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Chapter One

The switch was a lie.

"Shana, can you please don't call me during the weekends. I have to study to, you know? I have 3 quizzes coming up and I'm running a little late because of your bantering" I placed my pen on my ear and grabbed more books from my bookshelf and placed it on my desk. I was rushing already. The time was 7pm.

It was already getting dark so I turned on my desk lamp. It made everything in my prosaic room even brighter. The moon has already risen and I could hear cars' engines igniting and dogs howling. It was hard to listen from Shana's dawdling and the usual noise from outside my house.

"Sorry sis but I had too!" She whined. She muffled a cry to make her sound even more pitiful than she is.

"Mom might hear you so shhhhh. We aren't allowed to speak to each other, you know?" I said with a tight smile. I kept telling her to only call me during the weekdays because mom would usually be sleeping in her room alone.

"I know! Dad has been getting suspicious about me too. He told me that my phone bill has been increasing and if I don't adjust he'll take away my blackberry" She fake cried.

"That's your own problem now. Shhhhhh!" I was multitasking. My eyes were darted on mathematical words while my ears were focused on what Shana was bantering about. I just kept saying "Yeah yeah" to her. Random words started to rush inside my head that it gave me such a headache. I was having a hard time to breathe. I should stop multitasking.

"I want to do the switch again" She said straightly. I was speechless for a moment. I pressed my phone closer to my ear to hear her more clearly. I could hear her breathing, it was loud. She must have jogged a while ago.

We've been switching several times and I wasn't able to copy notes in class. I got my first B- because of her. I was uberangry with her when I saw my grade in the last Spanish test but I couldn't hold a grudge and so we ended up switching again after 2 days. I had this feeling that I'm spoiling my older sister but I think I'm more suited to be the older sister than the younger sister, she was only 15 min earlier than me. How can that make any difference?

"But-" She stopped me in a rude way. It's been getting harder and harder to understand Shana, sometime I just don't get her. Every time she's near me I feel cold like something's up that she's not telling me. I would always see this dark aura surrounding her that makes me feel pensive. I'm sure she's hiding something from me.

"It will only be just for a few days, I'll even take your exam for you. Math is super easy!" her high pitched voice hurt my right ear.

I was almost got permanently deaf when she kept squealing about this guy asking her out. Until now she never gave me any other details beside that. Not that I care.

Shana was always better than me in math even if I have the brains. She scored higher than me during grade school when we still studying in the same school. After the divorce my mom took me while dad took her away. I blamed myself for the separation until now. My mom didn't allow me to contact dad or Shana but they didn't say that Shana couldn't contact me. Dad doesn't care what Shana does, he lets her roam around freely unlike my dictator of a mother, she controls my every move as if I'm her puppet but she finally gave me my freedom after I turned 16.

"Fine but you better ace this" I closed my books and turned off my desk lamp.

"Thank-" I cut her off when I heard footsteps outside. It must be mom. She knocked on my door twice and entered my room. She gave a sweet smile while she showed me a picture of a man.

My mom has been dating a lot these last few years. She didn't take the divorce very well but at least she's happy now and I'm going to keep it that way.

"Is that him?" I took the picture from her and raised it high to get a better look at it. I couldn't see everything because of the darkness but I could see enough to see how he looks like.

The man had dark hair like me and deep brown eyes, he was a bit fat but he was tall. He has broad shoulders; I could see that he's trying to work out. He wasn't what you would call hot but he has looks.

"Cute, isn't he? He's such a darling, he gave me roses yesterday at work, I was really surprised when I saw a card inside the bouquet" Her eyes gazed at the air, It was obvious that my mom is deeply in love.

She kissed the picture and hugged it to her chest. "Mom, he's so old school" I gave a giddy laughter.

"He's still sweet! He might become your father soon" She flicked my nose and gave me a tiny grin.

"Gross no!" I turned my head away from her face.

Before I could hit her with my pillow she skidded to the door like a child and left the room; still wearing a grin.

My phone rang again, it was Shana. I answered it silently and locked my room to make sure nobody disturbs us.

"What now?" I said sotto voce.

"Are you in or not?" She kept her voice toned down too. I could hear dad's voice from the other side. They must be having some company.

"I'm in"



I rummaged through my closet looking for my brown wig. I changed into the clothes Shana prepared for me. I wore a yellow sleeveless shirt with a sweater on top of it and a white skirt to match my shoes. I decided to wear heels since it was Shana's type of shoes to wear.

I drove to school that day wearing a brown wig on my head, I checked my reflection on the mirrors and I looked perfect; I look like Shana.

I saw a girl with long black hair with the same matching green eyes as me with the same perfect skin tone, and the same slim figure. She wore the same clothes as I did including the matching shoes. She wore heels too. It was Shana. She looked exactly like me. This is like magic.

She got in my BMW. I felt a rush of hot air from outside but it was cut off when Shana closed the door. She put on her seat belt and threw her school bag to the back. It made a heavy sound. I didn't bother to ask her what was inside.

"I'll text you when we can switch back" She said again straightly but with a slight coldness in her tone. Was she nervous about something?

"What do I have to do in Creston high?" I'm sure it's about another boy. I rolled my eyes with a sigh.

"Two words, Christian Miller" She said.

I almost choked "Him? The God? " She's after the player. I've heard many stories about how he breaks girls. And it's not gentle. One of my friends was seduced by him but their relationship didn't even last for 24 hours. He broke her as if she's just trash.

"Teach him a lesson" She grinned. I knew she had something in mind but I didn't think it was an evil intention. "How dare he place a kiss on a defenseless girl"

I suddenly pressed hard on the breaks, I heard the car's wheel screech. My eyes rounded and my jaw dropped. My sister got her first kiss? I did not see that coming.

"Don't worry it wasn't my first" It was her second? "It was my fourth" What has she been doing? I haven't even started dating yet. See what I mean, we are completely different.

I drove her to my school, Sidney was waiting for her. Shana latched her arm around Sidney and walked away together.

Sidney has no idea that I have a twin sister, she doesn't know that we've been switching for quite some time. It's hard to keep a secret from a friend who has always been by your side. I can't help but frown, Sidney's my closest friend but she knows nothing about me. She can't even tell that she's smiling at my twin sister and not me. It's really heartbreaking.


I arrived at Creston High, looking glamorous as ever. I had to walk and talk like Shana. My twin sister was in a different level of social status, she has more friends than me, she wore better clothes than me and dated more than me.

A boy beckoned to me, it was Alec. He's Shana best friend, they've been together ever since 3rd grade. Alec always did have a small crush on my sister until now Shana doesn't have a clue that he's always watching her.

It must hurt him a lot when he would see Shana dating a different guy everyday and he would just watch and support her. Alec and I used to be friends until the divorce, I'm not sure if he still remembers me. I used to tease him a lot about the way he looks at Shana, his cheeks would flush every time she goes near him. I bet he remembers me. Who wouldn't remember the same face of the girl he's crushing on?

"Are you going to take on Christian Miller?" He asked me, his hands were inside his pockets but I can see that it's rounding into a fist.

"Yeah. I'm going to take my revenge on him. He thinks he can treat me like crap! As if!" I snarled.

"That's my girl" He rubbed my hair. I thought my wig was about to come off.

I slapped his hand away. "Watch the hair, Alec"

"Oh right! I forgot you were Shana" He chuckled. "You were always more feminine than Selena" so he does remember me. He doesn't seem to blush anymore when I go near him. I felt relieve for a moment.

The bell rang. All the students scattered away to their classrooms. Alec guided me to our class, he sat next to me. Lucky for me Christian Miller is sitting beside our table. He looked absolutely gorgeous, his eyes were glowing and his hair was like silver blonde. I'm sure that isn't natural.

He winked at me when I turned to face his direction. I growled at him and stepped on his foot without hesitation. "Ouch" The teacher stopped writing on the board; wearing an annoyed face.

"What's wrong, Mr. Miller?" He asked with a straight face. I'm sure he doesn't really care about Christian Miller. Christian is an ace at everything but this teacher thinks he's cheating somehow. I mean how can I guy have looks and brains at the same time. Why wouldn't he envy the God of Creston High? His face is a bit fat and I could see his double chin, his eyes are so small like an Asian and he has a lot of freckles in his face and he's only 28. Poor guy.

"Nothing, Sir, don't mind me" He forced himself to smile. I picked the right day to wear my mom's heels. One point goes to Selena Hudson. Christina Miller scores zero.

I gave him a bland smile. He looked confused, I guess all people have their own kind of stupidity.

Alec gave me thumbs up. I jab my elbow into his stomach, the teacher was watching us discretely. 20 min has passed and Christian Miller didn't bother to catch my attention. He accidentally dropped his pen, while his head was down, I ACCIDENTALLY pushed my books to the side and they landed on his head. That was a 400 paged math book and 4 notebooks."Oh! Sorry…" I stuck my tongue at him. Two points for me.

The teacher called my attention. "Ms. Hudson!"

"Yes, Sir?" I swallowed hard. I stood up with my cheeks burning from all the eyes that were watching me.

"The cross-section of a drain is rectangle 30 cm wide. If water 3.5 cm deep flows along the drain at a rate of 22 cm per second, how many L of water will flow through each minute?" I hesitated for a moment. I grabbed my calculator from my bag and started clicking numbers. I was getting nervous, Math has always been one of my worst subjects but at least I studied last night. I focused on this lesson; lucky for me.

"138.61 L" I mumbled, I was too shy to say it a loud.

"138.61 L" Christian shouted to the teacher. He gave me a big grin.

"Thank you, Mr. Miller, at least you were paying attention. Ms. Hudson, if you wish to chitchat in my class you are allowed to leave the classroom"

"Sorry" Then I sat back down with my tail between my legs. "Damn you, Christian!" I whispered loudly. He took my credit away from me. I already knew the answer but the teacher didn't give me a chance to explain myself. I know Shana's grades are bad but the teachers shouldn't neglect them, Shana's an expert in math but she keeps it a secret because it would ruin her reputation.

"Thanks for giving me extra credit"


Selena Hudson: 2 Points

Christian Miller: 1 Point


Math class was over. I slung my bag to my shoulder and headed down to the gym. I moaned when Alec told me that we were going to have volleyball. Sport is not my cup of tea. I used to play a lot of soccer when I was younger but then one of my teammates stepped on my leg when I was stealing the ball, my left leg bent hard. I had to be absent from school for 2 weeks. I couldn't walk or run for 2 months. My situation used to be dire but then I quit sports and it was the best decision I have ever had. My grades were high and I have a clean bill of health.

I was in the girls' team obviously. It was boys VS girls, we were outmatched. The boys were bulky and tall while the girls were feeble and small. It wasn't fair for us. I see Christian winking at my teammates. How sly of him. Girls were flaunting over him. I rolled me eyes; not caring at all.

Alec waved at me and mouthed me good luck.

The coach blew his whistle. I stood at the back so I wouldn't have to do anything. But Christian aimed the ball on me on purpose. I clasped my hands together with my back arched and my legs firm, I waited for the ball.

"Crap!" I hit the ball with my wrist, it spun in the air; luckily it went to the other side. "Lucky shot?" I perplexed. With a bewildered joy my teammates gave me a warm ovation when the ball landed on the court.

The coach blew his whistle again "Girls get one point" His face showed disappointment. One word: Favoritism.

"And that'll be their last" said Christian. He smiled at me. I stuck my tongue out on him once more and turned my back on him.

I exited the gym and headed down to the lockers to change my shirt. The small of my back was stuck to the back of my gym shirt. My hair was glued to my neck that it annoyed me. I felt dirty and sticky at the same time and that wasn't a good combination. I hate the feeling of dirt in my skin especially when it gets stuck. Disgusting.

I tied my hair back and made sure that none of my black hair stood out. I got a fresh new jersey from my locker and changed into it. It was rather too big for my small body, I'm only 5'5 but I'm still growing.

I returned to the gym where they had already started the game. The girls were losing; obviously, we only got lucky for the first time. The boys had already gotten 6 points from us while we had 3 points.

I tightened my hair tie and my shoelaces. It was my time to serve, my legs were shaking nonstop. I have no clue how to hit the ball. Am I supposed to throw it?

Alec gestured in the air, telling me how to serve. I'm so glad I have Alec.

I hit the ball near my wrist and it flew too high and my aim was bad. Christian, of course is going to try to receive it. And he did. It hit my nose. "Ouch!" then I smelled iron, I was bleeding.

I covered my nose from humiliation and asked the coach if I could go to the clinic.

Selena Hudson: 2 Points

Christian Miller: 2 Points

"Want me to go with you?" Alec asked. He gave me his handkerchief, it was checkered, I remember Shana giving him that as his souvenir when we went abroad. You should have seen his face, it looked like he was about to faint.

"It's fine. I'll go by myself unless you want to be the next target of Christian Miller" The blood came out even more so I started to run before it drips.

I knocked on the door to see if the nurse was inside and she was. She was treating an injured knee, the little boy was crying, his elbows were scraped badly and his face looked beaten up. Did he fall down the stairs? He screamed from the aggravating pain when the rubbing alcohol was rubbed on his knee. "Relax" She said.

"Excuse me? My nose is bleeding" I said.

"Just a moment!" She caressed the boy's hair. "Don't fight with your friends anymore, okay?" The boy nodded and smiled at her sweetly. His legs were covered with band aids and bruises. I felt sorry for the boy. He left and thanked the nurse once more.

"How did this happen?" She asked me as she stared at my bleeding nose.

"Christian hit my face with a ball"

"Tsk tsk. Here you go" She handed me a cotton but then I didn't know what to do with it. "This must be your first time getting a nosebleed" She inserted the cotton inside my nose and wiped it with a wet tissue.

"Thanks" I said sheepishly.

"You're welcome. By the way, sweetie, don't get into fights anymore" She threw away the bloody tissues. I lost a lot of blood and I even have my period today.

"What? We weren't fig-hting" I stammered. Why is she getting too personal with me?

She's acting like my mom which she's not. I didn't feel comfortable inside the clinic anymore so I left and thanked her again. She waved at me with a wink.


Afternoon Dismissal

I texted Shana if she was home already but still no reply. I sighed and slammed my locker close. Suddenly Christian was standing in front of me with guilt written all over his face. His shoulders were high and his hands were in his pockets.

"What?" I said; not looking into his eyes. I darted at his shoes as he kept tapping it on the floor like he's waiting for me too face him and apologize.

"Sorry about what happened earlier" He rubbed the nape of his neck. I could see how embarrassed he was.

"And?" Did he forget about what he did to Shana? How can he not remember that? How many girls did he kiss?

"Is there more?"

"You kissed me and I didn't like it" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Oh right about that…I'm sorry, I promise I won't do that again" I crossed his heart.

"Good" I didn't feel like finishing the job, I was too tired. I'll let Shana handle him when we switch back. But for now it's a tie.

"Good? That's it?"

"I'm leaving" I slung my bag to my shoulder but he stopped me. "I said I'm leaving. I have an errand." Disappointment fell on his eyes. "Bye, Christian"

"Bye!" He smiled. At least.


I parked my car a few blocks away from Shana's house so dad wouldn't find out. I can smell fried chicken from outside, it must be for dinner. Dad was wearing his cute apron that mom bought for him. He used to call it his manly dress in order to make us laugh.

"Hey sweetie" He greeted.

"Hi dad! Call me when the food's ready" I ran up the flight of stairs and threw my bag to the side. I took a quick shower inside the bathroom. I changed into the most comfortable clothes I could find in Shana's closet. I texted Shana again.

I failed, we had a tie. Peace!

I was sure Shana would get mad at me for failing her. My phone beeped, she replied already.

Lame lame lame lame lame…..:P

"Shana!" Dad called to me.

I hid phone inside my pocket and went downstairs to the dining room. Dad sat beside my chair holding piles of papers. He looked impassive.

I ate ravenously, while there was an awkward silence. Dad kept reading the papers he held seriously. I couldn't see what he was reading about since the print was too small. I finished eating already while dad still hasn't touched his food. It was getting cold already. I didn't bother him so I placed my plates in the kitchen and washed them for him.

"Dad, you're spacing out" I leaned on the wall.

"Shana, you got accepted to University of Arts" He handed me the papers. My eyes rounded when I saw that University of Arts is a boarding school. Is he sending Shana away?

"What the hell?" I slammed the papers on the table. "A boarding school? You're sending me to a boarding school?"

"Shana, you got a scholarship" How did Shana get a scholarship?

No wonder he wants me to go there. University of Arts is one of the richest schools in US. But if Shana leaves she won't be able to contact me anymore.

"When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow morning"

"So soon?" How am I going to switch back to Selena when I'm looking like Shana right now? Did Shana know about this? Crap! There's no escape.

"Shana, you can do this. I hear you sing all the time when you take a shower. I sent the school one of your CDs and they loved it. They couldn't believe that you even write your own songs." I knew Shana the best and I didn't think she was a song writer.

I muffled my anger "I'm not going."

"We already talked about this last night and you knew this was coming"

"I didn't think we were going to go through with it!"

"Young lady! You are leaving tomorrow whether you like it or not!" He shouted. I didn't dare speak up, this isn't my fight, this is Shana's.

I went back to my room furious as ever. I kicked my door and cursed. I wasn't angry at dad but I was furious with Shana. Anger swelled up inside me. I couldn't believe myself. Shana tricked me! I thought I could trust her. How come I didn't see it before when she acting weird earlier in the morning?

My phone rang again. It was another text from Shana.


Is that all she can say? I need more than that. I won't be able to see mom and my friends anymore because of her. She apologizes on text! I can't believe her. It might take me months or maybe years to come back.

Is that all you can say?

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