Title: Show me your Teeth

Summary: Pulling at your hair and rocking back and forth. The edges are blurring and the sane part is starting to disappear. Nothing makes sense anymore...

Notes: I like how this came out.

Everything is white. White, white, white and if Rose isn't careful the white will swallow her up; swallow her up and then spit her back out (maybe, if she's lucky and even then the damage will have been done). The white is enough to make anyone go crazy, crazier than before and if Rose gets even crazier she'll never get out, they'll never let her out (and if they keep her here forever she'll be absolutely mad).

They want to keep everyone crazy and they want to keep them here. Rose knows this and the others do too but they don't say a word ('hush little baby don't say a word' Her mom used to sing that to get her to be quiet, she remembers then laughs, completely cracks up) and they don't need to because who would they tell?

There are few who visit the asylum (because no one wants to be in the nut house, not even to visit) but even they would not believe (and why would they? Rose and the others, in case you haven't noticed are a little insane).

But Rose is also too scared to talk because if she says too much they'll sew her mouth shut (like they did to Ben because he said too much, he said too much) and lock her away from everyone else.

Rose isn't crazy, though she's getting closer every single day. It is the white, white walls and small rooms with no windows that's starting to erase away her sanity. It's the jackets that make Rose hug herself and the pills that are hidden in her food (they think she doesn't notice but she does. Rose notices. Rose knows) that is making Rose a bit more crazy than usual.

But Rose isn't all the way crazy yet (she's not like Felicia who has started to eat her own hair until soon she will have none left—Rose isn't like her).

They try to convince Rose that she's crazy but Rose knows better, Rose is smart and she knows. She knows that she isn't crazy and she tells herself that she isn't everyday because the only one who will believe it is her.