The canvas may seem blank and still
the frame embracing the white
the artist stands tall and pensive
His perfect vision stays from sight

As the charcoal caresses the cloth
and the artist's hunched in thought
Lines start to form an outline
His muscles tense and taut

Trying to find the hidden words
to express his dream in paint
he stills for thought then rushes on
with increasing fervour no restraint

The image forms taking shape
colours find their own ways in
paint flies splashing far and wide
the eyes nose lips and chin

The figure looks almost lifelike
like I could touch her hand
her hair is soft and flowing
each golden iridescent strand

Her dress shimmers in sunlight
the purple blends with the red
she's so beautiful and bright
it's hard to tell she's dead

The fabric is stained and ruined
with the evidence of his crime
the beautiful woman lost
and murdered in her prime

An artist's job can be easy
they can paint for commercial gain
but it can be most difficult too
they may stamp and scream in vain

But when the visions right
when the dream speaks out
the painting can be easy
brush swings free with no doubt

The artist stands back and looks
at his stunning work of art
the angel woman lying dead
a knife straight through her heart