We got into Claudia's jeep and headed to the store. I sent a quick text to Lucas asking "What's up?" but he didn't reply. Maybe he didn't have a signal; he was already at the cornfield. He probably just wanted to talk to me about his girlfriend troubles. We were close. What had that bitch done now? She didn't deserve him; she wasn't good enough for him. She couldn't love him as much as I could. Why couldn't he look at me as girlfriend material?

We had lied to our parents telling them that we were spending the night at each other's house. Hopefully they would not check our story. My parents had no idea; they thought I was the perfect child.

Claudia's parents were cool and gave her freedom to explore and experiment as long as she told them where she was. But she lied to them anyway.

Josie's parents were out-of-state on business and she and Lucas were home alone.

I retrieved the list of items needed from my bag and read out the items as we walked around the Piggly Wiggly. "Hotdogs… check, chips… got them, marsh mellows… check, and bug spray… where the hell is the bug spray? Okay, got it."

"Who the hell is getting the alcohol?" Josie asked. "Harley got his goofy ass cousin to get it for us", Claudia said. "You know the one that is so weird acting." "Oh yeah, I remember him", I replied. Guess we should have known that Harley would have the alcohol covered. We laughed as we got into the jeep.

The sky was growing darker; the moon full and bright and the night air getting a little nippier. It was the perfect night for a campfire and telling scary stories. We didn't have a clue about what the night would bring. If only we had known …..to be continued…..