"You might as well face it Your Highness. You have a cold." said her nurse, Isabel, patting her hand reassuringly.

Elisabeth slunk into a silk bed sheets. Why did she have to catch a cold right when the court was due to go down South for the winter?

"Isabel, isn't there some remedy you could make up that would get rid of it? I have to go on this progress!" she moaned into her hands.

Isabel smiled at her and patted her head gently.

"That's not my area of expertise Your Highness." she said standing up and turning to leave.

"Well if you won't help me, could you at least send my sister in?" Elisabeth pleaded.

Isabel smiled at her sadly. Elisabeth could tell by the look on her face what the answer would be. But she could still hope right?

"You might be contagious, Your Highness. We wouldn't the rest of the family getting sick as well. Now would we?" she asked.

Yes. Elisabeth thought to herself. Why couldn't she be selfish for once?

"No." Elisabeth grumbled.

Isabel left, while Elisabeth punched her crimson pillow to relieve the stress. She could do that much, couldn't she?