The Ring of Cursed Pirates

Summary: Leonora's father died, leaving her to be the Captain of Hades's Nightmare. But the Pirate Code states that no women is aloud to be on board a pirate ship, let along be a Captain. Knowing that the ship was cursed, Leonora set out to find the one thing that could undo the curse. But Leonora runs into a few problems; she gets a stowaway and she had to go through a bunch of obstacles to find what she wants. Will Leonora be able to find it? Or will she die just like her father did? And will she be able to break the rules just to be with the person she loves? Or will he love be like Romeo and Juliet-ending in tragedy?

Chapter 1: Captain of Hades's Nightmare.

The Captain walked down the steps from the Quarter Deck to the Main deck. Her long, dark red, coat dragged behind her. Her white shirt was baggy and was held with her belt at her waist. Her tan pants tucked into her black-heeled boats as they clacked against the deck. Her short red hair was moving in the sea breeze. Her black hat with the giant feather was on her head, covering most of her face from the sun.

The Captain was checking up on her men like she always did every hour, if she didn't they would be lounging around.

The Captain walked past a stool, with a few of her men surrounding it, playing cards. She stopped walking and backed up, looking at the men as they played their meaningless game. The Captain grabbed her knife which stayed by her side along with her sword, pistol, and whip. She took the knife and stabbed it through the cards and into the table.

"What do you men think you're doing upon my ship?" she said bitterly as she bit into a red apple that matched her red lips.

The men looked up at her, frozen in fear. "We…we were just getting back to work, Captain."

"Thought so," she said, walking off again. The Captain smiled and gave a small laugh. She enjoyed scaring her crew members, and they knew she was merciless.

Captain Leonora Ora Skull was known throughout the world, along with her ship Hades's Nightmare. She was a respectful Captain to her crew and she was actually very lovely for a Pirate at the age of twenty-six. Everyone around the world feared the name Captain Skull, although everyone on her ship knew her as Captain Leon.

"Captain!" a small voice rang out.

Leonora looked behind her and saw Stephen Kingsburg, an eleven year old boy she let on her ship after he was caught stealing from her five years ago. The boy wore ragged clothes and his blonde hair was covered with dust from being in the Cargo Hold most of the day.

"What is it, Stephen?" Leonora said, rolling her eyes. Truly she loved the boy, but to her crew she couldn't show the slightest bit of sympathy to anyone.

"We found land, Captain!" he said joyfully as he jumped up and down.

"Really?" Leonora said lifting an eyebrow. She then smiled devilishly, oh how she longed to find land. She and the crew had been at sea for weeks, they were now running out of food, water, and many other things needed.

Leonora began walking away, but she threw her apple over her shoulder and Stephen caught it, happy to acquire it from her.

"All hands on deck!" Leonora shouted. She walked up to the Sterncastle Deck and stood next to her right hand man, who was turning the wheel. Leonora watched as all the men scattered across the decks and pulled on ropes, clung to the masses, or did something or another. "Full speed ahead, Eric," she said.

"Aye, Captain," Eric said, turning the wheel. Eric has been Leonora's right hand man for ten years now. He was handsome gentlemen at the age of thirty and didn't really seem the kind that would join a Pirate Ship. He had silky black hair that matched the night sky and he wore the same things as most other people, a baggy white shirt, black pants tucked into his brown boats.

To the crew, how Eric came to be on the ship and become her right hand man, is unknown. But to the Captain and him, it was a strange story that will never be spoken of unless completely necessary. The only time they told the story was to young Stephen, when he was about six years old.