By the second time Leonora woke up, she was back in her cabin. She couldn't remember how she got there, or how she ended up in her undergarments. But she didn't care for the answer right now, or will she ever care. As long as she was able to get back on her feet and continue with her orders, she was fine.

Leonora jumped to her feet and walked over to her dresser. She still felt the pain surging through her body, but she tried her best to ignore it. She opened the dresser and reached in for a clean shirt. But Leonora stopped when she caught a glimpse of a dark purple dress, folded neatly in the dresser. She ran her fingers across it, remembering the long and forgotten past.

There was a knock on her cabin door that startled her. She quickly looked over her shoulder with a small growl escaping her throat.

"Who is it?" Leonora demanded as she quickly closed her dressing drawer. She then waited for the person on the other side of the door to answer her demand.

"Eric, Captain."

Leonora sighed with relief. "You may enter…" Leonora had completely forgotten how she was dressed.

Eric opened the door and walked in, looking at the floor. He shut the door behind him and that's when he looked up. "Captain, I was-" When Eric laid eyes on Leonora, his face turned red. "Uh, Captain?"

"Yes?" Leonora cocked a hip and placed a hand on it, not caring for her appearance.

Eric crossed his arms. "Trying out a new look, Captain?"

Leonora looked down. She quickly grabbed her coat and covered herself, her face turning red. "State your business, Eric! And quickly, before I grab my pistol and shoot you in the-"

Eric laughed and placed his hands behind his back. "We've been embarked, Captain…" He was straight to the point, even though he knew there was a bigger chance he would get shot that way.

Leonora's eyes widened at Eric's words. They were in the middle of sea, who would…? That's when she remembered. The ship with black sails; a dark brown polish covering the boards; the tall masses of the ship she dreaded to see.

"Cane…" she muttered, her hands getting into fists.

"I would have told you sooner, Captain," Eric said, his eyes giving a soft gaze to the floor, "but Captain Cane insisted that I kept quite…"

Leonora gritted her teeth and glared at the young man before her. "Since when have you ever taken orders from someone other then me?"

Eric turned his head to the side, still not looking up. "Never, Captain."

Leonora stepped forward and grabbed Eric by the collar. He looked at her in her eyes, feeling a small shiver come over him. Whether the shiver was from fear of her shooting him, or of his heart racing at her gaze, it was difficult to tell.

"Then why are you starting now…?" Leonora growled. She let Eric's collar go, giving him a small push away. She then turned her back to him, grabbing her pants and a shirt to wear.

"I'll take my leave now, Captain…" Eric said, giving a bow. He was trying his best to keep his eyes from wondering over Leonora. He wished to run his hand over her clear skin, knowing that the touch would feel all his desires. But that would have been out of line, and risky; seeing as the Captain who wrote her Pirate Code was just a wall away.

"No," Leonora said, having pulled on her pants and now working with her shirt, "I want you to stay." Leonora looked over her shoulder. "Help me?"

Eric found himself forgetting to breath, but he quickly regained his composure and stepped forward to the woman. He took the strings of the corset and tightened it, just like he normally did. But for some reason this time was a bit different from others.

He tied the strings and then brought his hands up to her neck. His fingers ran gently across her skin as he took her hair out of her shirt. He could have sworn that he saw a small blush on Leonora's cheeks, but he knew it must have been the lighting.

Eric ran his fingers through her hair until she walked forward, pulling away from him. She grabbed her boots and sat down in a chair, getting ready to put them on. But Eric rested a hand on hers, making her stop for a moment. He bent down on one knee and took the shoes from her hand.

"Allow me, Captain," he said, gently. Eric smiled.

Leonora sighed, giving in. He always knew a way to make her forget her problems.

Eric slipped one of her boots on over her slim legs and small feet. For a woman who was always out at see, she had a beautiful figure and lovely skin. She was almost like a porcelain doll, just not as fragile. She was beautiful in his eyes, and most likely every other man that passes her by. Which would be the reason why Cane wants her so badly.

Eric's gaze turned a sad as he slipped on her other boot. Cane. The man was wretched, wretched as a man can be. He believe that if he had Leonora, the daughter of the only Captain he could never defeat, he would superior to others. But he already was. He had everything; money, women, ships, power. Anything you could name. But he didn't have one thing: Leonora. And he wanted her; without her, he had nothing.

Eric released a sigh without realizing it, but Leonora paid no mind to it. Once her shoes were on, she got up and walked over to the table. She tied her belt around her waist and then grabbed her knifes and pistol.

"Captain," Eric said, standing to his feet, "what do you plan on doing?"

Leonora loaded her pistol and gripped it tightly.

"I plan on shooting the imbecile," she said, beginning to walk to the door.

Eric shrugged and gave a small laugh. "I have no objection to that, Captain."