Two flight-suit1 operators tail each-other around 400 meters above the treeline.

The defense, a girl of 18 dressed in a red jumpsuit and black Prototype Mk.3 "Valkyria"2 flight-suit; her A-cup breasts pressed tightly into the leather; her pale skin and back-length red hair accented by her cyan tattoo of the Valknut3 on her left cheek.

She holds off the attacker with her shield, lasers firing from it's titanium canvas, while she holds her halberd to her side, preparing for an opening in which to strike.

Her attacker is a girl of 16, dressed in a black jumpsuit, a studded black leather trenchcoat, and a black Prototype Mk.2 "Dökkálfar"4 flight-suit; her equally small breasts pressed into her spandex suit; her snow white skin accented by her beautiful tail-bone-length silver hair, offset by her frigid blue eyes.

Her speed is overwhelming, as she ricochets off of the shield and Mach 3 speeds, slamming her Zweihänder into the titanium barricade, Gauss rifle in hand. The Zweihänder's shield bursting effect began to take it's toll on the metallic surface, as the defender had to lower her shield, holding up her halberd for a hopeful impact. The attacker notices this, however, and in the blink of an eye, she appears behind the defender, kicking her to the ground. She lands next to her fallen prey, then reaches out her hand to help her worthy adversary on her feet.

"That was a good fight Elfriede." admitted the defeated pilot as she dusted herself off.

"You were a worthy adversary." speaks the other, apparently named Elfriede, in a calm, emotionless voice.

"So, where did you say you were from again?" the nameless pilot asks, "I kinda need to know as your leader."

"I am from Odenwald, Germany." she answered in her monotone voice, seemingly normal for her.

"And...what made you join up?" the leader asked casually, as they both begin to fly back to base.

Elfriede, as her first sign of emotion since the end of the battle, stops dead in her tracks, shaking uncontrollably. She begins to cry, tears streaming down her face in a fit of passion.

"What's wrong?" she asks as she flies over to to the breaking down comrade.

" parents." she managed to speak in a shaky voice. "They...were killed by the French. I joined...I joined to get revenge." she continued to cry, falling to her knees, the nameless pilot catching her in an embrace.

"I...I'm so sorry." She whispers as she tears up as well. "I couldn't imagine what happened if I lost my parents. Don't worry. I'll hep you!" She enthusiastically states.

"Th...thank you." Elfriede manages as she lightly blushes and smiles slightly. "Let's get back to base, my sister is probably waiting for us." She mentioned as they began to travel about the same speed towards the Luftwaffe Military Base.

"So...does this mean we're friend's now?" The nameless pilot asks in a mild voice, a light blush on her cheeks.

"" Elfriede stammers quickly, a dark blush on her cheeks. "No Princess Kolfrosta. We are further than ever." She adds in a slightly sarcastic, rushed voice.

Kolfrosta's face screws itself into one of those funny anime poses when the character is denied after a heartfelt moment. "Why?" Kolfrosta begins to whine.

"Fine." Elfriede says expressionlessly, with a slight smile apparent on her face. "We are now...friends...Kolla." She musters.

"Why do you have such a problem with friendship?" Kolla asks worried, hoping it isn't her.

"I...I don't wanna talk about it." She states as she speeds towards the base.

"No fair!" Kolla yells towards her as the soar to the base. She begins to decide that she will ask Elfriede's sister, Elfilda. She seems to be more open with emotion. "Oh well." She sighed aloud. It would take at least half an hour for her to return to base, but she knew that this was just the beginning of her tales of friendship, battle, and a blossoming love (said in a little kid voice) in this shattered world, this Shattered Terra.

End of Chapter 1: Leave Reviews! I think I'll continue, as I really like the idea. And yes, Kolla likes Elfriede. Ensue shenanigans. And Elfriede might like her back, but if she does, she wouldn't admit it. Yea? How's that for shenanigans! :D

- Index of Terms -

1 – A flight-suit is a "suit" consisting of leg-guards, arm-guards, drones (floating entities that activate or suppress shields, allow communication, assists targeting, jams radar, etc.), and in some cases, a visor or scanner. These suits allow normal girls to go the speed of an aircraft, depending on their model.

2 – Prototype Mk.3 "Valkyria" - A more sleek flight-suit with built in laser weaponry. Extremely rare, as only the most affluent can afford laser technology.

4 - Prototype Mk.2 "Dökkálfar" - A variant of the most widely available suit, the Mk.2. This suit is one of the fastest on the books, propelling it's operator well over Mach 3, but suffering for the speed with a lack of defense.

3 – A tattoo symbolizing the Norse God Odin. Consists of three, interlocking triangles.