Across the dark and lonely road

Walks the Vagabond of the Night.

In solitude and silence,

Surrounded by shadows full of fright.

With dirty rags and a scraggly beard,

He slowly walks to and fro.

No one to love and loved by none

With nowhere else to go.

And then comes a car, so sleek and black,

On the road, the only one.

The shaded window rolls slowly down,

And then comes out a gun.

A hand pulls at the trigger

And the vagabond is shot

Blood is pouring from the vagabond

The man the world forgot.

Slowly blood is draining

While no one sees his plight;

No one sees the vagabond,

The Vagabond of the Night.

But then a man walks down the road,

A cell phone on his ear.

But he ignores the Vagabond;

He does not even draw near.

A woman with her children two

Exhausted from the day.

Her child: "Mommy, look at him."

But she says, "Walk away."

Then there comes a woman

Who is quietly walking home.

She quickly calls the ambulance

And screams, "Please, hurry! Come!"

At the hospital, they bind his wounds

And heal him to full health.

They throw him back into the street

Because he has no wealth.

The woman paid his debts and

Gave him shelter, for it was right.

Someone loved the vagabond

The Vagabond of the Night.