She's beautiful;
Her skin like silk
Pure and flawless.
Her long blond hair
Falls down her back
Hiding her spine
From the world.
Her blue eyes sparkle
Like icicles dropping crystal water.
Her voice is alluring
Causing all who hear
To drop like flies at the sound.
To them she appears broken,
Causing sympathy to spread
Into the hearts of the weak.
She's perfect
But seemingly attainable,
Just out of reach
Of their desperate fingertips.
She brushes her hair
Away from her shoulder,
Exposing her pale skin;
Radiant like the sun.
They collapse at the sight of her.
They confess their attraction,
Their love, their adoration.

Silly boys
She's a siren
Who will drown you
With a single glance.
She doesn't care for you.
Instead she will destroy you
Until you are nothing.

Ignorant boys
She despises you
With her heart
Blacker than night.
On the outside
There's nothing more beautiful.
But on the inside
It's a gruesome sight.
But they are all blind,
Unable to see what she truly is.
Don't be fooled
By the siren who will kill
Just for your heart.
She'll feed off your blood,
Sending pain through every inch
Of your body.
But she's impossible to ignore.
So if you're stupid enough
To believe her,
Then I'll let her drown you.