Sarah took another breath and stepped to the railing. It was fifteen stories to the ground. She didn't know how far that was in feet but she knew it was more than far enough for what she needed. It was time to end it, to just end it all. She knew she was crying still but it didn't matter, she didn't care about keeping appearances for the people walking around on the street. She was done with it all, it was too much anymore and all she wanted was for it to end.

Now was the time to end it.

She stepped onto the stone rail that stood to her waist. The wind was really strong up here but she simply pushed her hair back as she took another look down at the street that seemed impossibly far away. She had given it plenty of thought, she wasn't crazy, she knew what she was doing and she was okay with it. Her note and will were in the apartment three floors below, she had said her goodbyes, though no one else had noticed the finality of it.

She wondered how long she would fall when a noise besides the wind echoed in her ear.

"Hey." She turned and saw a man standing on the roof behind her. A light jacket over black jeans and a black shirt that made him hard to discern if not for the bright lights of the buildings around them and those in the distance. He was about her age, twenties or so, but she didn't care about his age, she shook a bit on the ledge with fear.

"Don't come near me!" She snapped. "I'm going to jump and you can't stop me!" She was crying again. No matter how many times she tried to stop it never seemed to work.

He held up his hands in surrender. "I'm not trying to stop you. Just didn't want to scare you and make you fall, at least not before you were ready." He said. He took a step closer before stopping and looking up at her again. "Is it okay if I come a little closer?" He asked.

"No! Stay away! Don't try to stop me!" She was afraid of him but for some reason him being here made her scared to jump as well.

"I told you I'm not going to try and stop you. If I was going to stop you I would have snuck up on you while you weren't looking and pulled you from the ledge." He explained, dropping his hands in exasperation.

She didn't know what to say. He was right. If he had wanted to stop her he could have easily done it since she had not noticed him on the roof before she came up. "Ok. But, don't come too close!" She threatened, not that it seemed to faze the man as he stepped to the ledge and looked over himself, still keeping several feet between the two.

"Can I ask you something?" He said just loud enough to be heard over the wind. She didn't respond but she didn't deny him the request either. "Can I ask why? Why you're going to do it I mean?"

She glanced at the man as he stared off the edge. He didn't look at her after he had asked and was looking down to the streets below as she had done. "It's a long story. It's not just one thing." She said a little harshly.

The man gave a deep sigh. "It never is." He said as he pulled out a candy bar from his pocket and took a bite. "Ya know, I've got time if you do. Would you be willing to tell me anyway?"

She gave the man a harsh look and narrowed hers eyes to vengeful slits. "Why should I bother? It's going to be over in a minute anyways." She hissed.

"True." He said swallowing his bite of sweet. "But I don't want to always wonder why she jumped. I can't help my curiously." She looked away and back at the street.

"Just leave." She said quietly.

"How about a deal?" He said earning another look from her. "See, I'm up here for the same reason you are." She snapped her head towards the man a look of surprise over her face. "So how about I tell you my reasons, if you tell me yours. I got a little bottle of wine too if ya care to share."

Sarah stared the man down as he walked away from the edge. She didn't know what to make of this odd man on the roof. He came out of nowhere and now he was trying to share why he was going to kill himself and get her to tell him why she was here. She shook her head. No! Don't trust him! Her mind screamed and she shook her head to banish the thoughts wiping tears from her eyes.

"You don't have to leave the ledge." He said as he came back with a bottle in his hand. "But you might want to sit down if you're going to talk with me." He sat down on the hard stone roof the bottle next to him and a candy bar in his right hand. He looked up and smiled to her. He wasn't trying to trick her, he was just being a smiling man in the same world as her. "Cmon." He urged. "In our last moments let's share some company before we end it all."

Sarah looked to the street and shuffled her feet. Maybe it was curiously maybe it was some part of her that didn't want to end it, or maybe it was something else altogether but for whatever reason she turned around on her heel and sat down on the stone edge of the building.

The man smiled and nodded. "Names Max." he said, holding the bottle up.

"Sarah." He said quietly. "You go first." She said, still not fully trusting the man.

"Fair enough." He said with a defeated tone. He took the last bite of his candy bar and heaved a huge sigh. She saw the change instantly, his shoulders became more slumped and his eyes remained downcast. When he raised his head to face her his eyes seemed to have sunken.

"I'm a monster and a murderer."