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of craziness and unicorns .

{"I hate you."

"Aww, love you too." (Did he mean that?)}



"Oh, sorry, wrong number."

"Wait. You sound like someone I used to know."

"Uh…I'm Janice?"

"Maybe not."


"You're texting that boyfriend of yours too much, El."

"Says the girl who's telephone bill shot up to two hundred dollars~"

"Shut up."

"Put the evil banana down, Jan, the evil banana down..."


"Call that wrong number when you're bored."

"Just as long as it isn't one of my stalkerish, obsessed fangirls, of course I would."


"Look mum, a unicorn."

"Are you trying to make me crash this car into that tree and disfigure my beautiful, beautiful face?"


"Playing on my unicorn fetish. Tsktsktsk."


telephone bill:-

24-1-12 ; 2206: twenty-two minutes, thirty-six seconds – unknown number

25-1-12 ; 2327: seventy minutes, eight seconds – unknown number

26-1-12 ; 1513: two minutes, forty-eight seconds – mum

27-1-12 ; 0112: one hundred and twenty-eight minutes, fifty-six seconds – unknown number

27-1-12 ; 1639: thirty-two minutes, eleven seconds – Jasper

28-1-12 ; 0103: one hundred and ninety-seven minutes, thirty-three seconds – unknown number

29-1-12 ; 0046: two hundred and one minutes, seventeen seconds – unknown number

30-1-12 ; 0121: one hundred and eighty-five minutes, two seconds – unknown number

31-1-12 ; 0117: two hundred and eighteen minutes, five seconds – unknown number


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99% completed…


Yay! :D


"Did it just die?"


"Are you seriously flirting with her over text message?"


"Get out of the house, son. It'll do you some good. Go seduce her and bear me a grandchild, perhaps!"

"…I'm sixteen, mother."

"Oh bother, age is just a number. Now get out there. Remember, grandchild~!"



"Janice, Janice."


"Who the heck are you texting?"

"…A friend."

"Oh really. A friend that makes you smile giddily as you staunter around like a delirious penguin on high. Spill, hun."

"Could you stop being so nosy, El?"

"Don't ask for the impossible."


"Is that…a harem?"


"Is that…two guys stuck in it?"


"Want to go check it out?"

"Nah, I'll stay here and watch. Free entertainment, really, seeing them being mauled by females."



"Is that girl seriously eating popcorn and watching us suffer from across the street?"

"Apparently so."


"She's pretty."

"Uh huh."

"She'd be perfect for you!"


"You know, like in the movies-"

"God, you've been watching too many chick flicks."

"She's the pretty girl and you're the hot guy! But really, those actors are way hotter than you."


"Hey pretty girl! Over here!"

"What the heck are you doing?"

"Saving our asses."


"Did he just call me 'pretty girl'?"


"Hold my popcorn."


"There's a sale at the mall."



"Thank you."




"Nice to meet you in real life."