Chapter 5

James's POV

I was excited to have a dragon, the cute little red bundle of joy named PyroWings. At the same time I was worried about Alexia and angry at myself. How come I couldn't remember the accident? Why do I only remember only seeing shadows of cars? Things were starting to make less and less sense and it scared me. We arrived at Alexia's room. My dad said "I have to talk with Twiggy about some business arrangements with our shop. Do you think you could go and visit Alexia alone?"

I nodded my head and said "I can do that dad. I know that is where all our money comes from." I saw that Alexia was awake in her bed. She seemed strangely calm when I entered the room. I approached her bed slowly and she turned her head.

Alexia said "Hey James, it is good to see that you are okay."

I looked back at her and said "I know that mentally you didn't break or snap but I knew it was to keep me calm with my hyper- hearing."

Alexia lightly hit my shoulder and said "Nope, maybe I didn't freak because my brain didn't process the information."

I rolled my eyes and said with sarcasm "Sure thing Alexia, whatever you want to believe."

Alexia said "I am surprised that they let you in here. They didn't even let my mother come in since we had different last names."

I grinned and whispered "You can thank my dad for that one. He used his old Hunter charm."

Alexia said "So he manipulated the nurse with his speaking. There are times where I love it when your dad helps us to be together as friends."

I was noticed that the dragon was struggling awake from its slumber. I hadn't even got to mention my birthday to Alexia but I guessed that now would be a good time. I said "Alexia, I got something to show you but please don't freak out like you did at the sight of my dad in his vampire-werewolf state."

Alexia glanced into my eyes and said "I can't promise that but I can promise I will keep whatever it is a secret, J."

I slowly uncloaked the piece of cloth that was hiding PyroWings. He flapped his little wings and showed off his skin which was now even a brighter yellow than before since the sunlight reflected off of it.

Alexia glanced at me for a second and took a minute to process the new information. She finally asked "Is that a baby dragon?"

I nodded my head and said "Yes Alexia, it is a baby dragon. It was revived from a scale my dad was working with."

Alexia glanced at the wall, zoning out for a second and replied "It sure beats my gift to you. It got totaled with my car. It was the newest gaming console but I do have something to give you."

I asked "What is it, Alexia?"

Alexia asked "Do you remember the necklace with the crescent moon on it?"

I nodded and replied "I remember mentioning that I wanted to get it but I didn't have the money for it. Are you telling me that you got it for me?"

Alexia replied "Yes, it was in my jacket pocket, it broke in half though so it only has half of the crescent moon."

I smiled and said "It doesn't matter that it is broken. The thought of this gift is enough to make it whole in my eyes." I made Alexia blush from that comment.

Alexia said "I can't wait to be discharged from this hospital. There is absolutely nothing to do here."

I said "Let's see what is happening outside." I helped to ease Alexia out of the hospital bed. She grabbed my free shoulder for support on walking.

Alexia said "Are we almost out of my room?"

I said "It would help to open your eyes to see where we are going instead of walking into walls." We entered the hallway and I already sensed something was wrong. There was a smoke cloud form coming down the hallway. I said "Alexia, stay here. I am going to see what is going on down there." I quickened my pace and noticed that half of the hospitals were in shambles, the half I was in was mostly destroyed and so was the mental ward. I noticed a small boy no older than four about to be hit by a caving wall. On instinct, I shot my second round of fire and the wall fell to crisps. The young boy turned to me, he had brown hair, purple eyes and he was relatively short.

The boy asked "What happened to my mama? Who are you?"

I replied "I am not sure what happened to your mom. It is just a mystery to me as it is to you. My name is James Hunter."

The boy said "My name is Aaron Thorn."

I said "Well Aaron let's go find your mother and find my father."

Aaron glanced at me and asked "Are you a superhero, James?"

I looked at Aaron puzzled and replied "I am no superhero; I am just a person with powers."

Aaron said "A superhero can be a person with or without powers. Being a superhero is about all the good you do to help the world, may it be your own home or another world."

I replied "I have done no good deeds yet."

Aaron looked at me puzzled and said "You saved me and are helping me my mother. You didn't have to save me, you could have let the wall crush me but you chose to save me. Everybody has the ability to do good but it depends who you are doing good for. If you are doing well for yourself, then you aren't doing well but if you are doing good for others then you are truly doing good."

I stared at the dead body of a woman and Aaron pressed against my chest, crying.

Aaron asked through sobs "My mom was all I had, now who is going to take care of me?"

I glanced and said "You could live with my dad and me."

Aaron smiled a little through his tears and said "Thanks for saving me, James and helping me find my mom." I cried as I walked back with wonder of where Alexia, my father, Twiggy were.


Dark Matter grinned and said "Well it looks like everything is playing out as I planned it. Now it is time to go the Blue Nerd House." He vanished into the shadows.

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