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Sitting in my room, I listened to my roommate's story about some girl he had met on the summer vacation. I wasn't really paying attention, but I didn't want to give Leon the impression that I didn't care about his conquests.

The door to our room opened just then and closed abruptly when Ace stormed into the room.

Ace, my brother, seemed to be worked up about something and I briefly wondered if Gabe had been getting on his nerves again.

Then again, Gabe got on everyone's nerves but never caused Ace to stomp around like he currently was.

"Chazz, I think we have a little situation," he announced in a grave voice, before sitting down on his bed.

I looked at him in question, not having a clue what he was being so serious about.

"Jay's school burned down and now Mom and Dad are planning on letting her school here," Ace said so quickly that I wasn't completely sure that he had even said anything.

Silence followed his words.

Eventually, his words sunk in.

"Mila is coming to this school?" I asked slowly, not entirely sure if I had heard him correctly.

"Seems like it," Ace answered with a shrug, but I saw that he was not too thrilled about that.

I couldn't blame him. But why hadn't I known about this earlier? You'd think that my parents would inform me about things that could effect me in a way. And I was quite positive that enrolling my sister in this school was something that effected me as well. Not to mention the few hundred other boys in this school that were not related to her.

"First of all, why did they tell you and not me and secondly when are they planning on—"

"They would have told you, if they had met you roaming around in the halls."

"You mean they are here already?" Pure terror shot through my veins, causing a chill to run down my spine.

Not that my sister was any cause of horror but still these news were... horrific.


"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Ace sighed. The sound held something like fatigue in it.

"Please tell me you are not planning to jump up now and race to the headmaster's office," he pleaded.

"Of course, I am and you're coming with me," I instructed.

I heard Ace's sigh once more, but he got up anyway and we both rushed to the headmaster's office.


I stared after my two room mates, who had just closed the door behind them.

I didn't know what exactly their problem was, but from what I had understood, it seemed to be some kind of family issue.

The door opened again, Gabe and Jaden walking through it.

Both of them gave me a confused look.

"Where are Ace and Chazz going?" Gabe asked me with raised eyebrows. I had always hated it when he did that - mostly because I found it unsettling that he had such girly eyebrows despite the fact that he was a guy.

"Headmaster's office," I answered curtly and got up from my bed to gather my stuff for school.

I briefly noted that I needed some new comics to get me through our math class.

"What do they want there?" Jaden now inquired.

"I'm not sure, they didn't exactly explain it to me. Just something about their parents enrolling someone called Jay or Mila…or maybe both," I answered him with a shrug.

"Oh. Oh. Ooh," Gabe suddenly sang.

Jaden and I turned to look at him, both of us pulling grimaces. Whenever Gabe got excited the reason for it could not be good – for us.

"Oh come on, it's pretty obvious isn't it? Even if the De la Vega family tried to keep their kids away from the public as much as possible, it's still a common fact that there are three of them," Gabe informed us.

"Umm…considering that I didn't know that, I would say it's not a common fact," I replied dryly and pushed the two others out of my room to lead them to the cafeteria for breakfast.

"Well, you should know these things. To the general public it wasn't known when they were born and where, but it had been mentioned that the De la Vega's have three children.

"Since the day Ace and Chazz started schooling here, they have been a little more public, so the world knows that the two boys are twins. The third kid, however, was never to be seen so some just assumed that they only had the two boys, although I hardly believe that's true," Gabe ended his speech with a squeal and started hopping up and down.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Zane when we reached the table and took our seats.

"After all those years you are still asking?" Drake asked him with raised eyebrows.

Before Zane could answer him, Gabe interrupted. "The third De la Vega son is going to be enrolled here."

"There is another one?" asked Drake, not sounding nearly as excited as Gabe did.

"Yes, there is," Zane answered absentmindedly.

"You knew?" I blurted out, surprised by his reaction.

"Well, yes. It was a common fact. It was assumed that they were triplets, but since the twins are obviously twins and never spoke of a brother, I just assumed that the information was wrong."

"We're going to get another yummy De la Vega boy," Gabe sang happily, while the other boys at the table groaned, before they turned their attention to their breakfast.

"Oh, you know what?" Gabe suddenly asked and interrupted his singing. We all looked up at him in a very disinterested manner. "As far as I know, every place in this school is taken, except for one."

"So what?" Jaden asked.

"Are you really that dense? The only available dorm is mine and Zane's," Gabe sighed happily.

Like so often, we groaned in unison at Gabe's statement

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