Is it weird that when I remember you I get upset?

Is it weird that when I think of you I get irritated?

I start to remember what you did

I start to remember the pain

I hate how I feel about you

I hate how I react to your memory

I need release

I need an outlet

As much as I care and like my current love

You seem to find your way to bother me anyways

You don't even have to try

I just have to learn to forget

I wish it were easy though

You are the one who broke me

Yet I still yearn for your friendship

I need help and I know it

I need my heart back

Why is your presence such a hindrance to me?

Why can't I just move on?

I so wish to be able to let go

This is why I accept your attitude to me

But I still wish you weren't such a pain

Someone help me

Someone hear my pleas

Can anyone give me advice?

Can anyone help me with my feelings?

I wish someone could hear me now

I wish it never ended that way

I wish we could at least be able to talk

I wish I didn't feel so annoyed

I just wish for my emotions over you to leave me alone!