On the Road.

AN: This is a one of story, something I did for my friends entertainment, this is kind of how I envision us in the future, no copyright intended. And Yes, Ruthless Mindz is my band. .com/pages/Ruthless-Mindz/164765033584913

I grinned as Megan tapped her foot to the song on the radio, I recognized it vaguely, but she seemed to know it well. "I love my baby" she muttered to herself, and I arched an eyebrow. "Megan, don't talk to the van please, it's slightly… erm, psychotic?" I laughed, and she smiled, "You named it!" she said in her defence, "True, true. It's a cool name" I replied, and she frowned, "Yes, It's better than what you said first!" she said. I pouted and say back in the seat of the VW that had been decorated by me and Megan ourselves. "What did you call it Renée?" Harry asked, a suspicious look on his face, Harry, my brother for all intents and purposes, and best friend, knew me way to well. I had persuaded Harry, Jake, and Charlotte to come on mine and Megan's road trip around America, we had brought our VW and we were both insured drivers, but considering my nature; Megan drove mostly. Our band "Ruthless Mindz" had a gig in New York and they were paying for our guests and accommodation, but since Jake, Harry and Charlotte were staying in our van, they had paid for Vicky's airfare from Australia and Halina's from England. We had sent Zach his tickets, since he was in America directing anyway. "Erm, I was just joking… It don't matted" I muttered, and Harry sighed, "You named it after him didn't you" He was referring to my secondary school crush, and Megan grinned childishly, I slapped her gently. "Whatever, all of you shut up, I'm calling Heather and Vicky!" I changed the subject, whilst picking up my Blackberry, "Hey Heather" Heather was one of my best friends back in England, "You're watching the gig okay! I don't care if you hate our music!" I laughed at her reply, we had a chat and I said goodbye and turned to the guys in the van, "She said she'll watch it… on mute!" I laughed. Next up was Vicky, "Hey Vicky, Don't forget your fight and the time and.." She interrupted me mid-sentence, "yeah, Renee! Don't go OCD on me!" Vicky had agreed that she could spare 2 months to come on the road with us, and Halina was joining us after the gig too, also for 2 months, so once we had performed in NY, there would be 7 people in one van. I had figured hey, there's already 7 people why don't we invite Zach as well, I mean he was coming to the gig and everyone was coming in the van, so after a quick phone call, there were 8 people in out van.