The sky gradually turned from shades of blue and purple to black as the sun disappeared below the horizon. As the crescent moon replaced the sun, stars began to appear surrounding it and spreading throughout the sky. A breeze blew through the tree's leaves causing them to rustle and fall from the long skinny branches onto the driveway of my home.

At the other end of the long black concrete, stand my two stories, restored Victorian home. Beyond the dark brown exterior, white wrap around porch, and dark wooden door with brass knob, is a home that barely looks as if anyone lives there; but I do. When you first walk inside, there is a large mahogany stair case leading upstairs, to the right is the dining room and on the left is the study. The dining room floor was lined with dark wood, in the center stood a light mahogany rectangular table with six matching rounded back chairs with off white cushions. Behind the table is a mini bar, numerous bottles sparkling in light from the golden chandelier. Across the hall is the study, a large black leather couch leans against the white wall. To the left are two black book cases, filled with mysteries, novels, complete works of poetry, and a few romance stories. On the other side, are two large windows with sheer black curtains that touched the floor. There's also a mahogany desk and black leather chair next to them.

Upstairs there is the guest room and the master bedroom. If you open the door to my room, black carpet lines the entire room. A queen size bed stands in the center, covered with dark purple comforter and white sheets beneath it. Next to the bed, is a small mahogany vanity with matching stool with a black square cushion. On the other side is a small night table with a gun metal lamp. The windows are boarded up, to keep out the sunlight, since I've become a vampire.

This evening I awoke and saw my assistant Victoria, had left the mail on my night table. As I put a pillow behind my back, I picked up the small stack of mostly bills, but my eyes widened to see an off-white envelope with a name and address, I had never forgotten. "Talon…" the name suddenly escaped my lips. With saying his name, the memories of our time together came back like a movie clip.

Three years ago, my "Sister" Jade and I opened a lounge and bar called 'The Circle'. We had met randomly at a café eight years ago and became fast friends. We served both the human and supernatural communities (Werewolves, vampires, fairies, wizards, and warriors). No one was judgmental and everyone was welcome. For some it was a place to hang out, for others it was a home away from home.

The bar definitely reflected mine and Jade's unique styles. Light wood lined the entire floor; the walls were painted dark blue, along with a black bar and matching stools. There are sections of six black couches with dark maple coffee tables. Photos hang on the walls, memories of when we first opened to a local newspaper article voting us 'Best New Lounge'. Jade and I were so proud.

One night, one of my regulars Ash brought his friend Talon. Ash was a powerful demon that also helped Jade and I bring everyone out of hiding. He was a 'father figure' to everyone and I became their 'mother'. He stands 6"0, brown eyes, glasses, long black hair, and goatee. Talon, I knew from when I saw him was a vampire. He hid it well from others. He stood 5"7, slender and muscular; messy brown hair and blue eyes that looked like sapphires. They sat down at the bar, as I was filling a cooler with Coronas and Coors light. Ash was wearing black sneakers, blue jeans and black t-shirt beneath a black leather trench coat. Talon wore a black combat boots, dark blue jeans, and gray thermal long sleeved t-shirt.

"Ash!" I said and hugged him leaning across the bar

"Hey Jade…" He replied

I felt his hand on top of my head as his fingers began scratching. I purred, but I pulled back. I was wearing my black lace-up boots, blue jeans and black V-neck t-shirt.

"What can I get for you two this evening?" I asked

"We'll have two sixteen ounce pints of Guinness please." Ash replied.

"No problem, but where are my manners. I'm Jade by the way."

"Hey Jade I'm Talon."

"Nice to meet you; I'll be right back with your drinks."

I walked away to the other end of the bar to where the Guinness tap was, Jade had come up from the storeroom carrying a case of Smirnoff Ice. She was my height (5"7), curvaceous, pale skin, green eyes, and long brown hair. She wore a pair of black heeled boots, blue jeans, and white buttoned long sleeved shirt.

"Dude what's up?" She asked

"Met one of Ash's friends…" I replied

"Oh; then maybe my instincts are getting rusty…"

"Doubt it. We probably won't know what they mean yet."

"Yeah, it usually happens after the fact. Can you help me with this case?"

"No problem."

The small fridge beneath the shelves of alcohol opened. Each bottle of Smirnoff came out of the case and went into the fridge.

"I know this is why…." She paused

"We work so well together." I smiled

I waved my hand and the fridge door shut. Jade broke down the box and put it in the recycling bin outside. I placed both glasses on the bar, and filled them with the 'car oil' like liquid. I then brought them over to the guys, 'Enjoy; and holler if you need a refill." I smiled and went to the register to start their tab.

I went into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. My brown eyes shinned in the dim light, while my dark red hair was tied into pigtails. The counter was black with black and white tile on the floor, with black stalls behind me. I heard the door open and smiled, knowing she had come to check on me.

"Dude, it's starting to pick up out there." Jade poked her head in

"Alright let's go…"

We walked out to see people sitting at the bar and couches. I also noticed Dannie walked in, putting on her apron. Dannie and I knew each other from high school. She was short, pale skin, brown eyes and short brown hair. She had on a pair of converse sneakers, jeans, and her 'Harley Quinn' t-shirt, that I bought her on her birthday.

"What's going on Mama?" I called as she clocked in near the stairs to the storeroom.

"Not much. It looks like a good time for me to come in." She replied

"That's good. And glad you're here. It looks like there's just that first section of couch, I'm at the bar and Jade is also keeping an eye out in between."

"Sounds like a plan."

She walked off to the first section of couches and began taking orders. I went back behind the bar to check on Ash and Talon.

I asked

"Yeah thanks Jade." Talon replied

Their glasses soon slid down the bar to the tap. The tap lifted and filled the glasses to the brim and then came back in front of them.

"Telekinetic?" Talon asked

"Yeah; and a telepath, Jade is too. That's why we get along so well." I replied

"Hey kiddo, mind if I sit at the bar?" A voice asked

I knew that deep voice, it always sent a chill down my spine.

"As long as you're paying and I don't have to get rough; then by all means sit."

I smiled when I heard a loud thud. "Oops, I just couldn't resist." I said watching two hands grip the bar. I saw the spiked dirty blond hair, a pair of blue eyes, thin face squared off at the chin, and muscular body. He wore black biker boots, blue jeans, white t-shirt beneath a black sweatshirt and pea coat. Slowly he sat down at the bar, nodded to Ash and Talon.

"You look lovely this evening." He commented

"Flattery will get you nowhere with me buddy. What's your poison tonight?"

"Martini… shaken and not stirred…"

"Coming right up Mr. Bond."

Drake, a semi-powerful werewolf, chased any female who came into the lounge. His "history" was mostly one night stands and four relationships. Those relationships included two to three mistresses on the side. At different points in time Jade and I were part of the equation, but we both made his life hell even now. I had begun mixing his drink when I noticed him looking at me.

"You do look beautiful tonight."

"Eat your heart out Casanova."

"Feisty: I always liked that about you. What's going on kiddo?"

"Not much; I'm just making sure all my children are being taken care of."

I put the martini glass in front of him and the shaker next to it. Jade walked up to me as I went to the register to start his tab.

"Did he try anything stupid?" She asked her voiced echoed in my head

"No; thankfully I can handle it"

"Ok; we can take him down. If we need to; I'm only a call away."


By 'last call' things calmed down, giving us a chance to clean up. Ash and Talon were still sitting at the bar. Drake was flirting with a potential one night stand, and Jade, Dannie, and I had just finished cleaning the couches. We walked over to the bar and took out a bottle of white wine, along with three glasses.

"Cheers." We said together

"Jade, we'd like to close our tab please." Talon called

"No problem."

The receipt rose into the air and landed in Ash's hand. They both looked it over then paid, leaving a generous tip. As I cleaned the counter, I noticed a small piece of paper lying on top of the tip. I opened it and saw a note, 'It was nice meeting you. Hopefully we can talk more when you're not busy. –Talon'


After that night, Talon became a regular to the lounge. During the week business was pretty steady and I was able to talk to him, getting to know him better. After closing, we'd stay and talk right before sunrise. It was nice not being able to hear his thoughts. But my instincts told me, he was gradually beginning to like me.

I had gotten out of bed and went into my closet. My black t-shirt fell past my knees as I grabbed my long black silk robe. I went downstairs and sat in the living room and opened his letter.


How have you been my fledging? I hope you've been doing well with the lounge. From what I've read in the papers, you and Jade won another award; Congratulations. The reason behind this letter, I wanted to tell you something.

Recently I had the most introspective year and I feel that I owe you an apology my dear fledging. This is overdue and pointless but I wanted to apologize for leaving you. It was wrong of me to do so the way I did, and in how I treated you afterwards.

I was hoping to see you again and talk like we used to. My number is below; I hope to speak with you again my fledging.


I sat there stunned as thoughts began flooding my mind "Master why are you summoning me?" I wondered as I thought about how we fell in love.

He had been dating Alexis, a fairy, for six months. I was happy, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I began to wonder "What would it be like?"

I imagined switching places with her. Him and I going out seeing the world as time no longer affected me.

"Jade… Jade… Dude!"

"Huh? What's up?" I asked suddenly coming back to reality

"You okay?"

"Yeah: I just got a little sidetracked."

I began to poor a glass of red wine. As I sat the glass down on Dannie's tray, she noticed I was staring at the 'happy couple'.

"He can't make her dude. Fairy blood is poisonous to vampires. He must fight off a few wizards and witches, since it's a hot commodity for potions."

"I know."

She was short, tan, short brown hair and eyes. Her ears were slightly pointed; her hair covered the tops of them. She wore a white long sleeved thermal shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. Dannie had taken her tray, while I began making a margarita. As I poured the mixture into the blender and added ice, put the lid on; I blinked. The blender started mixing as Talon walked up to the bar.

"Hey Talon, what can I get for you tonight?" I asked

"Hey Jade. What's up?"

"Not much making a margarita. What about you?"

"Not much; I'm having trouble finding an anniversary gift for Lexis, do you have any ideas?"

I began thinking as the frozen mixture poured itself into a tall glass. It soon traveled to the end of the bar and Jade picked it up bringing it to the second section of couches.

"Why not get her jewelry? You know a ring, bracelet, or necklace. You've already gotten her flowers, CD, and took her to a concert."

"Sounds like an idea, thanks Jade. And could I get a Sam Adams and Cosmo for Lexis?"

"You're most welcome. I'll fix your drinks, they'll be over shortly."

He walked back over to the couches, but then I began hearing Alexis's thoughts. A fairy's thoughts were always easy to read, compared to other supernatural beings. She adored Talon and couldn't be happier, since their anniversary was coming up. Jade came behind the bar with a tray filled with empty glasses floating behind her.

She began putting them into the dishwasher and then shut the door. The tray was put on a shelf next to our shot glasses, and then she sighed.

"You're in a chipper mood this evening. Is Ryan taking you out tonight?" I asked

Around the same time Talon and Alexis began dating; Jade met a warlock named Ryan. He had originally lived in San Diego working at the law firm of Barnes and Adler. He was on the path to becoming a partner, but someone exposed him. Before a formal investigation started, looking into past cases; to see if magic had been used to win; he left quietly and moved here to open his own firm.

He stood 5"9, black hair tied in a ponytail, tan complexion and dark brown eyes. The only thing that mattered to me was that Jade was happy. And he was warned if he broke her heart, he'd have to answer to me.

"Hey beautiful are you ready to go?" He asked

He wore a pair of Adidas sneakers, blue jeans, and black polo t-shirt. She hugged him tightly and then walked back to the office.

"She's getting her bag and changing." I smiled

She came back wearing jeans, purple t-shirt and black boots.

"I'll see you tomorrow dude." She hugged me

"Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do." I waved as they walked out

They left as Dannie came up with her pad on her tray.

"Hey sweetie; two Coronas with lime and a Smirnoff Ice Black are coming right up." I smiled

"Thanks girl, everything ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok."

I heard the door open, "Hey boss" a voice called. Victoria appeared in the entrance to the study. She stood my height, shoulder length blue hair, brown eyes, and fair complexion.

"Hey Vicky what's up?" I asked

"Homework, classes, and one hectic schedule; but nothing I can't handle. But enough about me, I see you read his letter. What did he say?"

"A lot…"

I handed her the letter. She began to read it and I watched her jaw drop.

"Are you going to meet up with him? Call him?"

"I'll call and then go from there. I don't want to rush into anything."

"Good plan; you going to tell Jade?"

"Yeah; her instincts will be helpful. What's on the agenda this evening?"

"A New York Times reporter is coming tonight. You and Jade are up for another award. Also interviews for kitchen staff are today. It's going to be busy."

"Then I'd better get ready."

I got up and went upstairs to my room to change.


I was surprised when he asked me out to dinner. We hadn't hung out together in a few months. Alexis broke his heart, leaving him for a were-panther. Jade and I made sure she never came around the lounge again. "You broke his heart, now you have to answer to me…" I said.

He picked me up around seven. I was sitting on the porch when he pulled up in his silver Hyundai. I got up and made sure the front door was locked, as he walked up behind me. I turned to see he was dressed in black combat boots, gray t-shirt with a black sweatshirt over it. We smiled as I fixed my gray sweatshirt, pulling it down over my black leggings.

"Hey Jade; are you ready to go?" He asked

"Hey Talon; I'm ready let's go." I replied

He opened the door for me and then we pulled out of my driveway. As we turned onto the main road, I put on the radio.

"So where are we going?" I asked

"I told you earlier, it's a surprise. Be patient."

"C'mon, I've been patient all week."

"You'll see…"

I sighed knowing I couldn't read his thoughts. We stopped and I looked out the window to see we were at Fridays, but I didn't sense anyone else around. He got out and come around to get me. As I got out I stared into his eyes. "What are you planning?" I thought to myself as he led me inside.

The restaurant looked busy outside the bar area. I began sensing, were-animals, warriors, and some demons. He led me into the bar, my eyes lit up to see two stools at the foot of the bar and no one else was sitting in the booths surrounding the bar. We sat down, he handed me a menu, as my friend Dylan came walking out from the kitchen. He stood 5"8, fair skin, dark brown hair; and eyes that were behind a pair of black rimmed glasses. Dylan and I used to work together in retail before I opened the lounge. He was also the first werewolf I ever met.

"Hey love…" He began kissing me on the cheek

"Hey sexy… what's going on?" I asked

"A special request…" Talon replied

"Impressive, we should hang out more often."

We ordered and Dylan brought us drinks. All night we talked, flirting heavily back and forth. I was honestly enjoying it, until we realized the restaurant was closing up. He paid and I thanked him, as we left, I had a feeling something was going to happen.

"Hey you have to listen to that band I was telling you about earlier."

"Alright, we can listen on the way back to my house."

Music blasted from the speakers of a band called 'Nightwish'; I closed my eyes tuning everything out, except for the song. It sounded amazing, that by the time the song ended we were sitting in my driveway.

"They sound amazing. I definitely need to download some of their songs." I commented

"Yeah, Ash introduced me to them. I've been hooked ever since. "

"Same thing happened to me when someone introduced me to The Birthday Massacre."

It got quiet, our eyes met. He leaned in putting his hand on my shoulder; his icy skin penetrated the fabric, sending shivers down my spine. Our lips touched and I felt a spark of electricity. My hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer, as he leaned over the center console. Within five seconds, I pushed him into his seat and began kissing and licking his neck. He moaned as I continued.

"You know, you're pushing the right buttons…" He whispered

"Am I?"

My hand reached down to feel something stiffening beneath his jeans.

"I guess I am…"

He then pulled my sweatshirt over my head, tossing it into the backseat. I suddenly felt his cold lips on my neck. It felt different, but he knew from hands pulling at his hair I wanted more. Twenty minutes later we were sitting on my porch holding hands, his thumb rubbing the top of my palm.

"Man that was building up for a while…" I commented pushing my hair behind my ear

"Yeah…" He replied

"You're good…"

"You're not so bad yourself. I'd better get going, dawn approaches. I'll call you tomorrow ok?"


We both stood up, he took me into his arms and kissed me again. As he walked towards his car, I unlocked my front door. His car disappeared down the driveway, I went inside, waving my hand to shut and lock the door. I leaned up against it; my hand touched my lips still feeling the electricity.


The next day, I woke up to hear my alarm ringing in my ears. As I shut it off, I stayed in bed staring at the ceiling. The memory of last night flashed before my eyes and a huge smile appeared on my face. I got up, my pajama pant legs fell covering my feet, as I walked over to my closet. As my hands flipped through my clothes, I took out a pair of black pants and my 'Jack Skellington' t-shirt. I had just put on my shirt when I heard my phone ringing. I already knew it was Jade checking in and wanted to know how last night went.

"Dude…" She paused

"It was amazing. He took me out to dinner and there was heavy flirting. By the time we got back here, we made out in his car."

"So are you…"

"Official? I'm not sure; he's supposed to call later tonight. Don't worry you'll know. Your instincts were telling you this was going to happen."

"It was obvious when you two would talk all night at the lounge. Don't forget we're closing tonight. I'll see you later."

"I'll see you later dude."

I hung up and sat down at my vanity. While I was putting on my boots I sensed someone at the door. As I came downstairs, there was a '1800-Flowers' delivery man walking back to his truck. The door opened and I saw black roses in a small white vase. Slowly it rose into the air and followed me into the kitchen.

The kitchen was small, dark wood cabinets, table and chairs; along with black granite counter tops, gun metal stove, fridge, and sink. The vase landed on the table, as the card flew into my hand. 'Thanks for an amazing evening. Hope to have many more… - Talon'. I felt that huge smile form on my face again and began thinking about the night before.

"Jade… Jade… anyone home?" A voice called

"I'm in the kitchen Dannie." I replied

"Hey are you ready to go?"

"Yeah… let's go."

I locked up and we got into Dannie's Nissan Cube. As we turned onto the main road, I noticed a garment back lying across the black leather seats.

"Is someone getting married or…" I paused

"Andrew's getting married to Max in two weeks. You're invited along with a guest." She replied with a smile.

"Thank you; I feel honored to be invited to a were-tiger wedding. It's so cute your little brother is getting hitched."

"Yeah, I know. He's grown up a lot. So what are we shopping for today?"

"A few cases of beer. And anything that's on sale."

"Cool. I know Killian likes doing business with you."

"Unlike his other cliental, I pay him on time."

We arrived at the 'Liquor Warehouse' owned by my friend Killian and his family. As Dannie and I got out, I saw Killian standing outside on his cell phone.

"Hey get off your cell phone! You got paying customers waiting!" I shouted

He looked over and smiled. He stood 5"9, slender build, fair complexion, brown eyes and hair tied into a ponytail. We walked up to him; he was wearing the company's black t –shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

"I was in the middle of a business call." He smirked giving me and Dannie hugs.

"I had to get your attention somehow. Would you prefer I tackle you hugging tightly?"


Dannie and I laughed, as he led us into the warehouse. There were isles of shelves and refrigerators all stocked with any alcohol one could think of.

"So what can I supply you with today?" Killian asked

"Ten cases of Corona, Ying Ling, Coors, margarita mixers, and vodka please." I smiled

"No problem; come on over to the register and I'll ring you out. Do you want everything delivered tonight?"

"Yeah that'd be great. Dannie did you need anything?"

"The finest champagne you have please. It's for my brother's wedding. We're having about one hundred people."

"No problem; I'll get the best we have."

We watched him shout out orders to his workers. Soon two separate palates were stocked up with both our orders. He brought us over to the register near the exit and we paid.

"Would you like the champagne delivered to the bar Dannie?" Killian asked

"No; could you deliver it to the Shadowbrook Country Club? That's where the ceremony and reception is going to be. In two weeks."

"Yeah, I know where that is. Enjoy the rest of the day ladies."

He took my hand and kissed it, I waved as we walked out laughing to each other. We got back into Dannie's car.

"Now, I really see why you're his favorite client." She laughed

"Yeah; it's all part of my charm and biting wit. Want to go in to work together?"

"Sure. Are you going to need a ride home later?"

"No; I have a feeling Talon is going to take me home tonight."


Dannie and I walked into the lounge while Jade was serving a couple of wood nymphs.

"Dude… he's in our office…" She said

"Thank you… I'll be a few minutes."

I walked into our office to see him sitting on our wooden desk with two computer chairs next to each other. The white walls shined from the blue lamps, while two free standing shelves above held our books and files. He wore dark blue jeans; long sleeve black t-shirt and matching boots.

"Hey…" He whispered

"Hey…" I replied

The door closed behind me and locked. He took me into his arms hugging me tightly.

"I missed you…" He continued

"I can tell. This is a nice surprise, but I have to get to work."

"I'll hang out here. And take you home so we can talk."

"I had a feeling you'd be taking me home tonight."

Our eyes met and I kissed his soft cold lips, still feeling the electricity run throughout my body. We left the office; I went behind the bar to help Dannie while Jade was taking orders at the couches.

"He really likes you…" Jade commented

"Yeah and I feel the same way about him."

He sat at the far end of the bar; I sent him a glass of Guinness and then began making a martini. For the rest of the night, I couldn't help but smile and everyone could see why. After closing, Jade and I locked up and I walked over to him, while he was leaning against his car. He took me into his arms and began scratching my head.

"Ash taught you well." I whispered

"Yeah, come on I'll take you home."

I held his had the entire ride.

"I waited four months for this. There were times I wanted to tell you, but …." He paused

"Fear took over and you lost the nerve."

"Exactly; once I wanted to show up at your house with flowers and tell you. I just couldn't shake that fear."

"You could of, but now you have to make up for lost time."

He pulled up right in front of the house. We got out, he suddenly appeared beside me. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me to the front door. I waved my hand opening the door and locking it as he took me upstairs. As we walked into my room, I sent him flying onto the bed. He smiled as I got on top of him, leaned down and kissed his lips gently. Slowly I felt his tongue enter my mouth, soon mine began colliding with his. He sat up, just as I broke the kiss and raised my arms over my head. I sent my shirt right into my laundry basket, as I unbuttoned his and tossed it on the floor. He began kissing and licking my neck, while my hands tugged on his hair. Then I felt something pierce my skin, like a needle, and it felt amazing; he had bitten me. At that moment, something inside me ignited and I started to kiss his neck and bit back. I heard him growl and I liked it.

His clothes were scattered on the floor, along with my underwear and bra. He leaned up next to me and we continued to kiss. His fingers entered me, at first I winced, and he slowed down. I pulled him closer to me biting his neck, moaning in his ear. His speed increased as I arched my back in ecstasy and climaxed. I flipped him onto his back with powers; slowly I began to stroke his member. I then took it into my mouth, he moaned, as he ran his nails down my spine giving me chills.

"I'm gonna cum babe…" He whispered

I continued to stroke him, until he cried out and I lied down with my head on his chest.

"You're beautiful…."

"So are you my dark love…"

October 12 will be a day that I could never forget; no matter how hard I try. It was raining; the drops were tapping against my windows. We were curled up on the couch in the study, fire burning in the fireplace, and occasionally kissing. He stopped and I slowly opened my eyes to see him staring down at me with those blue eyes.

"I want to tell you something…" He paused

"If you say it… you can't take it back…" I whispered

"I love you Jade…"

"I love you too Talon."

He picked me up in his arms and suddenly we were in my room. As he put me down, I pinned him to the wall with my powers. 'Hands above your head…" I commanded; he did as I said and I gripped his wrists with one hand, while I began kissing him. I stopped and began licking his neck and then I bit him. His hands jerked, but I held them tighter. I heard him growl, as I bit again and drew blood, at first I stopped and watched it stain his black shirt.

"It's ok Jade. It'll enhance your powers." He whispered

"I know…" I replied and began drinking his blood.

I heard him moan, but then he broke free and tackled me landing on my bed. He held my hand up to his mouth, as my fingers brushed his exposed fangs. One of his fangs pricked my middle finger and he began licking the tiny wound.

"Talon...make love to me…" I smiled sitting up and licking the blood off his neck.

"Are you sure?" He asked as I pulled his shirt off, tossing it onto the floor.

"I'm ready…"

Slowly I raised my arms over my head and he took off my black camisole and began sucking on my breast. I grabbed his hair; he growled and bit my nipple. I cried out as he laid me down and slid off my gray lounge pants and underwear. His fingers entered me again, as he sucked on my breasts. I used my powers to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Slowly my hands pushed them off, I heard them land on the floor.

I watched him put on a condom, and then he got on top of me. Gradually he entered me, my legs wrapped around his waist. He went slow as he kissed my neck and bit my shoulder; I ran my nails down his back as I felt him lick up my blood. I flipped him onto his back and began grinding with each thrust; his hands grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. It felt amazing and I thought "No regrets". As I fell further down the rabbit hole, Talon sat me up, my legs still wrapped around his waist. I bit into his shoulder, he growled, as his pulled my hair. I hissed in pleasure and suddenly his speed increased. We both climaxed and fell back with me on top him.

"Talon what is it like?" I asked

He pulled up the comforter on top of us and hugged me tightly. There was a long silence before our eyes met.

"We are no longer affected by time. The light is our enemy, but we are creatures of the night. We drink blood of the evil and not the innocent. It feels like a fresh start with new eyes into a world of shadows, which so many are intrigued by. But Jade, would you be willing to spend eternity with me?"

"I would be willing. I love you Talon with all of my heart. And I've never felt this way about anyone except you."

He hugged me and then smiled. "Are you ready? This is going to hurt." He asked exposing his fangs, "I'm ready…" I replied. I felt his breath upon my neck and suddenly he bit me, I felt my energy leaving my body. I could hear my heart beating fast, and then gradually slowing down to a steady pace. He stopped and bit into his wrist; he picked my head up as I wrapped my lips around the open wound. "Drink my love and live forever." He whispered.

As I drank, it tasted like wine. He growled in pleasure, as he slowly pulled his wrist from my mouth. I watched as the wound quickly healed, but I lied back down feeling a stabbing pain in my stomach.

"What's happening?" I whispered

"Your body is dying darling, it will be over soon." Talon replied

Slowly I sat up, breathing heavily. Talon put his hand on my shoulder and I turned to him smiling, exposing my new fangs. He hugged me tightly, that was the night I died.

After that night, I entered another part of the supernatural world. I became his fledging, a student, but also his love for eternity. He introduced me to the 'High Council', made up of older vampires, who also kept peace amongst the other supernatural beings. I also learned to hunt for my prey and leave them right before they die. 'Drinking the last drop would kill you my love. 'He commented.

I felt like floating on "Cloud 9" being with someone I knew so well with some added benefits. Nothing could have destroyed what we had. Jade and Dannie were happy that we were together, but it shocked them I let Talon make me his fledging.


Three months past and I was still in love with Talon. One Saturday night, I was at the bar with Dannie and Jade. Talon was talking with Ash at the end of the bar, and the rest of my "children" were pleased with their drinks and enjoying their home away from home. I had just closed a tab for Dannie when I heard shouting outside. Jade heard it too and we both walked out to the parking lot.

We walked out to see a girl, about my height, fair complexion, and dark pink hair. She wore a white sundress and black flip flops, cornered by two were-panthers. They were dressed in all black, but I saw their hands had transformed in paws with their sharp claws exposed.

"Please just leave me alone…" The girl begged

"Hear that Mike, fairy girl wants us to leave her alone." One commented

"Sorry pretty fairy it only makes the hunt more exciting…" His friend replied

"Leave her alone." Jade and I said together

We waved our hands together sending the two panthers flying. Jade went and brought the girl inside, while I saw both panthers return fully transformed. Their black fur shinned beneath the street lights as they came towards me growling. I raised my hand in the air, both of them levitated in midair as I walked up to them exposing my fangs.

"I know you two mother fuckers can understand me. I'm only going to say this once, come near this lounge or the girl again and you'll have to answer to me and my sister. Trust me we are unstoppable together. So have a nice night boys."

I sent them flying towards the woods and smiled when I heard a thud echo from the darkness. As I walked back in everyone applauded me, I took a bow and smiled.

"Come into the office, she's really shaken up." Jade's voice called


They were sitting on the desk as I walked in and grabbed my chair.

"What happened with those two losers?" I asked

"I don't know. I just arrived tonight and those two followed me from the bus stop on Main Street. At first it was whistles and cat calls. I told them to back off, but they kept coming and I ended up here. Thanks to you two, I don't think they'll be coming round here unless they want a fight."

"Her first night here and already she probably hates our town." Jade sighed

"No, but some welcoming committee." The girl laughed

"So what's your name? Where are you from?" I asked

"I'm Victoria, but people back in Washington D.C, called me Vicky." She smiled extending her hand

Jade and I shook it, and then continued to talk.

"Welcome to the Circle Lounge…" Jade paused

"The only bar serving both humans and supernatural beings of all kinds. We don't judge by any means and everyone is welcome." I added

"I'm Jade and this is my sister Jade. We own this fine place."

"You two are sisters?" Vicky asked

"In a weird way… yes" We said together.

We learned Vicky came from Washington to start over. She had been in an abusive relationship with a demon. It was easy leaving a dream job at a famous boutique and her friends, but she left. Jade and I decided to hire her as our assistant. We had been thinking of a few ideas to build our business and needed someone to manage what we had planned.

The three of us came out of the office; Vicky sat at the bar, while Jade and I continued to work. Talon got up and walked over to me and Jade.

"You ok?" He asked

"Yeah I'm fine. She's just shook up, but we gave her a job here. Hopefully this will help her get back on her feet." I replied taking his hand into mine.

"You really told those were-panthers off."

"A mother has to protect all her children…"

He laughed kissed me on the cheek and went back to talk with Ash. Dannie came behind the bar and put her tray on the shelf.

"Is she ok?" She asked

"Yeah, she's a little shaken up, but she'll be ok." I replied

"That's good."

By two in the morning, everything was clean and doors were locked up. Jade took Vicky back to her house and I watched Dannie leave, but then turned to see Talon sitting on the hood of his car staring up at the night sky. I appeared beside him and kissed his cheek.

"I have something for you my lovely fledging." He began reaching into his pocket

My eyes lit up to see the tiny red velvet colored box in his pale hand. As he opened it, I saw a very unique ring. It was a silver ring with a black heart shaped stone. He slipped it on my right ring finger.

"Thank you, it's beautiful." I whispered

"It belonged to my Grandmother. I know she would have liked you, just as much I love you."

"I love you…"

I kissed his lips gently and laid my head upon his shoulder. He pulled me close and we just stared up the clear night sky.

Imagine being so happy and in love, you think nothing could destroy it. I thought that's what we had until late December. We had closed up the bar for the night; everyone had gone home, except him and me. Hearing him say, "We need to talk…" I knew something was wrong. We sat in the first section of couches; there was a long silence before he spoke.

"I can no longer be with my dear fledging." He began

"What…" I felt my jaw drop

"There are some things I've been going through, that I need to work out on my own. I know you want to help, but I just don't want us fighting, saying things we would regret later."

Tears began forming in my eyes, both fell staining my blue jeans. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"But I want to help, let me…"

"No my fledging, I must work this out on my own. Don't think of this as goodbye, think of it as until we meet again."

"Talon… just get out… now…"

My powers unlocked the door; within a blink of an eye he was gone. "Until we meet again master…" I thought, but then Jade appeared. She and Vicky were in their pajama bottoms and sweatshirts as they took me home.

"What happened?" Vicky asked

"He broke up with me…" I began sobbing

"Let's get you home." Jade whispered.

For almost a month, all I did was sleep. I didn't want to face the heartache and the anger I was feeling. When I did wake up, I hunted and then came straight home. Everything was destroyed and it was a long road to recovery.


I came downstairs, dressed in my black t-shirt with white skull, long black skirt, and knee high lace up boots. Vicky whistled, "Oh look at you… sexy vamp." I laughed as we got into my black escalade and headed to the bar. Dannie was behind the bar, while Jade was serving and taking orders at the couches. Vicky immediately relieved Jade as we headed into the new kitchen. Black tile lined the floor, while all the appliances and counters were gun metal. There were four chefs standing by the fridge as Jade and I walked in.

"Hello we're Jade and Jade, owners of the best lounge in the town. You're here to audition your culinary skills for a chef position here. We will take two of you, and you will hire any additional staff you need. Good luck." I began.

From what I observed, there were two werewolves, a fairy, and a shape shifter. A 'shifter' could transform into any animal they see. The werewolves' names were Victor and Marcus, from the same pack, best friends. Victor was 5'10, thin face, average build, short black hair and brown eyes. Marcus was the same height, gray eyes, brown hair and skinny as a rail.

"So have you called him yet?" Jade asked

"I am tonight. But it still shocked me that he sent me that letter." I replied

"Wasn't he seeing someone?"

"From what Ash told me, he was, but she was never made. Then Ash told me he wasn't seeing her anymore, didn't say why."

"Interesting… sounds like he wants you back sister. But we won't know until you two meet up again."

We continued to watch the chefs prepare their meals. The fairy's name was Diana; she stood 4'11, fair complexion, blue eyes and dark purple hair. And the shifter, named Will, stood 5"7, spiked blond hair, green eyes, and tan. They finished and lined their plates up in front of us; everything looked amazing.

"Let's get started with Victor. Tell us what you made." I began

As he described his dish of homemade wings, I remembered the last time he came into the lounge.

I was talking with Drake, when I looked up to see him come in with his new girlfriend. She was a mortal, college student, his height dark brown hair and eyes. She wore a pair of blue jeans and short sleeved black buttoned shirt. Dannie and Jade looked at me, but I nodded "It's ok; I'll handle it." I said to Jade. She nodded, making her way over to the middle section of couches

"You ok kiddo?" Drake asked

"Not really…" I whispered

"Do you want to get out of here?"

"Hey…" He said

"Hey what can I get you and Kylie this evening?"

"Two Guinness sixteen ounce pints please; I'm surprised Jade, Dannie, and Vicky haven't come after me." He laughed

"Be thankful, you're drinks will be over shortly. Drake not tonight I really want to be by myself tonight."

"Thanks Jade." Talon said and walked back over to Kylie

Drake frowned, but noticed the bottles behind me were shaking. Jade came over and hugged me; I went into the office and sat down at the desk. I didn't come out until it was time to close. It really crushed me to see him with someone else. I still loved him.

"Dude what do you think? Dude?" Jade asked

"Victor and Marcus; their food was amazing and simple." I replied snapping back to reality

After we hired the two best friends I went outside and pulled out my cell phone. I never erased his number from my contacts. Something told me not to and most of the time I had no problem calling, but tonight I hesitated. Finally I hit the send button and it began to ring.

"Hello…" He said

"Hey stranger how are you?" I asked

"Jade, I'm doing well what about you?"

"I can't complain. But anyway I got your letter, and to be honest I read it twenty times."

"That's great; and I meant every word my dear fledging. I know it's late in doing so, but I felt that I owed you."

"I know you did. So did you want to meet up tonight?"

"Ash and I have plans tonight, but I could meet you around midnight."


"Harper's Lake in Smithfield park?"

"I will be there. See you tonight."

"See you Jade…"

I hung up and walked back inside. Jade, Dannie, and Vicky immediately cornered me with curious looks on their faces.

"I called him and we're meeting tonight." I began slowly

They smiled and hugged me tightly. Jade and I left to go back to my house, I needed to change and get ready to meet Talon. As we walked into my room, I waved my hand to open my closet; Jade walked inside and began looking around.

"Dude do you think you're ready?" She asked

"As ready as I'll ever be. I'm ready for whatever happens."

"That's the spirit. What do you think about this?"

She came out with my black dress with linked chain on the right shoulder and two giant safety pins on the skirt.


I changed and put on some make-up, as I turned to Jade her jaw dropped.

"What? Too much?" I asked

"No, you look beautiful. He's going to be just as shocked as me, I know it."

"I guess that'll be a good thing. Do you want to crash here tonight?"

"Yeah, it beats going all the way home. Vicky has a date tonight and I had a feeling she was going to ask for a little privacy."

"You know where everything is. I'll see you later."


I left my house unsure of what was going to happen. So many questions were running through my head as I got into my car. As I pulled into the parking lot by the lake, I saw he was already there. He was standing by the lake, I decided to surprise him. I parked and got out as quietly as I could, and then levitated into the air. I landed in a tree right above him, I stared down at him; he hadn't changed.

"Good evening Master…" I said jumping down from the tree and landing right behind him

"You always knew how to make an entrance Jade. How are you?" He replied hugging me

"I'm good and how are you?"

"I'm good."

We sat down on the grass, staring at the lake. The full moon reflected off the dark water, while crickets chirped in the distance.

"I'm sorry Jade for how things ended. I should have handled it differently…"

"You hurt me Talon; I spent a month just sleeping or feeding then coming home. But I thought about it and I understand you left to protect me. As much as I wanted to help, you had to do this on your own."

"After Kylie left, she did to me what I did to you. And I got to thinking and had to apologize, even if it was late. I've missed you Jade."

"I've missed you too Talon."

Our eyes met, I stared into those blue eyes and saw him. He was my friend, boyfriend, and master all in one person. I leaned back as he got closer, our lips touched and once again I felt the spark of electricity shoot throughout my body. His hands cupped my face, while my arms wrapped around his neck. He broke the kiss and I opened my eyes to see him get up, holding out his hand. I took it and he helped me to my feet.

"Come on, we'll go back to my place." He said

"Let me tell Jade." I replied taking out my phone from my pocket. "Dude I'll be home tomorrow night… yeah I'll tell you all about it."

I hung up as he led me to his car. He opened the door for me and then got in and drove off into the night. In the all the time we were together I'd never seen where he lived or if any of his family was still around. He took my hand into his and it felt like we were picking up where we left off.