to catch him, but he was already speeding away. It was then that I noticed a strange warmth engulfing my skin. I looked up and immediately shielded my eyes from the burning light that met them. Surrounding that light was a vast expanse of blue.

The sky.

Somehow, I never thought that I would ever get the chance to see it.

I looked around me. Green grass, twittering birds, and dragonflies.

Laughing children, barking dogs, and whispering winds.

I look to the house I just came out of to see William. The light framed his beautiful face perfectly, making him look more like an angel than ever. I smiled at him, the first true smile I have ever given.

One that wasn't tinged by pain, sadness, and loneliness.

I extended my hand to him, silently beckoning him to share this beautiful moment with me.


I walked to Cerberus, a small smile on my face. I took his hand like he wanted me to, but never expected him to pull me into a tight hug.

"Will, how could I have never seen a thing such as this before? I spent my life in the dark, looking at pictures of the sun. But to actually see it like this makes my chest ache. How am I going to deal with all of this when I go back?" he murmured into my chest, arms wrapped around me with no intention of letting me go. My smile only grew as I ran my hand through his hair.

"Cerberus, did you actually think that I would have you stay down there in the dark after you have seen the outside? No. I will not let you go back to the darkness, I promise." I looked above the young boy's head to look at his mother, who nodded her confirmation.

"You can go to school with me, and then I can learn more about you."

Aphrodite snorted, "Can go to school with you? William, he is going to have to go to school with you."

One Week Later


It has been a week since our disastrous confrontation with Dameon.

And every day I would drag Aphrodite, Granddad, or Will outside so I could explore the world I was so deprived of. Depending on who went with me, I would do different things. With my mother, I would go to the mall, movies, or counselor's office. With Grandfather, I would go to the park, the hospital, or the retirement home to visit Grandmother.

I do not know why I even bother to visit the old coot with Granddad. The woman hates me, and obviously thinks that it is all my fault about what Dameon did to Will. She hates Will too, because she thinks that Will did something to anger her precious grandson. Granddad, to say the least, was outraged.

'You will appreciate the fact that Cerberus and William even considered thinking of visiting you when you have treated them like scum. If you say one more word against either of these two boys, I will leave right now and never come back.' He had said.

But the most enjoyable times I spent outside were with Will. We just sat at the docks by Snake River, holding hands and feeding the ducks and geese that swam by us.

I learned shortly after getting out of the basement that we lived in a desert town called West Richland. The thing I found most interesting about the place was that it was located near the Hanford Area, where one of the nuclear bombs were made to fight the Axis in World War II.

The neighborhood we lived in was called Keene Village and was located next to this elementary school called White Bluffs, after what this town was originally called.

Tomorrow I am going to be going to the nearby high school, Richland High. I am told that it is more sports oriented than the other school, Hanford High, and that the other was more focused on books. I would have liked to go to Hanford, but there was one thing missing.

Will didn't go to Hanford.

So of course, I am going to Richland. If William wasn't there, I bet I would fall into the category of Outcast Who Should Never Be Associated With Under Any Circumstances. I can't help but think of how lucky I have been within the past month that I have known Will. It is because of him that I am able to step into the sunlight and feel the wind on my skin. It is because of him that Dameon was revealed as nothing but a selfish demon who rightly deserves the name I have been given. But I no longer hate my name, now that I know what it means.

Aphrodite, my mother, named me after that dog for a specific reason.

She named me after the guardian of hell, who can be either good or evil depending how you look at it. It could be the thing standing in the way of Hercules as he went to get his girl from the pits of Hades. Or, it could even be the very thing keeping the demons from hell contained in the inferno, and thus saving an innocent life.

I felt two strong arms circle me from behind as I typed and I smiled. I leaned by head back, accepting the kiss that Will was so willing to give me. I pulled away and smiled.

"What do you plan on doing today, Will?" I asked him, placing my hand on his cheek. My William leaned into the embrace, placing his hand over my own.

"I want to make love to you."

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