" – then you destroyed a client's reception –"

"You heard?"

"IT WAS ON THE FUCKING TV!" Oz yelled gesturing at the screen above one of the seats.


"AND NOW YOU THROW UP IN FRONT OF MY COUNTER!" He took a minute to compose himself. "Get out kid." I knew there was no point arguing. At least this way I got a day off work. I started to walk away but then Oz seemed to remember something. "Oh, give me your discount card."

I reluctantly handed it over. I'd never used it but figured it would be useful at some point. I guess not. I left.

The walk home was not pleasant. I still felt sick and the worry concerning my job didn't help. Now I was a jobless eighteen year old with a mental uncle, no parental support and REALLY bad hair.

I stopped at the park for a sit down and waited for my stomach to settle. The cool air was refreshing. I was starting to feel better but then I got a phonecall.


"Sharon, it's about your uncle."

It was Mrs Stevens.

"What's happened?"

"He's…erm…how do I put it?"

"Just spit it out!"

"He's found his gun again."

"Great." Just what I needed. "I'll be right over."

"It's not just that, he's…erm…taken it to the streets."

Oh no. Trying to ignore the pang in my stomach I started to run.

When I arrived in the street I was panting heavily but forced myself up the steps of the Stevens residence. I knocked on the door as loudly as I could. Mr Stevens promptly opened it.

"WHERE IS HE?" I shouted.

The startled man pointed at the town library. The crack of a gunshot ran out. I sprinted towards the place, my speed now fuelled by adrenaline. If I could just get to him before he hurt anyone then hopefully I could diffuse the situation.

I burst through the doors. There he stood, leaning against the staircase railing calmly. His rifle was smoking but he was smiling. He had that faraway look in his eyes. I took a deep breath.


A reader cowering behind a bookcase half-heartedly shushed me.

"No." uncle Henry replied.

"IF YOU DON'T PUT IT DOWN I'LL – " He pulled the trigger before I could finish my sentence. This time the gun was aimed at me. I closed my eyes. There was a thud and several loud gasps but I felt no different. I opened my eyes to find my hair wrapped round the bullet only centimetres from my chest. The strands unclenched and the metal fell to the floor. I looked up at my uncle angrily. He raised the gun again but my hair shot out faster than the original bullet and grabbed the rifle. Soon it was by my side. "Oh no you don't." I muttered. I raised my voice again. "UNCLE COME HERE."

He slunk down the stairs. I was relieved that he was at least listening to me.

"I don't want to go home." uncle Henry moaned.

"I know." I cooed sympathetically as I walked over to him. "But it's home or the police station. Did you hurt anyone?" He said nothing. "IS ANYONE HURT?" Silence. I let out a sigh of relief. "Come on."

At first he seemed to walk with me willingly but then he pushed me onto the ground and grabbed the gun.

"I'm not leaving." he snarled.

My hair was just about to react when there was a loud crash from the window behind us. I rolled away from my uncle.

"Leave her alone."

Oh great. It was Joe. My hair used my uncle's surprise as an opportunity to retrieve the gun. I walked over to Joe.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"My job. The others are on their way."

"Job? I thought you were the Charities League, who pays you?" I snapped.

He rolled his eyes and tried to take the rifle off of me. My hair wasn't relenting.

"Will you just let go?" he complained.

"I can't control my hair you know! You made sure of it!"

He grabbed the gun again, in another tackle and the sudden pain in my gut made me drop to the floor. My hair's grip loosened enough for him to free the rifle. I was too busy dealing with my growing nausea to stop Joe when he pulled the trigger. There was a sickening thud and I knew the bullet had met its target. I turned. Uncle Henry lay on the floor bleeding.

"No." I whispered.

I crawled over to him. His eyes were open but he was not breathing. He was just staring at the ceiling. I forced myself to look at the wound. The bullet was spot on. I hadn't even got the chance to say goodbye.

"You're welcome." said Joe, who had either no noticed my distraught reaction, or was incredibly stupid.

I turned on him, hair at the ready.

"How DARE you!" I yelled.

"He was creeping up on you!" Joe defended.

"I have kick ass hair, you think I can't deal with my crazy uncle?!" I screamed.

"Uncle?" Joe spluttered.

"Get out. Before I rip this place to shreds!"

"Wait a minute, he was your uncle?!"

My hair shot out and pinned him to the wall.

"Get out!" I shouted.

"You kind of have to let go of me first." he said.

My hair grasped his neck, squeezing the breath from his throat. Joe's eyes bulged and he gasped at me.

"Why should you live when he dies?" I asked in a venomous tone.

Not that he could answer me in his present state. Even I realised this was stupid.

Reluctantly my hair dropped him, waiting to hear an answer. He massaged his neck and slowly got to his feet, taking in deep breaths.

"I'm s-so-"

This was when the rest of the Charities League arrived through the window Joe had broken.

"Are you okay?" asked the superhero who had yet to be named.

Joe nodded but pointed at me. I stood protectively by my uncle's body.

"Do not fear, Mallyman is here!" announced a rather handsome hero.

His blonde hair seemed to shine in the light and his tight costume only enhanced his six pack, but I read the news. Everyone thought he was a God, but if you looked at the interviews concerning his pals, when they're asked about him it's clear that they think he's a bit of a jerk. They need him for the group image I guess. I raised an eyebrow remaining unimpressed despite his looks.

"Well you can tell me why Joe shot my uncle?" I yelled.

"Great going Hermes! Now she's pissed off and she knows your not-so-secret identity." Astrolyte mocked.

They hadn't even apologised. My eye narrowed but my hair stayed limp due to over exertion. I was exhausted and still felt ready to throw up. Now was not the time for revenge.

"You'll pay." I said and then strode out of the library.

As soon as I got outside I hunched over and leant on the wall retching. Yep, my attack would definitely have to wait. For now.