Here is the second poem I've written for Zombie Dolly. If you don't know who that is its a character of mine who is exactly what her name says, a Zombie doll. This poem is about our (yes you too lol) first encounter with the Toy Box, which is the big mansion Zombie Dolly and all the other toys live in. Its a very strange place but strange in a way that makes you think and makes your mind buzz with the possibilities. I hope you enjoy!

Toy Box

Creeping up the stairs

This old house becomes a lair

The smell of roses fills the air

She delivers a blank stair

Tightly holds her teddy bear

His smile sharp enough to scare

Who's there?

Talking to the walls

They reply in strange calls

Think you're alone?

Pick up the phone

It will tell you the deadly truth of this home

What is this place?

Roofs black and hollow

Hallways hard to follow

Vines that creep along the walls

Painted pictures dance the waltz

Ball rooms, theaters, dining rooms

Fine china, instruments, costumes

This house is a house of wonder

Makes you want to stop and ponder

Why am I here?

What is this fear?

That statue is talking!

Well isn't that queer?

Quite queer indeed

Like ghost weed tea

If you do not mind

Please proceed

What's that room?

Walls lined with beds

The sleepers don't turn their heads

Peaceful in slumber

Pure imagination at work

At least that's what you think

The truth is bad enough to hurt

Shall we move on?

Let's not wake the sleepers from their sleep

So shall we move on?

And the sleepers stay asleep

A room like a jungle

Plants touch from wall to wall

And up above them all

It stands apart

The tree of hearts

What's that tree?

Why it's the tree of hearts

Well isn't that bizarre?

My friend it's art

On to the next room

And yes there are many rooms

A room of rooms

Very strange little rooms

A room with a room

A room eating a room

There are even tiny chairs in one tiny room

Oh this confuses me so

Moving on, no time to explain,

Maybe next time you'll use your brain

This room is pink and fluffy

But the rips and tears will make you huffy

The cocky grin the teddy's giving

Makes you wish that you weren't living

But on you look

Yes you look on

A bed adorned with gold and pink

A smaller bed that makes you think

You look at her

And she looks at you

And dare you ask: What is this room?

This room is my room, my pink fluffy room

Then why are things torn?

This isn't my room

This isn't her room

The teddy glares at you

Then who lives in this room

Well this is Barbie's room

Now that you look at her she looks quite strange

Like bird in a cage

Like a dolly that's aged

With a missing eye

And her head held high

This girl that you've followed

She must be the bad guy

Oh you fool of all fools you make the Barbie fools look cool

I'm afraid my dear friend we've lead you to your doom

You stare in shock

All exits have locked

What are your last words?

The teddy speaks up first

You look around but only one thing comes to mind

A question of sorts but do you have enough time?

You look around and then down at your watch

What is this place?

My old friend this is the toy box…