This quiet desperation

Stands poised to scream

Like snow that just won't fall

My stagnate pulsing and heaving

Will shred complacency

Ravenous for a living, breathing reaction

Give it to me

Now. Now. Now.

The cold air touches my neck

And I burn to feel so pale and disregarded

As the burdensome white heaviness piles higher

Each ounce weighs a pound

Each minute an eternity

Cast upon this rickety frame

Hear me creak with every smile

Watch me sway with every mile

Straying on and on

Grey skies that don't thicken

Or darken

But remain above, cloudless

They don't watch

But I like to pretend.

I wait

I press

Breathe, breathe, gasp, bleed


For sunlight

The warm recognition

That troubles will soon be over.