Chapter 1 - Birth throgh 10 (5th Grade)

Author's Note: This chapter is boring as fuck. I know, I wrote it. It's the only sane portion of my life up to now. I was pissed when I wrote this (I hate reflecting on my past) and it will only get worse as these progress. I apologize in advance. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at how my life turned out, the mistakes I made, and the hells I croossed to come out here intact...mostly...but we'll get to the missing patches of skin and metaphorical organs later, for now, COMMENCE!

This is the normal segment in my life. I was born to a single Mom, who worked while I was raised by her parents.
I lived a normal life and went to elementary school normally and was a normal fucking kid for the only time in my life.
(I wish I could go back.) And look at me now,
A fucking psychopath telling his laptop his life story. (I'm derranged.)
I guess some details I could include here. I was legally announced a genius at 6 (1st Grade) when I read and wrote at an adult level. /LaB(LikeABoss) After this segment in the 'story,' it will get much more interesting and dark, so stick around. Had to get through the boring shit first though.