The morning sun rose to quickly for Kolla and Elfriede, dampening their already squandered sleep.

Everyone helped to pack the tents and get back on the road to Reims.

By mid-day, the group arrived in the small town of France, the next position of attack on the Allied Powers.

Not wanting to slow their roll, the girls began to head to Paris.

Their first mission, destroy the city. No retreat, no surrender.

This was gonna be one hell of a war.

~~~Outside of Paris~~~

"Okay team." Kolla spoke near her squad. "Here is the plan."

A small map opened between the girls, and the interface lit up a dim orange.

"Here..." Kolla pointed and a small dot lit up gold. "...We are."

"And there..." Kolla pointed to another larger dot about 5 centimeters away. "...They are."

"Our orders are to destroy the production in the city. That means we strike here, here, and here." She enunciated with a point of her fingers, lighting up 3 buildings.

"These are the factories for French development of Munitions, Mechas, and their Food Supplies."

"So, two squads of two will attack the factories, while Elfilda attacks the supplies, and then meet here in the square." She pointed to the center of the map, glowing red at her touch.

"So, I think that the squads should include Elfriede and I and then Rechts and Celty. Anyone have any issues with this?" She asked, to the expected response of nobody disagreeing.

"Let's give 'em Hell!" Kolla shouted in a rally cry as she sped off towards Paris, tagged closely by Elfriede. She could see Rechts and Celty out of the corner of her eye, and Elfilda blowing a hole in the wall to walk through.

About 20 bogies approached her squad alone, and she realized that they had gone to Hell in a hand basket.

Author's Note: I had to set the battle. It should last a couple of chapters, at least one per squad.