The fifth poem of The Toy Box Collection. Is your mind prepared for the splendor?

Prima Donna

You walk quietly down the hall

Mentally recording the exits along the wall

Oliver does not seem to notice

Or rather he notices but chooses not to frighten you

You wonder past open doors

Each time you glance more eyes are glancing back

In fact

Everyone seems to be watching you

Ah, here we are

Where exactly is here

You wish to ask

But you do not ask

Because talking to Oliver feels like a dreadful task

But you soon find out where he has lead you

Two large golden doors

With carvings carved into their pores

Angles and doves, and roses and vines

Oliver looks at you and he gives you that smile

I think you will enjoy this

In fact I know you will

How do you know I will?

Friend don't be so chilled


Who says chilled?

Who in their right mind says chilled?

The doors open of their own accord

You walk in but only because you are forced

As you look around you notice it's a theater

With seats that were lined in navy blue velvet

The floors were the same blue but the walls were gold

And golden statues held golden candelabrums

With wild golden flames that were somehow controlled

The stage was large and the seats curved around it

Oliver shepherds you to a chair and casually forces you to sit

The thick navy blue curtains move apart

And you see the stage is filled with actors as still as art

They all pose differently and they do not blink

Their clothes crisp and come in pastel hues

Colors that pop against the theater's blue

Then ever so slowly an actress starts to move

That's when you realize she is the center of the room

Her arms spread wide and she points her toe

And the actors shift their poses to poses of woe

She shifts again her back now to her audience

And up on that toe she starts to balance

The actors rush around her like bees in a swarm

Then they all drop to the floor like they've been slain

The actress you notice is standing perfectly still

Then she cries out

Bienvenue à mon théâtre

Willkommen in meinem theater

Velkommen til min theater

Welcome to my theater

And applause echoes through

Though you and Oliver are the only people their

The actress was a pretty little snowflake

Her skin as white a snow

Her hair was wildly curly and tame

With said mane adorned with roses and bows


She shouts and the actors awaken

Then a ripple runs through them

Like the ground has been shaken

I say! For two swords I'll give you a heart An actor says to another.

Give me a heart and I'll give you two swords another says back to the other

Give me my swords first

Out of the air the actor pulls the swords

And he hands them to the other

I'll give you your heart once you're slain!

The actor swings the swords and the scene seems to pause

I say! For a necklace of indigo I'll give you two hands An actress says to another

The other actress laughs and pulls a necklace out of the air

The other actress snatches at it but she pulls it away

I want my necklace!

Then I shall have your hands!

The actress grabs the others hand and the necklace turns into a dagger

But just as the other this scene pauses

The center actress lifts her hands

And that strikes up the band

Who you now notice as they stand

Music plays and the actors all sway

Hands are offered to hands as they begin to dance

They circle around once

Then the actress are spun

They circle around twice

Then the actresses are spun

The actress in the center spins slowly around

Though she moves carefully slow

Her gown starts to flow

You notice then that her movements are quite doll like

When the actresses are spun she stops in a pose

When they all circle around she circles on her toes

For my heart you give me a necklace of indigo a different actress sings to her actor

For your hands I'll give you two swords and actor sings to an actress

I want my necklace!

Give me your heart!

Then I shall have your hands!

You shall have that heart once you're slain!

The theater falls silent and they are all still as statues

You look at Oliver and he smiles at you

Then you turn your attention back to the stage

The actors and actresses separate

And form new scenes with their bodies

I say! For tie of fine silk, I shall give you a pound of luxurious hair And actress says flipping her long hair over her shoulder

The actress in center spins very quickly as another actress unravels a long silk tie from around her

She stops on a dime as she was freed from the silk

For this tie of fine silk you shall give me a pound of your hair The actress says as she brings the woman her silk

I said no such thing! The woman shrieked


And the scene pauses just before she was attacked

I say! For a shall of white fur I will give you a good reputation and actor said smiling at another

And actor pulls the white fur shall from the center actresses' shoulders and brings it to the other actor.

For this shall of white fur you give you your good reputation.

A deal is a deal is what I always say the other actor takes the shall away

You there! This man killed his child! The other actor yells

And they all start to attack but they pause

The center actress lifts her hands

This time arching backwards very slowly

And the music starts to play

Hands are offered to hands as they begin to dance

They circle around once

Then the actress are spun

They circle around twice

Then the actresses are spun

The center actress arches over

Until she is on her stomach on the floor

With one circle around she is on her back

For another she on her feet

With the spin she arches back up till she's standing

For fine silk you give me your reputation The actress sings like a ghost

For white fur you give me your hair The actor sings back

A deal is a deal is what I always say another actor sings

I said no such thing! An actress also sings

You there! This man killed his child!


And then it is silent again.

All as still as statues

You deranged people!




Insane people

Crazy people



All this for riches and goods


The center actress stomps her foot

And the actors all fall to the ground

F-For my heart you give me a necklace of indigo one actress manages to choke out

You there, this man killed his child an actor whispers

You shall have that heart once you're slain the actor pounds his fist on the floor as he finishes

And then everything was quiet.

The audience applauded and you found yourself doing the same

The actors and actresses rose

And they all bowed low

Nous vous remercions de votre visite à mon théâtre

I hope you come back for the marionette

Then with a very fast spin and a flash of light

The center actress made them all disappear

Shall we go? Oliver asks you as he stands

You stand as well and you leave the theatre

The doors close behind you and they whisper: Come again