He looks at me through half closed eyes.

I look away quickly, a crisp pink floods into my cheeks without warning. I tilt my head to the side so my hair falls from its position and drapes in front of my face like mask. I purse my lips and shove my hands deeper into the rough pockets.

An odd feeling pricks in my stomach and I manage to muster up enough courage to peek through the dark strands I call my hair. He isn't looking at me and I sigh in relief.

Ever since we've been in the pool I can't seem to get him off my mind. I completely forgot about Josh and the feelings I have for him, even if he ripped my heart out and pieced it back together. He is all I can think about in the car, at my brother's hockey game, when I'm eating breakfast and even when sipping on a scorching hot chocolate.

The reminder of the steamy drink causes my tongue to run over the roof of my mouth. It's dry and jagged from being burnt so badly.

He raises his head to meet my gaze and when he finds it he immediately converts his eyes. I continue to look at him even though I know I probably look like a freak to everyone else.

He has dark, murky hair that seems to fit him perfectly and soft, blue irises that seem to piece you.

"I want chicken nuggets!" Sam whines in my ear.

"Sam, we're at a place that specializes in burgers," mom says as patiently as she can manage.

I roll my eyes and turn to face Sam directly. He has a skinny body and a large head that is covered in light red hair. He cocks a hip and parts his lips in anticipation.

"Fine," mom says heading toward the concession stand.

"Can I get a cheeseburger please," I shout after her. She shoots me a thumbs up and steps into the long line of people.

"I'm going to play my D.S 3 over there," Sam points. I follow his gaze to a bench in the corner and nod. He races to the spot and practically trips over himself trying to get the Gameboy case open before he sits down.

"Who the kid?" Sabrina asks coming up beside me.

I stare at her tan skin and black hair, "Sam, Avery's friend. We have him for the weekend unfortunately; the kid has no manners what so ever," I explain to my best friend.

"I see," she says.

We sit in silence for a bit until she pokes me obnoxiously, "Who's that guy over there?" she asks.

I follow her finger and find myself staring at the same guy I have been looking at for the past few days. "Why do you ask?" I say shortly. "Well," she says raising an eyebrow, "he's been looking at you for the past ten minutes." She smiles mischievously at me and starts blinking her eyes rapidly.

I look at him and again, but he's not watching me, "You lie," I smile.

She shakes her head and opens her mouth, but is interrupted by a loud cackle, "We just keep picking up kids."

Sabrina looks up, her face lighting up like a child on Christmas, "Casey!" She stands up quickly and bends down to give my mom a bear hug.

Mom hugs her back and sets the tray down. I reach for the cheeseburger and devour it quickly.

"I don't know anybody that eats as much as you," Sabrina says laughing. I stick my tongue out and continue to nibble on my fries.

"Where's Sam?" Mom asks suddenly. I wordlessly point to the corner and she nods her head in one quick jerk.

"I swear we need to put a tracking device on that kid," I say. Sabrina snorts and gathers my things to throw away. I mumble a quick thank you and in the matter of seconds I can feel my heart rate pick up as she leaves.

As if by some kind of gravitational force I turn my head to the left and directly in front of me is him. He looks at me through the bottom of his bangs and smiles slightly in my direction. I smile back and for a single moment we stare at each other and the world stops. Time is suspended in mid-air, unable to move. His dark lashes curl up and his thin lips carve a U into his face.

Then he blinks.