Well we now continue with the story that is bound to stun you all, "Kumite"

It was a bit of a gloomy day here in the Tokyo city dome were the most part of the dome was crowded with people who were gathered in the stands to watch the event taking place in the center of the dome field in which there was a big square tile in the center of it with about hundreds of warriors surrounding it. The stadium it self was filled with nothing but crowds and crowds of people talking amongst them selves about the event about to take place, others were cheering on trying to persuade for the event to start all ready. Everyone standing around the squared ring with excited, some tensed, others not impressed or even bothered by there competition that they see around them but the fans in the arena were so excited and full of energy that just thinking about the tournament starting was giving them chills. Suddenly all went silent as two gongs were heard as two doors from the front of the entrance to the stadium creaked open and as it did a red carpet began to roll out from within the darkness and surprisingly stretched all the way out to the ring in which some of the fighters moved out of the way from it's destination in order for it to stop there. Then soon two men in black robes with hoods over there faces make there way down the isle carrying what looked like wooden torches while the dome ceiling was starting to close to block the rain that would soon come on this cloudy day.

Random Fighter: " Hey! What the hell is goin on, hope this ain't no damm trick"

One of the fighters said as the whole dome in side went black with no shed of light in sight. The crowd started to panic amongst them selves to each other while the fighters started to become enraged with this charade and who ever was pulling it. That was then as was finally shown from fires being lid from one torch to another and it appears that the men in black robes were holding the torches and what's more is that there was more than two as seen before. There was as many robed men from the arena all the way to the door entrance to the stadium and were facing each other next to the red carpet while raising the fire torches together creating even bigger lights of fire which your able to see only the carpet lighting. Then the robed men bowed only there heads as a man walked out with black karate Gi with red outline pull up sleeves and mirror armor plated shoulder guards for his shoulders. For his legs he had his black karate Gi pants with white rappings from his ankles to half of his shins on his legs over the pants making them stick out with black boots with a two inch spike pointing upward at the tip of the also had a black belt and on the tip of the strings had the writings of "death' on one tip and "blow" on the other with both being written in yellow kanji lettering. He had bear arms except for his wrist which were tapped in white as well along with what looked like black UFC/MMA gloves with red outlineings to them as well having a little mustache to his face and had slick black hair that shined in the flames over his head. He then proceeded to walk down the carpet isle as the robed men started to sing like church choir dose but were speaking in a weird language that none of the fighters knew and that was that the fighters were from around the world. As the mysterious warrior made his way to the center of the ring he stood as now the robed men also entered the ring and surrounded the warrior in which they keeled on one knee with there heads down and they raised there torches high enough so that the light from the fire could shine on him for everyone to see. As he did a 360 motion turn around making sure everyone saw him he then stopes and then for some odd reason took a horse stance. As he did he seemed to have been concentrating on something because he was breathing in and out slowly with his eyes closed as if focusing his energy on something, he suddenly arches right fist all the way back at his waist side while he holds out a palm towards one of the fire torches with his left one. He then started to gather a mini whirlwind around him while collecting power and now every time he exhaled steam would come from his noise and ears and as the wind picked up around him he finally shoots his eyes open and shoots what looked like an invisible force at the lid torch in front of him and it immediately went out but it didn't stop there, once that one went the like a domino effect so did the others around that one starting from the right all the way back to the first one in a circular motion. Some fans amongst the crowds were impressed by this display while others and most fighters around the ring weren't to taken back by the action. Then once the fire was gone so were the lights from it making the stadium pitch black again. Then a voice was heard . . . .

?: " Well fans, participants and martial artist alike . . . . welcome! "

As the voice said this the lights to the stadium flicked on and shined bright over the whole dome making everything visible and what they saw was that warrior in the middle of the right whom they just saw before speaking through the ear mic to everyone in the stadium.

?: " To Kumite! "

He shouted as banners started to flip out from all sides of the stadium that read " Kumite, The Best Of The Best". Other things amongst this were confetti and streamers of different colors bursting out of cannons from different sides of the stadium and then after words fireworks with colors of all countries started to shoot and burst in the air. The fans went wild as they saw the spectical before them happening as did some of the fighters as well while others still seemed unimpressed.

?: " Yes indeed it is a sight to behold but I asure you the ture exscitment has yet to have begun . . . but in any case allow me to introduce myself, my name is Morkahn Handinshi and I will be your host for this years tourney "

He spoke with a wide smile as he continued.

Morkahn: " And as you all know that this tourtament is not to be taken lightly, the elimination rounds will start tomorrow and since there are many newcomers who may not know the rules of the Kumite then I shall inform you that in the final battle of Kumite there can be 8 warriors left, but since there are so many of you thus the perpose of there being elimination rounds. Each of you will have only one chances to enter into the top 8 for this only single elimination so once you lose . . . you are finished! "

As he spoke those words many people in the crod were in a "Ohh" state while the fighters around the ring took on a serious look upon the news while others already knew what to look forward to.

Morkahn: " But enough about that, today is a day of celebration as the annual Kumite is about to begin in just a days time, so until then gather around and meet your soon to be opponents for who knows, you might find something valuable that will award you the victory should you two face off in the days to come "

Morkahn said as he then turned his attention from the fighters to the crowd.

Morkahn: " And as for the rest of you go and enjoy the rest of your day in Tokyo for the tomorrow the true excitement begins " He says while smiling as everyone in the stadium cheered as Morkahn took his leave from the stadium and back to his quarters.

Henchman: " Sur? "

Morkahn: " What is it? "

Henchman: " I'm soore sur bud dis is a message from da UN ledas "

As Morkahn had heard that a message was being delivered to him from the UN he quickly diverted all his attention to his henchman.

Morkahn: Ohh so I see, but the question is what would they want from me with the Kumite only a day away. He spoke while stroking his chin in curiosity.

Morkahn: " Fine excuse me for a moment then will you " He spoke as the henchmen took his leave after bowing.

Morkahn then stared towards a wall while sitting all alone in the pitch black dark breathing steadily until he was ready to confront them.

Morkahn: " Hmm . . . alright then " He spoke as he pressed a button on his desk which then the bright light of a wide screen appeared causing Morkahn to squint his eyes just a little as seven bodies in suits sitting around a large table with there faces covered in shadows all just starring at him.

Aisa Rep: " So we have gained word that you had announced that the tourney will start tomorrow "

Morkahn: " Yes what of it?

USA Rep: " Well incase you hadn't notice we have already scoward our satellites around the globe so we will be watching "

Africa Rep: " Indeed, we wish to see to it that you make this a fair tourney for all our sake "

Morkahn: " Of course I will . . . do you doubt me leaders? " Mor asked feeling a bit offended that the leaders of the world in the UN would think about perhaps having second thoughts about allowing him to host this years competition.

Australia Rep: " Well seeing as how you being the host came to be was only because you had won the Kumite and there for used the currency awarded to you to buy parts of Kumite to which our deal as part of your purchase was that you may host the tourney so long as you enabled everything to go accordingly as they should and nothing more " The Rep said while Morkahn just sat there with a grim facial expression knowing the rep was right.

South America Rep: " Remember that we will be watching accordingly "

Canada Rep: " Don't try us Morkahn . . . ."

Europe Rep: " Or your punishment shall be legendary, understood " He spoke and with nothing else said the screen went black as it had shut off and no sonner did the light to the dark office popped on.

Morkahn had an annoyed face displayed upon him while the henchman from before came in too adress him.

Henchman: " Morkahn sir " He called as Morkahnn looked in dismay

Morkahn: " (sigh) what is it? "

Henchman: " It looks like de figtas don gonna tries to start de square dancin sooner den expected! " He stated As he then rose in annoyance.

Morkahn: " What was that!? "

Meanwhile outside the Tokyo dome there was a large crowd of people filled with both spectators and participants and within the center of this crowd where two combatens ready to square off against each other. One was a boxer whom had been known in America as probably the best known boxer on the east coast with a score of 100 wins and 0 loses and was nick named " The Devils Son " due to his combination of incredible speed as well as the massive power he continued in those fists of his that he held. Looking across from with confidence was just as famous in the eastern side of the world for having a world record of most kicks within a sec which was recorded at about at least 20 kicks, also regarded by many as ' The Man Whom Owns Law & Order " which was a name given to him for his deadly legs. Able to break straight through steel he was and still is the most feared man on the east coast side of the world.

The boxer Miguel Miorga Jr. and the kicker Seifu Hakphwan were about to wage war upon each other before Kumite would even begin.

Miguel: So your the famous Seifu Hakphawn huh?, I've heard you and your famous legs of death, " Law and Order?!" psff... Try "Weak and Useless" specially if your gonna real fighter knows that true warriors use there fists to do the talking when it comes to a fight of survival, I mean my resume speaks for it self if you ask me " He says with massive confidence to his current rival who just stood there with a plpe non expressive expression on his face with one leg overlapping and standing in front of the other.

Seifu then administered a crack smile on his face in which to Miguels confusion finally spoke.

Seifu: "Ahhh . . . . .boxers . . . . .I hate your kind" He said calmly but it drew the attention from many people in the crowd including some of the clans whom were going to participate in the Kumite who were composed of boxer but more importantly it enraged Migule.

Miguel: " Ggggrrrrrrr! What did you say!? "

Seifu: " I believe you heard me the first time and I don't feel the need to repeat myself, All of you so called true warriors think that because you use the first weapons that come to mind in a fight makes you any more specified to classify anyone eles craft on whether they are good enough or not, well in all I should warn you to watch whom you judge master of fist because the one you might judge just may be the one to sentence you to your defeat " He spoke as he rose one leg up high in the air above his head and stretched it back behind his head and stretched it back behind it as well which gave everyone pause but not Miguel as he got in his boxing stance and awaited for Seifu to make his move. Then Seifu's grin became wider as he then smashed his foot down on the ground hard enough to create a big crater breaking the concrete on the ground to which Miguel took his position to block while the crowd around them both just screamed in either amazement or of fear which if that was the choice they had ran off while Seifu just chuckled at the whole spectical.

Seifu:Hehe . . . . .. I believe that proves that very thing. He spoke while Miguel dropped his guard and just looked at Seifu in anger & perhaps even more while Seifu's smile became even bigger.

Right there and then Morkahn and a few gunmen got pass in between the crowds able to make to the two warriors at which guns were pointed at both in point blank range to which both Miguel and Seifu looked displeased as Morkahn stood in between the basically standing right in the middle of the big circle.

Morkahn: " Now what do we have here? I believe both men are aware that if you both decided to fight before the annual Kumite begins then you will both be disqualified and that will very much upset not only me but everyone here who wish to see your gloryous skills in action, wouldn't you agree? " He asked as Miguel just stares angrly at Seifu whom just maintained his normal face while staring at Miguel.

Morkanh: " Very well I hope you both can concur for now that it would best to watch this fight in the latter event correct? "

Miguel than just folded his arms and looked away and simply grunted as his response.

Miguel: " Hmph . . . . whatever "

Seifu just backed his leg next to his other one and just simply smirked.

Seifu: Hmph indeed I don't need to chruch you now, what fun would it be to finish you off now when it would much he prefered infront of your school of Boxers? . . . and with that said Seifu turns to walk through the crowd and Miguel just stares after him with fire in his eyes and clutchin his fists tightly while Morkahn looked towards his henchman and cocked his head towards him as a signal to clear the area out to which the henchman responded with a smiple head nod.

Henchman: " Alright everybody time ta get de movin on, ain't nothin lef here unless ya won't a pea size metal havin a lil dancin party in dem noddles of ya's. The henchman said as he nodded to the other henchmen in the area to which they all nodded back to him in turn which they then cocked there machine guns which clips fell of the sides of them to let the crowded area around them to let the crowded area around them know that the guns were loaded and will shoot unless they move to which they immediatly started to move quickly.

Morkahn then noticed that Miguel was about to take his leave until he caalled out to him.

Morkahn: " Hold still Miguel. He poke which caused Miguel to raise an eyebrow while looking over his shoulder as Morkahn walked towards him "

Morkahn: " Please, I mean no harm so no need to feel all tense "

Miguel: " I'm not tense just annoyed at the moment, so what can I help you with sir " Miguel said keeping his eyes on him and his fellow henchmen making sure not to let his guard down.

Morkahn: " Oh it isn't about how you can help me but more so how I can help you " He spoke as Miguel then turn to look at him with all if his attention turned to him. Morkahn had seen this and placed a smile on his face.

Morkahn: " As you can see with Seifu here competing I know that for a fact that the tension between your school and his clan will be very thin, Knowing the history between the two groups it would try for each others throats before the Kumite seeing as how in the past as long the 1800's both groups were at war over the simplicity of what was the more Superior way of fighting. Fists or Feet which I must say as small and futile as it was it was interesting still to say the least. He said as Miguel took some offense and has brought his fist up in refusal to Morkahn's explanation.

Miguel: " Well what exactly do you think you know about it because there's obviously more to it then that! " He said getting a little to close to Morkahn to which his henchman butted Miguel in the chest with the back of his machine gun.

Miguel: " Ohhff! "

Henchman: " Back dat up there Salone! " He warned as Morkahn continued to speak.

Morkahn: " I know very well the history of the clans, Over time it was said once the so called peace treaty that was suppose to end both sides was planned and both leaders were to meet at the chosen location that the Boxing Emperor was then tricked into believing that the Emperor of Tae Kwon Do would do the same, but unfortunately it wasn't to be as the man who went posed as the Kicking Emperor was instead an assassin and had killed the world leader of Boxing and have ever since be dominating all competition between them and the boxers defeating them in all tourneys that both have ever competed in " He said as Miguel's fists clenched even tighter as he heard the truth being spoke from Morkahn.

Morkahn: However when it comes to you . . . . . . .you show promise " With taht said Miguel loosens his fist and the conversation catches his interest.

Morkahn: " You see within you I see great power that can over throw there champion Seifu but you mustn't hold back, remember you only have one chance to avenge your school so you mustn't allow any emotions stand in your way understand " He said as Miguel just study Mor for a moment and then finally turned his back towards him and started to walk away.

Miguel: " Yeah okay, we'll see " He spoke as walking futher away from them in which the Henchman was going to stop him but was instead halted by Morkahn as he placed his arm in front of him.

Morkahn: " No need, hehe . . . . . . . we've already done enough, come let us head back for tomorrow will become the one of many days to remember for years to come " He said as they went on there way.

Meanwhile in the Royal Dragon Hotel were most of the participants where staying at was a man looking out of the window as the sky was turning dark with the clouds almagaming with the colors of dark blue, gray, pink and orange going from afternoon to night. This man was of Thailand decent and was a practitioner of the obvious Muay Tai style and he at the moment was staring at the clouds thinking deeply of something. The man then took a deep breath as he breath in & then breath out slowly.

?: " Father . . . . . I will make your proud, tomorrow it finally begins " He said as he continued to breath and meditate.