Book 1: Dishonoured

Chapter 1

Her name was Lindsey Wilson; she was just a normal twenty six year old woman with long raven black hair and bright blue eyes. She lived a simple life; she lived alone in an apartment and worked as a reporter for the New York Times. It was just a normal Wednesday night and Lindsey had just finished work, after saying good night to some of her fellow reporters she climbed into her car and started to head home. The traffic was bad on her way home, but what was only expected from the city of New York. This meant she had plenty of time to think about the new story she was writing, a police detective had put eight bikers in hospital the night before after they were harassing a sixty seven year old woman. This detective had come up a lot in the past few months, apparently he had at least fifteen different complaints of police brutality in the last year alone and Lindsey was very interested to learn more about him. After about an hour she finally arrived at her apartment, she got out of her car and grabbed some files that were on the back seat; she then locked her car and headed into the building. As she headed upstairs to her apartment she spotted one of her neighbours standing in the hallway.

"Everything okay Mrs. Coleman"? Asked Lindsey

"Yes dear" Mrs. Coleman replied

"Why are you standing in the hallway"? Lindsey asked confused

"Because I thought I heard someone out here but no sign" Mrs. Coleman answered still looking around the hallway.

"Okay then, well I'll talk to you later" Lindsey said before heading down to her apartment

# # #

Lindsay sat down on her sofa with a sigh; she put the files down on her coffee table and began reading through them one by one. She was looking through the complaints against the same detective she was writing her story about, his name was Detective Jack Stephens and the report says that he interfered when eight bikers attempted to harass an old woman, he didn't even identify himself as a police officer he just beat them all to a pulp. As Lindsay was reading he files her phone began to ring.

"Hello" Lindsay said answering

There was no reply, only someone breathing on the other end of the phone. Oh for fuck sake Lindsey thought to herself, she hated these stupid asshole breathers.

"Hello"? Lindsay said again

Still nothing except the continuing of somebody breathing, suddenly the person on the other end hung up the phone. Lindsay put her phone down completely annoyed that somebody would get kicks out of calling somebody up without saying a word. The night wore on for Lindsay as she looked into the detective's file, after hours of reading she finally decided to call it a night. While she was in the bathroom getting changed into her night dress, she heard a massive smashing sound from the living room. She charged out of the bathroom and into the living room to find that something had smashed the window that lead to the fire escape, she was careful not to tread on any glass as she searched for the object that smashed the window. After a few minuets searching Lindsay had still not found the thing that had smashed it, she decided to give up and clean up the glass; she stood up and turned towards the kitchen. When she turned she came face to face with a man completely dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, Lindsay screamed only to be hit straight in the face knocking her down to the floor.

"Be quiet bitch"! He snarled as she landed on the floor

He then drew a knife and moved towards her, Lindsay started to try and crawl to the open window and down the fire escape but her attempt was useless as he just stamped on her back hard. She screamed in pain and fear, she didn't want to die she didn't understand why he was doing this.

He stamped on her again before he grabbed her roughly and pulled her up. As she was being pulled up off the floor she managed to grab a shard of broken glass, he turned her around so she faced him and then she quickly slashed his face causing him to howl in pain and let go of her.

As soon as she was free she ran to the door, she screamed again and again trying to attract one of her neighbour's attention. She reached the door and fumbled with the lock, she just heard the lock click when a knife landed in the door inches from where her head was. She wrenched the door open to bump into a man standing right outside; he was a middle aged man with balding brown hair and a chubby stomach.

"Lindsay, what's wrong I heard you scream"? The man asked

"Mr. Douglas help me please" Lindsay shouted desperately

"Of course Lindsay but what's wrong"? Mr. Douglas replied

"There's man in my apartment trying to kill me" Lindsay screamed turning round to show him the attacker, but there was no one there. Lindsay started panicking, she had no idea where he was and it frightened her more when she couldn't see him.

"It's alright Lindsay" Mr. Douglas said patting her shoulder and starting to head into the apartment.

"Mr. Douglas don't" Lindsay yelled pulling his arm

"It's okay Lindsay, see there's nobody there" Mr. Douglas said gently

He pulled his arm out of her grasp and slowly wondered into the apartment, Lindsay nervously waited in the doorway praying to god that that sick fucker had left. After a few minutes Mr. Douglas reappeared in the living room.

"No sign of anyone in here Lindsay, though I did call the police so they should be here any moment." Mr. Douglas said smiling

Lindsay was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when a gloved hand grabbed Mr. Douglas over his mouth before a knife was slashed across his throat spraying blood everywhere. Lindsay screamed before the attacker appeared where Mr. Douglas stood, he then threw the knife which soared in the air and landed in Lindsay's chest causing her to hit the floor. He then moved over to Lindsay and pulled her further into the apartment; he closed the door and then moved over to the broken window. He reached out of the window and pulled a black leather briefcase that was on the fire escape; he moved over to the door and set the case down. He opened and started pulling out many wires.

"Time to work" he said grinning

# # #

Officer Travis parked the car up on the kerb, he then turned off the engine and opened the door and stepped out onto the street. He looked up at the apartment building and sighed, there was only twenty minuets left on his shift then he could go home to his wife and his two young children.

"Okay, so why are we here again"? Asked Officer Wilkes

"Because a neighbour reported that he heard somebody screaming in the place next door" Travis replied

Together they both entered the building and walked into the lobby. As soon as they entered they saw a large man wearing green overalls run towards them.

"You here about the screams being heard on fifth"? The man asked

"That's right, who are you"? Wilkes asked back

"I'm the superintendent, I've been getting calls all night about screaming and shouting coming from Lindsay Wilson's place" The superintendent explained

"Okay so it's the fifth floor she lives on"? Travis asked

"Yeah, apartment twenty" The superintendent said

"Okay thanks, wait down here please sir" Wilkes said before him and Travis headed up the stairs. About five minuets later they came upon the fifth floor and found it completely empty and quiet.

"Seems normal to me" Wilkes whispered

Travis didn't answer but walked towards apartment twenty and knocked on the door. There came no answer from the door, Travis knocked again but still no answer.

"Maybe it was just a hoax"? Wilkes suggested

"Maybe" Travis replied

They both looked around the hallway but still no sign of any neighbours coming out to have a look, Travis was sure that if neighbours heard a woman screaming they would come to see if everything was okay. Travis turned his attention back to the door and knocked again louder.

"NYPD, open up"! Travis yelled through the door

"Come on man, let's get out of here" Wilkes said when no answer came

Wilkes turned and started to walk away when Travis grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back towards the door. Wilkes struggled and pulled himself away from Travis straightening his uniform.

"What"? Wilkes demanded

"Look, blood" Travis whispered

Wilkes looked down at the floor and sure enough there just underneath the door was a line of blood and it looked fresh. Travis pulled his gun and Wilkes did the same, Travis nodded to Wilkes who understood immediately. Wilkes readied himself and then with all his might booted the door, Travis only got a glance at the room inside before a massive explosion erupted in front of them and engulfed them in flames.