My mind is filled with dark clouds of deep sorrow. The air is thin and my mind is slowly draining into the darkness. Everything I love is slowly evaporating into thin air. I can barely breathe from all of this madness within the prison chamber called my head. I run frantically around my mind, hoping that one day, I will find the light only known as pure and innocent sanity. Could such a thing exsist?

Hypervenilation is taking over my lungs. My head gets fuzzy and a little ringing appears in my head. I smile and chuckle sadly at the ringing. "Hello, my friend. How are you today?" I ask it, dropping to the floor and snuggling my face into the soft carpet. The ringing just continues. I frown and ask the ringing, "why aren't you answering me, dear? Am I not good enough for you?" The ringing continues to buzz through my head. It won't respond to anything but that dreadfully irritating ringing. "Do you hate me?" I ask it, looking up as if it is right above me. It still rings. "Why do you hate me so much?" I scream at the sound with hot and juicy tears spilling from my eyes. I look down to the floor. I can't even see the tan coloured carpet. It's just a blood stained soul. "I'm hated by everyone. No one loves me." I say to myself in barely a whisper.

Walking towards the kitchen, I hear a noise shuffling in the living room. I swiftly advert my eyes to the room and see only the green coloured eyes of my cat. He meows at me softly, almost as in a pitiful way. "Is he taking pity on me...? Why would he pity me? I don't deserve to be pitied..." I think to myself. I walk over to my cat and grab him by the back of his neck like a mother cat would do to her kitten, only I use my hand instead of my mouth. "Why are you pitying me?" I ask the cat. The cat just meows in pain from the stretching of his skin. I give it a stern look and tighten my grip.

I run into the kitchen and fill the sink with water. As soon as it's filled, I grab my cat by the back of his neck. I hear his sorrowful cry for help as I sink his head into the ice cold water. I pull his head back up and he's gasping for air and trying to claw me. I chuckle to myself. "Why are you struggling? If you end like this, we can be together forever, dear friend."

I sink my cat's whole body into the water this time, gripping onto his throat tightly so he can't breathe. The struggling stopped and a wild smirk appeared on my face. I grab the largest kitchen knife from the knife rack beside me and swiftly bring it down onto my cat's corpse in the water. The water immediately grew a red tint. The water soon turned from just a tint of red into a deep crimson colour. I smirk to myself. "I'll see you soon, friend."

I pull out the knife from my cat's corpse and stab myself in the head. My head is now numb with pain. It tickles a lot. I start laughing hysterically and keep stabbing myself in the head. It feels very strange, but I like the feeling so much. I just can't describe it. Suddenly, my world turns black. The last thing I hear is myself laughing "hee hee ha hoo hee hee ha..."