The old man quickly ran down the stairs, to a small dank basement.

Outside he could hear the horrible cries of the dying, and almost smell the burning flesh, as the dark wizard Guardaris and his men overtook the last free stronghold of the peaceful Grints.

Hands shaking, the old man pulled a small book off a shelf and opened it to a blank page.

"As I write this," he scribbled quickly, "the world falls into chaos. Lord Guardaris and his army of soulless mercenaries discovered our stronghold. All is lost, unless the one is found, the last of his kind, a dragon singer. Only then, will Guardaris be defeated, and the Grints saved. Only then will peace be restored in this world."

He heard a horrible noise and realized with horror that the mercenaries were outside the door of his hiding place, he didn't have much time.

"The dragon singer, will be known," he quickly wrote. "When he touches this amulet and the dragon stone in it glows. Then the dragon, who has slept for centuries will awaken."

He quickly took off the amulet he was wearing around his neck, then put it inside the book, lying them both in a box.

He quickly pulled a loose stone out of the wall, and pushed the box into it, replacing the stone.

Just as he stood up and faced the door, the mercenaries crashed through.

"I welcome death," he whispered, looking at them without fear.

"Then let me complete your request," the head mercenary said drawing his sword.

The old man closed his eyes, gasping slightly as he was run through.

He fell to his knees, then collapsed on the dirty floor, as his breath left his body and the world went black.

Years passed, turning into decades, then centuries, the Grints were almost forgotten, as well as the legend of the dragon singer.

Guardaris, lived still, kept immortal by unknown means, although it was whispered among the masses that he practiced the dark arts, and even worshipped the dark one himself.

But none of this mattered to twelve year old Mikal, not on that day, the first warm day of the year.

Mikal and his best friend Paco managed to evade their tutor and escape into the woods to explore.

Paco was running through a field, when he suddenly disappeared.

Mikal ran to the spot where he had last seen his friend, and discovered him laying on a dirty floor.

"I think I fell through a trap door," the boy said with a groan as he sat up and Mikal laughed, jumping down to join his friend.

"I know what this is," he said, "papa told me about places like this. This is a house from before the rule of Guardaris."

Paco looked at him with wide eyes.

"You mean a Grint house?" He asked and Mikal nodded.

"Let's explore it," he said, and Paco shook his head.

"We shouldn't be here," he said, "it's against the law."

Mikal laughed.

"Who will ever find out?" He asked, then he began to look around.

Suddenly he stumbled over something, falling against the wall, and causing a stone to come loose.

"Paco," he said, turning around, "look at this."
But his friend wasn't listening to him, instead he was staring at what Mikal had stumbled over. A skeleton so old, it was partially turned to dust.

"How do you think he died?" Paco whispered, and Mikal shrugged, looking back at the loose stone, pulling it out.

"There's something in here," he said, taking out the old decaying box.

He carefully stepped over the skeleton and showed the box to Paco before opening it up.

"It's a book," Mikal whispered, slowly taking it out.

As he did, the amulet suddenly fell out, and Mikal caught it, gasping in surprise as the stone set in the amulet began to glow.

"Paco.." he began to say, but looked up in fear as a voice suddenly yelled out in the meadow.

"It's Tutor," he said, dropping the box and the book, before stuffing the amulet in his pocket.

The two boys quickly climbed out of the hole and ran back toward home. The book, that had held the amulet, and the clues of the magic the amulet held, lay forgotten on the bones of the old man.