Author's Note: Hi guys. Firstly an explanation for my disappearance.

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Chapter 1

I pushed my hands further into my jacket and quicken my steps home. It was just a little after midnight and the streets were deserted, it always was around this area. The dim streetlights did no help in making one feel safe and you would never knew what could be lurking in the shadows behind the bushes. It was freezing cold and I could feel my fingers becoming numb.

I cursed under my breath as I regretted staying a little longer at Jane's party. Now, here I was stuck walking back alone to my pathetic of an apartment I called home. My boyfriend, Kyle was far too intoxicated to send me home and he had crashed on the couch of Jane's and her boyfriend, Dennis apartment. I hated drinking knowing my ability to hold liquor was non-existent thus I stayed away from alcohol the entire night, only watching Kyle downing shots after shots. I had refused to stay over at Jane's too thanks to that article of mine that was due tomorrow noon. I had barely even started on it thanks to my bad habit of procrastination.

Well, I had better hurry home now and get started on it before Elle my boss kills me. I swear I was scared to death of that lady. She seemed capable of murder and getting away with it.

That's when I sensed something amiss. It felt like I was being followed. You're being silly, Claire. I chided myself but I just couldn't help but turn around slightly to look. My sixth sense was right. There was a man walking.. no following me. As he walked under a streetlight, I knew. There was nothing decent about this man. I could tell he was short, bald and wearing a large overcoat. He was staring straight at me.

I turned my head back to the front and began to walk so quickly it would seem like I was jogging. I needed to get home quickly and bolt my doors. I heard the man behind me whistle and I knew he was matching his pace to follow mine. I began to panic and cursed my rotten luck that I chose to live in an area that didn't have a nearby police station.

" Hey pretty, " I stumbled back slightly as I realized he had ran up to overtake me and was now right infront of me. He was quick. " You are quite a pretty one aren't ya? " He leered as he began cornering me into a wall on the sidewalk. My breathing quickened and I remained silent as fear overcame me. Scream, Claire! Maybe someone will help you! My inner mind urged me but I seemed to have lost the ability to even open my mouth.

He was closing in on me now.. and I froze as he raised both his arms and beside my head on the wall, towering over me and trapping me. His grey eyes scanning quickly at my body and I instantly felt violated. " I can imagine all the sorts of fun I could have with you, " He whispered and I could smell the scent of cigarettes and alcohol on him. He was drunk. " Don't bother screaming, no one will hear you.. " He smirked.

My eyes widen in fear as I stood there helplessly. Why couldn't I move? I didn't know self-defense and I was pretty sure if I tried anything, he could probably counter me easily. Somebody help! I prayed silently. I held my breath, knowing I was doomed..