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They traveled down to the tavern Doman had said was his and Enkloth's Rondevue point. Doman had told Jemima to stay quiet and stay close. And that this was a tavern that supported Fire Oit. When Jemima asked what Fire Oil was he ignored her completely, and walked into the tavern. It was not much of a tavern so much as it was a bar. Several Drunken men laid on their tables passed out from drinking one to many alcoholic beverages. it reeked of the smell of the beer as well, Jemima had not liked this tavern, But the worse was yet to come. Doman leaned against a wall talking in whispers to a cloaked man.

It was the cloak he and Enkloth were wearing back at the Capital, Jemima had noticed.

And Zelda was with Enkloth..

She thought about her, and she had hoped that both of them were alright. They hadn't seen any sign of either of them on the way here, but Doman said it was going to happen anyway. That was the point of the Rondevue tavern, as he called it. Doman was very optimistic, and sometimes arrogant when talking about Zelda. But he wasn't unkind-and his eye were troubled and he wouldn't tell her why. She saw the door swing open and Enkloth disrupted her thoughts, Doman and the hooded man rushed quietly yet quickly to greet him. After a few more silent whispers the hooded man went to the counter and requested a room for the night-and Jemina knew that if Zelda hadn't been a Light, the tavern (or rather Bar) Keeper would have sent them away. Even though Jemima disliked this tavern-and she had a feeling everyone else did as well, seeing the scrunched noses The elves made at every drunken man. But what was even worse was the grease that some people drunk. They had ordered it and it was served it a black clay bowl and they drunk it. It was disgusting-and the oil stunk as well, Why anyone would want to drink it was beyond her imagination. When she had asked Enkloth why they were doing it his reply was simple and quick.

They were drunk.

Zelda slept long into the afternoon of the next day, Many sick-minded men trying to get close to her as she was sleeping-only to meet the end of Doman blade. The hooded man that also guarded Zelda's room just shook his head and kept it down so his face could not be had actually chosen to go outside of the tavern and sit on the molded porch. The chairs looked ready to break so she sat of the edge of the pouch where the mold had not ruined it. It had felt good to be out of the tavern and smell fresh air. She smiled a little and had wondered when they would be off again. She had a feeling that this place was not their destination. She had a feeling that the place they were head for was a long way off-past the Grand Gilian continent. She could not explain why she felt this way-and no reason would they have for going that far away from her home. Elves lived on the Grand Gilian and Lesser Gilian, and the type of elf Doman seemed to be wasn't part of the Lesser Gilian tribe. He was far to proud to that.

She looked up at the forest on the far side of the dirt road. She thought she saw someone over there in the corner of her eye, but no one was there now. Maybe it was a trick of the light? She had hoped so.

Zelda was in a very sour mood when she had awaken. She had woken up because the stench was more than her unconscious mind could bare, and when she opened her eyes the smell was still lurking in the room. Which was not fit for anyone to sleep in.

She had already known who was at fault for this, she rubbed her neck where the sharp needle had pierced her-it was still sore-. It was a couple of night ago, and it had turned into a scar on her neck. She looked up and let her eyes focas in and out on the figure that stood watch over her bed.

"En-Enkloth?" She said with raised eyebrows. Then sat up and folded her arms across her chest, Enkloth inwardly groaned, he knew what she would say.

"Doman!" He called. and Doman sighed poked his head through the door, and he groaned. though he came inside. They both knew she did not want them defending her, but in this case they had too.

"You two agian?" she let out an aggravated sigh " I thought I told you two last time that I don't need your help-I can defend myself."

"Now-" Enkloth started and nudged Doman with his foot as he could tell Doman was about to make a remark "Listen"

"Shut up...You owe me Twenty Blue Lingi."

He sighed and dug through his trousers to get the money. As he did that Doman went into explanation of all what happened. And he included -in heavy detail- about little Jemima. Enkloth frowned.

He could almost pity the child now. Though he knew Zelda was not unkind she could be very, very sassy. He had always wondered which one of her parents she got it from-Neither one he knew were that mean.

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