I got really bored during free write class and randomly wrote this. It may be quite long, but I have decided it has a poetic nature to it. It is under the life section only because there is no death one.


A lone light breaches the darkness.

The darkness that had held them so long.

The light is comforting, welcoming.

Out of curiosity they crawl out of the corner, unsure what to expect.

Then a soft but steady voice breaks the silence,


We run through the dank halls looking for an exit.

Desperate for an exit.

Suddenly the light flickers then dies out. A cold dark hand grasps me,

pulling me back,

back and away from the group. My only escape taken from me.

Ripped from my grasp.

So close close, yet so far...

Then gone.


I feel something hit the side of my head. I don't mind.

I welcome the pain, it lets me known I'm still alive.

But, I think as I give way to the foggy blackness that is entering my mind, is it really a blessing?

The scariest monster is the one you can't run away from.