Part I: A Promise Made


The moon was full and casting wicked shadows on the floor,

of things to come and things that had not happened yet and more.

And these prophetic whispers that were fleeting to the last,

were just one of many mysteries that moiled in beggars pass.


Here he rode, a knight so bold, but haunted by desire,

hunted by some silent fear and chased into the mire,

of the thickets and the brambles that cut like shards of glass.

Just one of many challenges one meets in beggar's pass.


He was too old to dread, they say, yet still too young to live,

past the maze of crooked cobbled earth that beggar's pass did give.

But fire and wiles do fuel the heart that aches to see it through.

To try the gods, defy the odds and prove the heart is true.


"If your challenge you should win, my heart shall beat for you."