Looks can be deceiving

It has a passing habit of leaving

Once I notice there is more to your face

I start to feel disgraced

You may look so sweet and kind

But how could I be so blind

Within that appearance is a dark shadow

You like to find targets that shoot them with your arrow

Weapons covered in venom

Yet you still manage to be in a harem

Play with my emotions has a bad reaction

I write and talk about you with captions

You think that hurting me would be fun

Well I suggest you start to run

You may be taller and stronger than me

But I have other ways for you to see

I can harm you through an indirect manner

It can be as simple as putting up a banner

Though I don't regret my time with you

I had hoped you would be a better person through and through

But you wish for us to cut our ties

But it doesn't mean it is easy to live with that lie

I will avoid you at all cost

But my memories of you will never be lost

Looks can be your best asset

But I wonder who will become your true duet

Someone who can please your wants

Someone who will not taunt

Someone who will leave you alone

Someone who enjoys your cologne

Someone who can just be whatever you need

Someone who will be in the kitchen to feed

But I am stronger than everything you ask

I have bigger and better tasks

Your wish is not my command

I will stay where I am and stand

I am smart, hardworking, and caring

I may not be that daring

But deep inside me may still be mean

But there is a greater kindness left unseen

I worry when you feel bad

I cry when you get sad

I am happy when you smile

It used to make me what to fly for miles

Now you are just a bug

Who acts smug

Looks can be so misleading

For in the end you left my heart bleeding

Looks can be so misjudged

But I won't hold a grudge

Looks are just looks

There is more inside like when you read a book