Chapter 2

The man was fast asleep in his bed; his snoring was echoed all around the room. On a cabinet beside the bed there were at least six whisky bottles and probably another four in the bed with him. The man looked like he was in his early thirties; he had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Next to him on the bedside cabinet among the bottles was a NYPD police badge.

His phone started to ring causing the man to open his eyes and groan. He tried grabbing the phone which was also on the bedside cabinet but ended up causing many of the bottles to land on the floor. He groaned again and stretched further; finally he managed to reach the phone and answer it.

"What"! The man demanded

"Good morning Jack, its Nick" a voice replied

"Nick, what the hell to do you want"? Jack asked annoyed

"We've got a homicide down at tenth for you" Nick explained

"Get Roger to deal with it" Jack snapped

"Jack, two of the bodies are cops" Nick replied

Jack sat up a little bit. As a homicide detective, that was one of the worst things to hear another cop being killed. Jack was silent for a little bit before telling Nick he would be down there as soon as he could.

Jack Stephens was a dedicated homicide Sergeant of the NYPD; however he was going through a time of mourning. Jack slowly got out of bed sending a few more whisky bottles clattering to the floor; he then stretched a little and proceeded to the bathroom. After a quick shower, Jack went back into the bedroom where he pulled on a pair of jeans and a plain black T-shirt. After a quick bite to eat Jack left his house, got in his car and headed towards the crime scene.

# # #

After having a tough time getting through New York traffic, Jack finally arrived at the crime scene. He exited his car and looked up at the apartment building; he saw the blackened window up on the fifth floor and shook his head.

"Jack, over here" Shouted a voice

Jack turned around and saw his friend and colleague Nick Angle talking to what looked like a fire investigator. Jack proceeded to head towards Nick; he looked around the scene as he walked and spotted three body bags lying on the ground and saw a fourth one being put into the back of an ambulance by paramedics.

"What have we got"? Jack asked as soon as he was beside Nick.

"Last night, reports of screaming came from apartment twenty on the fifth floor, two uniforms attended, next thing anyone knew the whole apartment went up" Nick explained.

"Who lived in the apartment"?

"Someone called Lindsey Wilson; she was a minor reporter for the Times" replied Nick

Jack stood frozen when he heard that. A reporter for the Times, for the past year Jack had been leading an investigation into loads of murders which he believed were related, unfortunately for him nobody else did.

"Jack are you alright"? Nick asked

"Yeah fine" Jack muttered in response

Nick continued to look at him concerned and Jack was annoyed at him doing that. Lately everyone was concerned about him; they were either worried about him or were worried about working with him.

"Jack, Nick" a voice called.

Jack and Nick both turned around and groaned at seeing Roger Jensen walking towards him. Roger was a good detective and everyone around the station believed it would only be a matter of time until he was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. However in Jack's opinion Roger was nothing but a dick in a suit and had to resist the urge to punch his smug face in every time they met.

"What can we do for you Roger"? Nick asked politely when he approached.

"You two need to go to the station, Murphy wants to see both of you. Don't worry about the crime scene I'm in charge" Roger informed smugly

"Okay were going, thanks Roger" Jack said through gritted teeth, once again resisting the urge to wipe that smug smile off his face.

# # #

On the drive back to the station, Jack knew that Murphy didn't want to see him because he was in a good mood. Captain Murphy was a total hard ass and had one hell of a career behind him, he was a good boss but it was hell for you if you crossed him, a talent that Jack had become really good at.

Finally Jack parked up on the kerb in front of the station, Nick parked up behind him and together they both entered the station. As Jack walked through the station he was given looks by mostly everyone he passed, Jack just stared back daring anyone to come forward and say what they were thinking about him; but nobody did probably because Murphy would do it for them.

Finally Jack and Nick both reached Murphy's office; they took one deep breath before knocking. When they were told to come in, Jack opened the door only to be met with a piercing gaze from his Captain.

"Stephens, sit your fucking ass down now" Murphy ordered

Jack did what he was told, however Nick was told to wait outside which surprised him. Another thing that surprised him was that the head of Jack's department Inspector Nash was also there.

"Stephens, can you explain to me why you attacked those bikers last night"? Murphy asked his voice trembling from anger.

"They were harassing an elderly woman sir" Jack answered

"Stephens Intervening is one thing, putting eight bikers in hospital is another"! Murphy yelled

Jack just stared at Murphy; he had heard it so many times that he just didn't care anymore. He knew he had loads of complaints against him for being to heavy handed and that he could eventually lose his job over it, he just didn't care.

"Why didn't you identify yourself as a police officer Jack"? Inspector Nash asked

"I don't know sir, I didn't think" Jack replied

"Dam right you didn't think, the Mayor called the Commissioner, the Commissioner called the Deputy Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner just chewed my ass off" Murphy shouted

"I'm sorry sir" Jack mumbled

"Look Jack, your a good cop but these have got to stop, I understand your wife's death has left you devastated and if need more time off I'll let you have it, just don't throw your job away" Murphy said gently is angry tone decreasing

Jack just nodded; he knew they would mention his wife eventually. Six months ago she had been killed in a car accident, Jack felt guilty as he was supposed to meet her that night but he had been busy at work investigating a new murder case.

"Also Jack, I would to tell you now that you are getting a new partner" Murphy informed

"What, sir I don't need a new partner" Jack protested

"Yes you do Jack, you've had three partners in the past, one died and the other two were transferred to other cities" Murphy argued

"Sir, why can't I at least have Nick as my partner" Jack snapped standing up

"Because as of tomorrow, Nick won't be part of this department" Murphy snapped back, but remained seating.

"What are you talking about"? Jack asked stunned

"Nick is being transferred from Homicide to Narcotics tomorrow" Murphy explained

"What, Why"? Demanded Jack

"Because we have three new transfers coming in and we need to make room, so Nick and tow other detectives are getting moved to Narcotics" Replied Murphy

"Well who's going to be my partner, please not that asshole Roger" Jack begged

"I don't want that kind of talk Jack" Nash said quietly

"No it won't be Roger, you'll be working with one of the new transfers" Murphy said

"Well I guess that's better then Roger" Jack mumbled

"Quite so, the transfer is a highly decorated officer from the LAPD" Murphy said cheerfully

Jack nodded, great his new partner wasn't even from New York, knowing his luck he'll get a stupid LA cowboy who thinks he's Dirty Harry or something.

"Also Jack, I don't want you dragging your partner into all this Frank Marco case you think you have" Murphy said seriously

"Oh come on Captain, everything connects back to him. Murder, drugs, guns, protection rackets, loan sharks, prostitution you name it all leads back to Marco" Jack explained

"That's enough Stephens, Marco is a great business man he does a lot of work for this city and the Mayor has told me that you if carry on investigating him you will be suspended for three months without pay you got it"?

"Yes sir" Jack replied through gritted teeth

Jack was then allowed to leave the office; once he had closed the door he gave a long sigh. He then proceeded to walk to his desk thinking about the Marco investigation and how he was still going to investigate him.