As to subject why I came on here. my mom blocked due to my brothers being… brats. Oh well, I think if this site is a lot like Fan fiction I will be able to get it quickly.

Warning, I am not the best writer out there and so my first story will require your assistance. It might actually be fun.

I want you to help create characters for this story, everyone will be put into the story eventfully I promise. Here is what you have to give me

Name: (first and last name please)

Age: (from age 10 to 38)

Appearance: (includes hair color eye color skin tone height and things like that.)

Race: (may be one of the following Human, Elf, Dwarf, Kalbel* Miayan* or Half elf.)



Abilities: ( meaning what specialties do the have what special techniques do they have)

Gender: (boy or girl)


Also I have 4 languages in this story one is Lilac, another is Kialen, and Miayan. And of course English.

Leave as an review or PM me one. And you can make as many as you want to. Another thing I will ask of you is to make a story of you characters past. Now for those who do not know (very many probably) what Kalbels or Miayans are I will tell you now.

Kalbels are tall (average 6"7) beings who have either dark purple skin are hot pink skin the all have red eyes and are not fond of Humans. They are masters of weapons and love battle. Roaming to the south and north poles of the world, they don't like warm weather and need lots of water to survive.

Miayans are like super humans, characteristics are the same but they are born with a single purpose, and they must live solely for it, if not they are obliterated.

Now enough with the another notes. I am going to give this story my all, and I hope you will help me with this world I have created. And of course the first person to leave their character will be the first to enter the story.