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Chapter 18 – Part 1

Claire's POV

I rubbed the bulge in my tummy, occasionally using my fingers to trace patterns. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked in a soft whisper to my baby. "How am I going to save your Daddy?"

It had been approximately an hour since Dante left me alone again. His words kept replaying into my mind. What he had asked of me was impossible. There was no way I could not live without Damien. I did feel it when Dante kissed me.. There was a bond there too but it was nothing compared to my bond with Damien. The one I love and could only love was Damien. If Damien died, I would die with him. I could not give my heart and soul to anyone else.

The door to the room swung open and Dante entered once again. I could sense his slight anger as his eyes landed on my tummy. Instinctively, I wrap my arms around it to protect it. His unhappiness increased at my action but he simply sighed. "Come on. We are leaving now." He told me quietly.


He extended his hand out to me and I reluctantly took it. "To end this once and for all." He said simply and I squeezed my eyes shut with fear and panic within me as we teleported.

When I opened my eyes, the strong scent of wood and grass hit me. We were in a large clearing and Dante's arms were still wrapped tightly around mine. I realized we weren't alone. There was a man standing a few spaces in front of us. He was tall, only slightly shorter than Dante or Damien, lean built and his hair was long and white. He was wearing all black and when I saw his eyes they were a bright red. I didn't like the vibe I got from him. He seemed menacing.. evil.

He eyed me with disdain. "Belthazor." Dante greeted him quietly and I gulped. So this was him. He moved his gaze from me to Dante, obvious disapproval at Dante's arms that was holding me protectively.

"She's making you soft, Dante." His voice was low and sounded equally dangerous. "I've half a mind to get rid of her." I shuddered slightly when he said that. Dante sensing my fear tighten his grip on me so much that it hurt but I didn't mind. The fact that I was in front such an evil man, Dante made me feel safe.

"We had a deal Belthazor." Dante spoke quietly but his anger was obvious. "You get to be King and I get to keep her."

"Surprising how much she managed to change your thinking in a night. Fine, just help me get rid of your brother and you get to keep your little..mate." He said the word 'mate' with disgust. Dante didn't reply but merely nodded. I wondered why we were here and what was going to happen. Just then, Belthazor snapped his fingers and I gasped softly in surprise as hundreds of demons start to appear in the clearing behind Belthazor. Holy shit..Dread flooded me as I started to panic. He was planning to use this army to take down the royal family. Leona..Seb..Stephan.. No, I could not allow this to happen! And Damien, what was going to happen to him? I glanced up at Dante. "Must you really do this?" I asked fearfully. "I promise to leave with you." I told him desperately. I will do anything just to make sure Damien and my family.. my new family will be safe.

"Yes. Killing Damien is the only way to make you completely mine. I made a deal with Belthazor to get him the throne. Please do not waste your worry on them.. on that Queen. They deserved this." He said coldly.

I was appalled. "She is your mother! Damien is your brother and have you forgotten about Seb and Stephan? Are you really going to let them all die?" I felt him winced slightly when I mentioned his younger brothers. Did he have a soft spot for them?

"I stopped having a family the moment I was banished." He said harshly. I could feel his anger, his rage now. His extreme hatred to his father, mother and Damien, especially Damien. He was forced to leave his family.. his brothers. He was bad, he made mistakes but I knew then deep down he had actually loved his family once. If only they had not plotted to take away what was his. At that moment, I felt pity for him.

"Do not pity me." He said. "I will start a new family." He kissed me lightly on the forehead. "With you. That's all I want now. Once this is settled, I promise you that I will change."

My heart squeezed slightly at the tenderness of his promise. He truly loved me but No..The only person I could live and love with was Damien. No matter how much Dante could love me, I could not return it.

"Enough of this lovey dovey shit." Dante pulled away from me when a loud, high pitched voice interrupted us. I turned my head and realized there was woman now standing beside Belthazor. Her appearance was exactly like Nadia. I knew what she was instantly, a witch. "When are we going to attack?" She asked excitedly.

"Soon." Dante replied. "He should be here soon, alone." He? Was he Damien? Damien would not be that stupid to come alone right? There were so many demons here and he would be killed instantly!

Just as I thought that, I felt him. There was a soft pop and I turned around sharply, resisting Dante's grip. He stood there and I saw, horrified that he was indeed alone. His eyes landed on mine and I felt instant relief flood through him. He was worried about me.. he was happy to see that I was alive. No! He had to think about himself.

"Well, guess he really is a man of his words." The witch behind me cackled.

"Damien!" I screamed as I tried to break free from Dante's grip to run to him but Dante held me down angrily, causing me to fall to my knees.

"Don't move!" Dante ordered me harshly. I had to get to Damien!

"Dante don't hurt her!" Damien growled angrily as he tried to move forward he could not seem to. His eyes searched the place and it landed on Belthazor. "He's alive? And you're working with him?" He asked furiously.

"Your brother had always been the smarter one." Belthazor moved forward so that he was standing beside Dante and me now, that was still kneeling on the ground. "You were to stupid to have come alone."

"I am here now. Just let her go." Damien said quietly. He looked me in the eyes and I am reminded of our conversation. His signal.. I knew now that Kai or Kara was probably on standby to rescue me and teleport me out of here. He expects me to flee without him. There is no way I would that.

"That won't be happening." Dante spoke. "She's mine."

"What?" Damiel snarled. "She is my soulmate Dante. She is not yours."

"You heard me. She is mine. She is my mate too and don't worry Damien, I will raise your baby like my own." I knew Dante was provoking Damien. I watched as Damien shake slightly in anger. Oh no.. Dante was showing him mentally the memories of our kiss. Fuck! No! He wanted Damien to lose control.. he wanted Damien to give in to the monster. That was his way of killing him.

"Damien.. don't listen to him. Don't lose control. I love you Damien." I cried out and I ignored the hurt that Dante felt.

"You promise to leave with me!" Dante roared as he pulled me up by my hair. I cried out further in my pain. "How can you tell him you love him in front of me?" I hear Damien growling furiously but I knew he could not move towards me although he was trying.

"I will only love Damien. I am sorry Dante." I whispered, feeling all of his rage, hurt and anger. "Only Damien."

"I told you so Dante! She would never love you!" I heard the witch laughing gleefully as she clapped her hands. "Whatever were you expecting?"

"Dante. Just kill them both." Belthazor said. "Then, we will rule this world together."

He took in my words and I watched slowly as his eyes turned pitch black. Dante too was letting the monster take control now. "You lied to me." He pulled me by my hair harder, closer to him as he whispered. "I will let you watch me kill the man you love and then I will kill you and your baby slowly."

I gasped in pain when he lifted me up slightly off the floor, and before I knew it, he had thrown me like a ragdoll with his strength and I quickly wrapped my arms around my body, protecting my tummy as much as I could before I landed on the grass, away from the demons. I felt my tummy hurt slightly and I cried out.

"Claire! NO!" I heard Damien roared. He was trying to run towards me but Dante had quickly moved forward and pushed him, that Damien flew back.

"Oh no you don't brother. You deal with me first." Dante snarled. "I will kill you before I kill her."

Damien gave a loud roar and his eyes turned black immediately. He was losing control and I knew it was because at the thought of me dead. Dante was planting images in his mind and Damien was falling for them. No no no! I could feel blood trickling down my leg and the pain in my tummy intensified. My baby!

In my mind, I called out desperately to Leona.. Kai..Kara. Anyone.. to help me. I had to save my baby and Damien. I had to make sure he didn't lose control.. I had to help him.