A/N: Fictionpress is being a bitchsquealer and won't let me edit stuff easily, so Im typing this note in Word. Anyway, Ive had the title for this song just sitting around for almost two years now, and it all started because, after dropping my phone in a toilet at Target, I had to go and get a new battery for said phone, and the guy that was working at the Verizon store was pretty attractive. Inspired (kind of) by the song All the Little Details by Orla Gartland. If you don't know that song, look it up, because it's awesome. Anyway, enjoy? :D

Because the Verizon Guy was Cute

Can I have just one minute of your time?
'Cos I wanna get to know you
Before I ask if you'll be mine.

Do you wanna go get coffee
Or a bagel with cream cheese?
Do you wanna catch a movie
Or just talk a minute, please?
Is it out of line for me to ask you
For your number or your name?

You seem like such a fine young man
Now let's see if it's true
I have got so much more to learn
Before I fall for you.

Do you wanna go get ice cream
Or hot chocolate on this day?
Do you wanna talk to me all night
Until the whole world falls away?
Would it be too bold if I asked you
To take me out again?

And I…want to know…it…all.
Oh, I…want to catch…your…fall.
And I…want to hold…your…hand.
Oh, I…want you to be…my…man.

Thirteen answers to know
Thirteen minutes before I go
So let me just ask you one more thing…
Do you want to heal…these…wings?