The Nightmare:

Scream for me,

Such a beautiful sound,

Echoing so delightfully,

Off the dark corners of your mind.

Run quickly my dear,

For I love a good chase,

I'm the inescapable hot breath,

On the nape of your neck.

I'll be the dark creatures,

That brings your terror to a delicious rise,

I'll be the wicked claws,

That carve into pretty lily pale skin.

I'm the shadow you can't escape,

Flickering in the corner of your eyes,

The feeling of being watched,

The fear that takes you in the night.

You can run my darling,

Until your legs give out,

But you can't escape my dark embrace,

I am your nightmare.

The Girl:

Enjoy my screams,

While you still can,

Because when the sun rises,

I'll laugh again.

I'll run all night,

One step ahead,

But as much as you chase,

You won't catch me.

Your guise is nothing more,

I'll tremble that's true,

But upon waking,

I won't be the one who disappears.

I'll try to escape you,

And hold close to my light,

But I'll know who you are,

As I hide from your darkness.

You can have me tonight,

But as tight as you hold,

I'll lose you when I wake,

I am your dreamer.