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Chapter Three

Quietly, Malcolm and Will snuck into the holding room where the girl was supposed to be. It wasn't a dungeon by any means, but it was in the basement of the castle, in a room with no windows and only a single table in it, and two chairs, one at each end of the table. That was where she'd be - where Will had apparently dropped her off. According to the auburn-haired telepath, Joseph wasn't around at the moment, so if they were going to do this, now was their chance.

Joseph, as a rule, didn't care for them being with the 'job' longer than needed to bring the person here, and thus they could pretty much count on him not helping them.

How can Joseph be scared? It doesn't make any sense… Malcolm thought to himself.

Will glanced at him as they stood outside the door to the room. "I think it's locked," he murmured.

Malcolm nodded and pulled out a hair pin. This wouldn't be the first door he'd had to break in, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Having little things like this on hand usually came in handy.

After picking the lock, he pushed the door open and they both entered the room. Quietly, he shut the door behind them and then turned, his back against the door, to watch as Will moved toward the quiet girl in the room. She was in one of the chairs, hunched over the table with her head buried in her arms. Her left wrist was chained to the table.

As Will got closer, the girl flinched and looked up, eyes locking onto the telepath. Will murmured something, too quiet for Malcolm to hear way over by the door, and she seemed to quiet down some, her quiet gasps dispersing.

"You only have a few minutes," Malcolm felt the need to point out.

Will nodded and focused again on the girl. Time seemed to freeze for a moment and Malcolm moved away from the door to walk toward the two of them. Will's eyes were closed, his expression pinched as he concentrated, probably trying to dig in deeper to figure out what this girl could do. Malcolm didn't know how it worked, Will's ability, but he knew it could be pretty damn effective.

Silence wrapped around the three of them, only broken by the girl's slightly ragged breathing, Will's calm exhales, and the ringing in Malcolm's ears. Malcolm peeked at his watch and counted the minutes. Will had three minutes, and then they-

Will released a quiet gasp and then toppled over.

Malcolm's head shot up and he stared for a moment, uncomprehending. "Will?" he croaked before he managed to snap out of it. "Will!" He darted to his friend's side, where Will had landed on the ground on his back, eyes open and staring at the ceiling. "Will!" Malcolm's hand curled into the fabric of Will's shirt, scratching at his shoulder. "Hey! Snap out of it! Will!"

Will didn't focus his gaze but managed to murmur, "Can't…dark…can't…"

"Can't what? Hey? Will!" He grabbed his friend by both shoulders and shook him. "Damn it, c'mon - Will?"

Will's eyes only slid closed and his head lolled to the side, a soft exhale slipping past his lips.

"Will? Hey, c'mon, you - Will! Wake up!" Fear was a sharp stab at his chest when Will refused to answer. Frantically, Malcolm reached out and felt for a pulse, fingers stabbing into Will's neck until he felt that steady thud-thud which allowed him to breathe again. It was a little fast but it was there, damn it. "Will? Wake up, you idiot. Stop digging. Just - hey!"

He wasn't receiving a response. Panic surged and clogged up his throat.

No, no, no, what's happening? Fix this. Have to fix this, he thought, clawing at Will to maneuver him toward the door. Help. He needed to get help. Joseph would know what to do. He had to know, damn it.

A sharp pain shot through his head suddenly, leaving him momentarily breathless as his grip on Will slackened. The stab came again, except this time, he knew the pain wasn't his own.

He stared at Will, swallowing thickly, because he knew the pain wasn't his. It was coming through the bond, that stupid bond which connected them, and-

"Oh, no," he whispered as another stab shot right behind his eyes. If he felt this much pain and Will was usually so good at hiding things from him…he could only imagine what Will was feeling at the moment. "Will, c'mon - wake up! I need you to wake - hey!" His fingers dug into Will's shoulders, scratching against bone. It would leave a hell of a bruise, but his friend didn't even notice.

No, no, stop this, fix this, do it now, fix this, have to-

His mind was a whirlwind of fractured thoughts as the pain continued to seep through him. Panic clouded any clear thoughts he might have had and he was left sitting there, clinging to his friend, his partner, the guy he was bonded to, the guy he grew up with…

"Will! Wake up, c'mon, you - Will! Snap out of it!"

This wasn't working.

"Snap out of it! Will! Wake up!"

It didn't matter if he was panicked. It didn't matter how urgent his words were. They weren't reaching Will. Even as he sought their connection in his mind, locked his focus onto the link that was always there, the one constant thing in his life, it was like there was an invisible shield blocking him. He couldn't access it, could barely feel it except for the pain and-

"No," he whispered, clarity seeping into him. "No, no…Will! Don't you dare!"

Frantically, he sought out that pulse from before. When he didn't feel it immediately, his heart stuttered urgently in his chest before his fingers finally found that beat, that erratic rhythm which signaled life.

Will was alive. Alive. Not dead.

But fading.

Will was fading.

Malcolm could feel it in their connection, knew at least part of the pain was from the disappearance, the way the bridge was dispersing into nothing, and-

"No," he choked, because this wasn't fair.

This was his idea, damn it - not Will's! His choice to come down here, to have Will do this…

Not Will's. Not the telepath's.

Not fair.

There was an ache in Malcolm's chest he couldn't identify - a sudden tightening of his heart which could only be desperation.

He'd never had to question the bond before. He'd never had reason to doubt it, never had reason to believe it some day might not be there.

No one told him it could leave. Could vanish.

No one told him Will could die.

The fading of the connection, the fact it could disappear any minute now…

Fix this! Fix this, you idiot! Joseph! Help! Will needs help!

But he wasn't a telepath and there was no getting this message through to the guy, not without Will, and Will was currently…


"What did you do to him," Malcolm hissed at the girl, who was staring down at the table, her eyes glazed and unfocused. "What did you do!" At his sudden raised tone, he thought he might have seen her shift a little, but he might have just imagined it.

She wasn't any help - she just sat there and stared like he wasn't even there, and he didn't have time for this.

"Fix it," he snapped. "Fix this now!"

Help. He needed help. If he couldn't get Joseph to come to him, he'd have to go to Joseph. But he couldn't leave Will - wouldn't leave his friend. Couldn't. Another sharp throb shot through his head and left him nearly breathless as he squeezed his eyes tightly closed against a wave of nausea.

"Will, please," he whispered, desperate leaking through him. "Wake up."

This was his idea. He'd known it would be dangerous, knew there was a reason Joseph would be afraid of this girl, but he'd allowed this to happen anyway. Had allowed Will to go through with this, had even encouraged him. Helped them break into this room. To the girl.

He'd led Will to the girl.

To his dea-


His mind shut that thought down firmly.

No one was dying here. Will just needed help and he'd be fine. Malcolm would worry about everything else later, but right now he just needed Will to wake the hell up.

Swallowing thickly, he pulled Will to his chest and struggled to get his feet beneath the two of them. Once he was standing, he started toward the door, walking backward, dragging Will with him, the telepath's back against his chest. Will's head flopped like a rag doll.

Another sharp pain left Malcolm leaning against the wall, swallowing down the bile rising in his throat. I can do this, he told himself. I can do this. I have to. For Will. He needs help. My fault.

It was his fault.

If Will died…

It was all his fault.

He was just starting to touch the handle of the door, juggling Will in his hold, when he felt more than saw the girl look at him. It was like an icy sense of wrong which slithered up his spine and gripped at his heart with little tendrils of dread. Swallowing, he shot his head up and look at the girl, whose face had suddenly gone cold, eyes steely as they focused on him.

"What did you do?" he asked, because he had to know. He had to know what she did so he could fix this. He had to fix this. "What did you do to him!"

A cruel smile overtook her face. It was like he wasn't even looking at the same person - the innocent, scared girl from before, and now this person with that wrong smile and malicious gleam in her eyes. It was all wrong.

My fault.

The thought kept bouncing around in his head.

My fault. My fault. Don't you die, Will, my fault.

Another sharp stab had his legs buckling. Down to the floor he went, sliding down the wall, a cold sweat beginning to coat him as he glanced down at Will.

The telepath's face was pale - white, turning whiter, like a new sheet. It was wrong. All wrong. Not to mention the slightly blue tinge to his friend's lips.

"Will?" he asked quietly, swallowing back the cold which ate away at his chest and throat, leaving him somewhat breathless. "Will? Hey, c'mon - wake up. Wake up. Wake up!"

He lightly slapped Will's pale cheek but received no response.

The bond was disappearing.

It hurt.

So freaking much.

No one told him this would happen…

No one told him this could happen…

I'm sorry, Will, I'm sorry.

"What did you do?" he found himself whispering again, not even looking at the girl. Instead he watched his friend's chest for the shaky rise and fall. "Stop it. Stop it. Fix him."

The girl didn't say anything but he could still feel her gaze on him.

"Fix it!"

"There is nothing I can do," the girl said finally, in a voice that sound so incredibly wrong it actually left Malcolm flinching. "Nor would I want to."

"Listen, you twisted bitch," Malcolm snarled, raising his gaze to meet hers, "you fix this right now! Fix him!"

Now the girl actually laughed, and he'd be lying if he said it didn't make him shiver as chills crawled down his spine.

"I have no need of him."

"Need of…? I don't care! Fix him right now!" he snapped. "Help him! You did this - not stop it!"

Ow. Ow.

Another shot had him seeing spots. He felt lightheaded and dizzy, nearly toppling over. He managed to lean back far enough into the wall to steady himself…for the time being, anyway. There was no way he could get his feet back under him and walk, let alone drag Will with him.

They weren't getting help.

But…Joseph would be coming soon. Wasn't that what he'd told Will after they'd entered the room, to get him to hurry? He'd told him he only had a few minutes. Joseph - or someone - would be here soon and everything would be fine.

He just had to wait, and-

Will's head tossed itself to the side and Malcolm looked down to find his friend's face creased in pain, eyes screwed shut tight.

"Will?" he whispered hopefully. "Will? Are you - Will, wake up. Hey!" He gave his friend a shake - probably more harsh than he needed to - and felt a wave of relief crash into him when Will blinked his eyes open.

Thank you.

"Will? How are you? Jesus, are you okay?"

Will seemed to be having trouble focusing.


The lack of response was troubling.

"Will, hey!"

He was so close, he couldn't lose it now. Couldn't lose their connection, couldn't let Will lose this moment of consciousness.

" 's so…d-dark…" Will murmured, eyes fluttering with the effort of staying open.

"Dark? No, Will, it's not dark," Malcolm encouraged. "It's not dark, just - no, no, stay with me! Will!"

But the telepath's eyes drifted shut and he went still.

"No, no, no, wake up," Malcolm said quickly, shaking him. "Wake up, c'mon, you can't - Will, wake up!"

The girl laughed again, causing him to swallow thickly.

"It's working," she cooed.

"What's working?" Malcolm snapped, looking up to glare at her. He jabbed his fingers into Will's neck again and only allowed himself to breathe again when they collided with the steady thud-thud. Will was still there.


But he was there, damn it, and that was what mattered. The connection wasn't gone.

Just…frayed. Disappearing.

Not gone.

Never gone.

Not fair…my fault.

"What's working?" he repeated when she didn't answer.

She just smiled and shook her head, looking less pale and more crazy with every passing minute.

Joseph, hurry up, he thought, wishing he could project his thoughts, but he could only do that with Will, and that was out of the question right now, right?

"Answer me!" he snarled at the girl when she just smiled at him.

"As if I'm telling you," she scoffed.

Swallowing thickly, Malcolm gently lay Will flat on the ground. Then he shoved his feet under him and staggered to a stand, leaning against the wall for support. After a new wave of dizziness slammed into him, he glared again at the girl.

"Fix this," he ordered through clenched teeth, hands clenching into fists at his sides. "Fix it - now."

"And if I don't?" she asked sweetly.

Malcolm's lips curled in a snarl. "Then I will kill you, bitch."

Plain and simple.

She just laughed again, though. If Malcolm never heard that horrible sound again, it'd be too soon.

When he looked back at her, he was shocked to see her standing. She couldn't really move from the table, though, what with her left wrist still attached via chain cuffs…or something like it. Malcolm didn't really know.

"Fix. This," he ground out, sure he was going to have to go to a dentist soon if he kept up this teeth grinding.

The girl smiled, shook her head and raised a hand to touch to his face. He wasn't aware he'd moved so close, but the moment her fingers touched his skin, it felt like hot little tendrils of agony. Not as intense or sharp as that pain in his head, but pain nevertheless.

White hot agony slid over him as his head gave another sharp throb.

In desperation, he threw himself across the room and collapsed next to Will, shakily drawing his friend toward him. "Will, no, no," he whispered quietly, feeling sick, his veins turned to ice. That connection in his mind…he could barely feel it, damn it. It was leaving. Was about to leave right now, and… "Will, c'mon - wake up. Stop this and - just wake up!"

Except it didn't look like hw as going to wake up.

"Will," he breathed, "please."

Then suddenly he knew no more as a white hot light swarmed his vision, lading him into darkness as unconsciousness called his name.

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