Karen San Giovanni

Pd. 1

No One Evades Death

Death waited behind a tree, wringing his hands as he watched the river. A small, red dragon flew over his head and landed on a tree branch nearby. Death waited eagerly for his next three victims to drown in the river. Little did he know the three brothers walking towards the river were wizards. The dragon's tail flicked from side to side, watching his master eye the deep, dangerous river hungrily.

As Death watched, the three brothers approached the river.

Death smiled mischievously as the brothers looked at the river. They seemed to deem the river too dangerous and pulled wands out of their pockets. Each brother waved his wand and a bridge appeared over the river. Death and his dragon both hissed angrily and Death appeared on the bridge in front of the three brothers.

They all stopped short and looked Death in the face.

Death was angry, for he had been denied three new victims; yet, he had a plan. He asked the three brothers their names. The oldest said his name was Antioch Perevell, the middle was Cadmus Perevell, and the youngest was Ignotus Perevell.

"Well, young Perevell brothers, I would like to reward you. You may each request one gift," Death told them. The older two brothers smiled triumphantly while the youngest brother eyed Death suspiciously.

Antioch, who was quite competitive, smiled at Death and asked for an unbeatable wand. Death nodded and went over to an elder tree and fashioned a wand out of a branch. Antioch held it up triumphantly and smiled.

Next, Cadmus asked for an object that could bring the dead back so he could see the woman he had hoped to marry again. Death nodded and picked up a stone from the riverbank. He waved his hand over the stone and then handed it to Cadmus. Cadmus accepted the stone eagerly, already lost in the thoughts of seeing his beloved one again.

On the other hand, Ignotus was wiser than his brothers and suspected what Death was up to. He looked Death straight in the face and asked for a cloak of invisibility. Death nodded once more and handed the youngest brother his own cloak of invisibility.

As the three brothers walked away from Death, the small dragon landed on a post of the bridge. Death eyed the dragon as it looked at him with concerned eyes.

"Do not fret, Thorn. I will claim those Perevell brothers soon enough," Death said to the dragon, watching the horizon where the three brothers had disappeared.

Death kept an eye on each of the three brothers as they went their separate ways. Antioch traveled to a small town and challenged a fellow wizard to a duel, knowing he would not fail with his new Elder Wand.

That night, Antioch went to a tavern and boasted on and on about how he would never lose with his new wand. Other people in the tavern looked outside warily as crows began to gather. Antioch took no notice to the crows as he stumbled up to his room, too intoxicated to make sense of anything around him. As he collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep, the crows began to gather in the tree outside his window.

Death watched, a malicious smile upon his cruel face. Then, another wizard crept into Anitoch's room and stole the Elder Wand. The wizard eyed Antioch's unconscious body, pulled out a dagger and slit his throat.

Death laughed evilly and Antioch Perevell was no more.

On the other hand, Cadmus Perevell headed to his home, smiling with excitement. Once in his house, Cadmus turned the stone over in his hands three times. Then, a shadowy figure of a woman appeared.

"Cadmus," she gasped as he smiled gleefully.

Then, they went on with their lives. But only for one week.

At the end of the week, Cadmus realized that his loved one was not happy. When he questioned her, she told him it was because she did not belong in the world of the living. Cadmus eyed her sadly as crows began to gather around his house. All he wanted was for her to be happy and to be with her.

The next minute, Cadmus killed himself in order to be with his love.

Death laughed evilly as Cadmus Perevell joined his loved one in the land of the dead.

Meanwhile, Ignotus went on peacefully with his life, using the invisibility cloak all the while.

Death grew frustrated over the years, as he could not find Ignotus Perevell. He took others as he searched; an elderly man, a severely sick baby, a woman who had gotten in a car crash, and many others. These victims still did not satisfy Death's wants, as he had still been cheated out of a victim long a go.

Then, one day Thorn alerted Death that crows were gathering around a house in a town called Godric's Hollow. Death smiled evilly and hurried to the house to claim the last of the Perevell brothers.

Inside Ignotus's house, he gave his son the cloak of invisibility and told him to treasure it always. His son nodded and watched as his father walked proudly out of the house. Ignotus looked over at Death and smiled, greeting him like an old friend. Death smiled maliciously as he knew he was about to claim his last escaped victim.

Then, with one last evil laugh, the Perevell brothers were no more.