"Dakota Steak" by Sha Ka Zu Lu Warrior, January 2012

Disclaimer: All the characters are the product of fiction. Any resemblance to the real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: All of his life Kirk Denkler wanted to become rich. He thought that by obtaining some gold he could make his dream come true ...

Dakota Steak

After Kirk Denkler dared to confiscate part of gold from the mine for himself, he felt as if he had cancer or something.

- I feel more tired ... weak ..., Kirk complained to his colleague, Fred.

- Did you, by any chance, took some of that dough from the Porcupine Creek gold mine for yourself perhaps? Fred squinted due to the sun getting into his eyes. Kirk's face was shaded since he was turned away from the sun.

- I ... how did you know? There were sounds of the chainsaw cutting trees in the vicinity.

- Don't you know that gold is also radioactive? Kirk first grinned thinking Fred was pulling his leg, but then got serious, realizing Fred was not joking.

- Are you for real? Fred's face was deadly serious.

Despite new symptoms, Kirk still did not want to give up and return the stolen gold. He risked way too much and would feel like a complete idiot and a looser if he did that.

Then the mine closed, leaving but one Security Officer to monitor its entrance points.

Soon after, Kirk's mother died.

At the funeral Kirk's wife told him she was not feeling well recently.

Six months later, Kirk's wife died as well, leaving him alone with a six year old daughter.

One day he met Fred at the street, by a sheer accident.

- Did you do it? Fred noticed Kirk was mourning.

- No.

- Don't you know what the word "jinxed" MEANS? ... Kirk stood still and did not cross the street with Fred. He was much too offended and proud to give up so easily.

One night, his daughter whispered in her angelic voice:

- Dad ... when people die ... do they go to Heaven? Kirk stopped chewing, staring intently at his daughter. Then he rose up and kissed her, comforting her.

- Yes, sweety. They do. He stared sideways at the smiling face of his dead wife and a twitch went over his face, contorting it slightly.

A year later, after a long battle with cancer, Kirk's daughter died.

All alone, he went to a church to pray.

That night he dreamt of an angel talking to him:

- Kirk ... return that gold to the mine. It is not yours ...

Despite the dream and Fred's suggestions, he was still stubborn, fighting with his pride and the sense of worth.

As the signs of cancer progressed further, his skin falling off and a rotten stench coming from his mouth, he took the gold and, after bribing the Security Guard went into the mine.

Legend says that he never actually died and that he, being half-living, half-dead, still walks through the Porcupine Creek's gold mine, scaring sheets out of daring teenagers that wish to meet the ghoul in person and revive the old "hear-say" ...