Radio Help


My life was pretty boring. I had a boyfriend for five years, but then he told me he loved me and I wasn't sure if I loved him. So you know what I did, I broke up with him. The only bad thing is we moved in together and he brings in new girls almost every night and now it is six months later.

I sat on our shared couch in the dark as I watched a movie by myself. The movie was a scary one and right before the girl opened the door to reveal the scary vampire, the front door opened and I scream right as the girl on the television screamed.

Aiden walked in with his arm wrapped around a bimbo looking girl with his eyes staring at my horrified face. The girl just smirked as Aiden led her to his bedroom.

We hardly talk anymore yet we used to talk all the time, when we were dating. I guess it is embarrassing for him to live with a girl he told 'I love you' and she broke up with him the next day for no reason. So I didn't give a reason. So what? He never asked. Okay, fine. I lied. He begged for a few days why I dumped him, but the next week he come in all changed. He didn't beg me why I dumped him or even talk to me. That was the first night he brought someone home with him to our apartment. Our apartment!

He used to comfort me, when we dated if he would in on me watching a scary movie and scared me. He used to be sweet and kind, but I had no idea if I loved him or not. Now, I know I do love him and it is too late.

My movie went on commercial and I got up to go to the kitchen. Aiden walked in with his shirt off and he walked to the refrigerator. Unfortunately, he didn't find anything to his liking except the coffee I was making at that moment, so I stood silently with my back to him as he stood behind me.

I don't even see how I was lucky enough to get him. We were high school sweethearts, but only through senior year. He was a jock and I was the quiet chubby girl in the corner. I still am chubby, but I am working on that. Yet, he loved me anyways. He looks like a male model and could have had anyone, but he had chosen me.

When the coffee was made, I took my time fixing it and he waited passionately behind me until his bimbo showed up in the door frame with his t-shirt on.

"Baby, I don't have all day. You only gave me two hundred and you two hours is almost up," she uttered. He hired a prostituted and brought her back to our apartment. Oh my god!

"Hold on." He reached around me and grabbed the pot. His arm barely brushed mine as he pulled the pot towards him. "Karin, go wait in my bedroom."

I walked into the living room and continued with my movie. The woman left about thirty minutes later, which meant Aiden was going to bed. But he didn't. He walked into the living room and sat at my feet since I was lying down, which was really out of character for the new him.

I went to bed first and I could feel his eyes on me as I walked into to our once guest bedroom. Yes, I took the guest bedroom because this used to be his apartment before I moved in on our two year anniversary because he requested it.

"Hello, you are our tenth caller. What is your problem?" the radio man uttered.

"Hey, my name is Sarah and my problem is I still live with my ex-boyfriend who brings a different woman home every night in front of me." I sounded really weird on the radio. I am so lucky I was the tenth caller. I was in my car on my way to work at a daycare.

Sarah wasn't my really name Sera was, but it was really close and I used to think someone was calling for me, when they were calling for some Sarah in my class.

The woman, Emily, my best friend, laughed. "He actually brings home women in front of you?"

"Yes. He last night I found out he paid the woman two hours to come home with him," I uttered.

"He is your ex, right?" The man, who was Aiden's best friend, Timothy, asked. "And you still live with him? How did this happen?"

"We were together for half a decade and he told me he loved me a few months ago for the first time. I had a nerves breakdown, when he went to sleep that night and I broke up with him because I didn't know if I loved him or not, so yeah you get the picture," I uttered. "Now, I realized I loved him and it is six months too late."

"Does he even know you are in love with him?" Timothy asked.

"No," I uttered.

The car in front of slowed and I almost wrecked into it because I was too busy talking to the radio people for help.

"I am thinking about moving out, but I don't know. That is why I came to you," I uttered.

"I think you should wait a few weeks and see," Timothy uttered.

"Timmy, no," Emily said. "If it wasn't meant to be, than it wasn't meant to be. I think you should wait a week and call back to see if anything has changed. If so, than do not move. If it hasn't than move."

"Okay," I turned into the parking lot of the day car. "I'll talk you guys in a week since I am at work now."

"Bye," they said in unison, but Timothy added, "Have fun dealing with you problem," or something like that.

Before I turned my radio off, Emily uttered, "That little segment was called Radio Help from the Timmy show."

My problem was not fun to deal with. Aiden was not easy to deal with since he brought someone knew home almost every night. Tonight, the fourth night, he brought home some I liked. Timothy.

I stood in the kitchen with my back to the door frame. I heard someone come into the door, but thought it was just Aiden until someone's hands went over my eyes.

"Hello, Seraphina," Timothy whispered in my ear.

"Timmy what do you want?" I asked.

"Emily wanted to see her best friend, so for not asking you for your permission to come into your house, but Aiden let us in." He moved his hands from my eyes and turned me around.

Emily and Timothy are twins. Emily was my equally quiet friend in high school when I moved to the school Aiden when to in my sophomore year. Emily familiar smiled in the corner of the kitchen and I know that smile. Her smile said 'I know something you don't know'. Timothy disappeared into where ever Aiden was as I pulled Emily onto the fire escape stairs that was connected to the kitchen window.

"What is it?" I asked as I slide the window down to leave only a crack between the window seal and window.

"Oh nothing, Sarah," she smiled.

"So how did you know it was me?" I asked.

"Because you and Aiden just broke up six months ago. You two went out for five years, duh," she uttered. "It doesn't talk a rocket scientist to figure it out, but I think Timothy is a little slow because he still hasn't."

"Do you think we will get back together?" I asked, staring out into the horizon.

"You week is almost up three more days and so far it still looks like you two still can't be in the same room together after six months." She patted my back. "I think you should move back home to your hometown at your mother's in Atlanta than here in Calhoun. Try something new. Go work at your mother's restaurant and loss that weight you want to loss."

I moved when I was fifteen because my parents divorced and somehow my father won custody of me. I was more of a mommy's girl than a daddy's girl, so that really disappointed both my mother and me. I used to work at Roberta's, which is a diner that my mother owns. Roberta was my grandmother's name since my grandmother started the restaurant.

I shrugged. "I will. Maybe. I don't know."

"Let's go inside. I am freezing."

"Fine, whiny baby," I uttered, pulling the window up.

I stepped into the kitchen first as she followed, closing the window behind her. Aiden and Timothy sat on the couch watching the game. Timothy was the only one to look up, when Emily and I walked in and sat on the love seat.

Today, I am official going to kill Aiden. I was on the radio station right now telling them my live was still sucky and I don't care anymore. I am moving to my mother's house. My mother is already expecting me anyways because I called her last night to let her now.

"This was the Radio Help on the Timmy Show," Emily uttered.

I stepped out of my car to my apartment. I just quit my job at the daycare and today was my last day. Now, I just have to get my things in my car before Aiden comes home in about an hour and a half.

I unlocked the apartment door and walked in. I quickly started putting my things in my suitcase and grabbing everything I own in sight and putting them in the suitcase as well or in grocery bags.

My hands shook as I quickly grabbed the last of my things before I bolted out the door. My last time in the apartment, I wrote Aiden a letter telling him I left and also the reason why.

Dear Aiden,

I am leaving here and moving back home. I have nothing here for me anymore. The only that was keeping here was you and we haven't been a 'we' in months. I am also leaving because I love you and I think I am a little too late to tell you that since you have bimbos over almost every night. What happened to my Aiden? I only broke up with you because you told me you loved me and I didn't know if I loved you. You looked like you were about to cry or yell at me when I didn't tell you it back. I am sorry for that. I do love you. I hope you are happy with whoever you meet next and I hope you two are happy like we were.




I yawned as I listened to a girl tell Timothy about her love life on Timothy's latest segment 'Radio Help'. Emily looked sad as she listened, but I don't see why. Everyone has problems. Like my love life.

My girlfriend who I live with broke up with me for no reason. She is beautiful and smart. Her brown hair is soft and she smells nice. We both have our flaws like she thinks I am too good for her since I was a jock and she was the quietest girl I have ever met and she is a little chubby, but I don't really care. She was beautiful to me. Did I mention we were together for five years and I told her I loved her?

I am growing tired of pay my friends, who are girls, to act like my whore for the night. They have all met Sera, my ex, but she seems to not recognize them, so I bring them back day by day. Well, more like night by night and there are only five of them that I am using.

Tonight, it will be Sera and me and I am going to try to persuaded her to get back together with me because I love her and I know she loves me even if she didn't tell me, when I told her that night. I know she loves me deep inside her heart.

I am going to make us dinner before she gets home from the where ever place she goes from four to seven at night every night since past month or two. Maybe she has found someone new, but I don't know.

Emily and Timothy signed off the radio for the next man, Bill, could start his show. Emily looked at me funny before walking passed me. Did I do something wrong? Nope, I didn't. Did I?

"Emmy, what's wrong?" I asked as Timothy came up to me.

"Sarah is Sera, you moron," she yelled.

Timothy's eyes widen. "Wow, wait…"

"WHAT?" Timothy and I asked and yelled at Emily in unison.

"Yes, Sera called about her relationship problem, Aiden. You know, the relationship where she loves you and you bring home prostitutes," Emily uttered. "She only dumped you because you told her you loved her and she wasn't sure she loved you."

"So you know how girls are, they have to get dumped or be the dumpee to see if they miss you are not, which you really didn't give her a chance to see if she loved you because you begged and then, brought other women home like the next day. MORON!" She had yelled 'moron'.

"How was I supposed to know?" I asked.

Timothy laid a hand on my shoulder. "We told her to move out and get over you." He held his hands up in defense. "I didn't know it was her. Sorry! Somehow Emily found out and now Emily is mad at you. If I had known it was Sera, I wouldn't have told her to move out. Sorry, man."

I threw my hands in my face. "What am I supposed to do, now?"

"We don't exactly know when she is moving out. Sometime this week, so you still have time to persuade her to stay and be with you." Emily had calmed down and started rubbing my back. "I know she quit her job at the daycare today though."

I looked up. "I have to go. Bye."

"Bye," they said together.

I practically ran out of the radio station building and to my car. My and Sera's apartment is only a twenty minutes away, but it felt like hours as I drove home. I ran up to our apartment not even stopping to take the elevator, but when I managed to fling the door open all was silence in the apartment.

"Sera," I uttered. "Seraphina."

"Sera!" My voice had broken and my heart hand dropped, when I found a letter on the counter in the kitchen addressed to me in Sera's handwriting.

Dear Aiden…

She was already gone for probably hours, now. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I tried to read the letter. I slumped to the floor and brought my knees to my chest, when my vision was to blurry to even read the note anymore.

My head laid my knees and I cried even though that didn't sound manly. I don't care. I did cry because I lost the love of my life. I lost her and I don't even know where she is. When tears didn't come out anymore, I continued on with the letter. All I found out was she was going back to her hometown, Atlanta, but we never went to Atlanta for vacation or anything, so I have no clue in Atlanta were she is.

I only broke up with you because you told me you loved me and I didn't know if I loved you. You looked like you were about to cry or yell at me when I didn't tell you it back. I am sorry for that. I do love you. I hope you are happy with whoever you meet next and I hope you two are happy like we were.



The first thing I did, when I finished reading the letter was talk out my cell phone and called Emily.


"She is gone, Emmy. Gone!" I cried.

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