It first happened when I was nine. That tingling sensation that starts from the tip of my spine and moves throughout my body. I didn't know what was happening at the time, but now I do. I'm currently fourteen.

I still remember the disgusted look on my teacher's face. She thought I was a freak, she hated me, she was afraid. I was too at the time. I had absolutely no idea what I was becoming. And what I was becoming was a terrifying, sadistic, and brutal monster. Am I a vampire? No. Am I a werewolf? Sort of. Am I a shape-shifter? Bingo.


I backed up against the fence as he came toward me. He had a crazed look in his eye as he came closer with the knife. I have nowhere to run.

"I can't believe I'm going to be the one to take your head to the Resistance." He said and smiled a sick, merciless, smile.

I didn't know what to do. I can't shift right now… what do I do?

"The only head the Resistance will receive is your own." A strong voice said from nowhere. Suddenly the guy who was trying to kill me flew across the empty alley. His head hit the concrete with a sickening, yet pleasant, crunch.

"You ok?" the voice asked. Suddenly a boy appeared in front of me.

"I… uh…" I didn't finish because an arrow flew through the air and pierced the boy's heart. A look of sheer pain and horror crossed his face and he screamed. He fell to the ground and his body went limp.

"No!" I yelled and bolted upright in bed. I looked around my room. No boys… no arrows… no psychos trying to chop my head off… must've been a dream. I shrugged my shoulders slightly and stretched.

"What are you yelling about? Geez, you do know people try to sleep in the mornings, right?" Josh, my younger brother, asked while appearing in the doorway.

"It's Monday morning, you have to get up to go to school anyway. I'm helping you."

He scoffed and walked past my door. I sighed softly and got up to get dressed. I really don't feel like going to school today. But what can you do?

I looked into the bathroom mirror. "Oh god." I mumbled. My hair was shooting out in all directions. I really should dye it soon… the color looks so unnatural with my pale skin. Its pitch black. Literally black, not just really dark brown. I tried to force a brush through it but it just wouldn't go. I gave up my struggle and just put it up in a pony-tail. Next I looked at my eyes. They have dark circles underneath them. "Crap." I said as I tried to figure out what I can do to cover the unattractive splotches. It's not like I own makeup or anything. I said a few choice words and just walked away. There's nothing I can do now.


I got out of the car and started slowly towards the door of the big building. Josh trailed behind me. He's two years younger than me. He's in the sixth grade, I'm in the eighth. It's almost time for summer.

"Hey Josh!" One of Joshes friends, Mitchel called. "Oh, and hello there Alex." He said in what he meant to be a seductive voice but just sounded weird with his high voice, and winked at me.

"Maybe when you're two years older and a foot taller." I said, pushing the door open.

"Come on, don't be that way, baby!" He whined.

I rolled my eyes and I turned to Josh, "Off you go." I said and did a go-away gesture.

Now it was his turn to roll his big brown eyes. It's weird, everyone in my family has brown eyes, yet I have an odd shade of electric green.

"See you later, try not to yell so much in homeroom, people try to sleep there too." Josh said and walked off.

I laughed quietly at the joke about this morning. I walked away too, going down the eighth grade hall. I stopped at my small locker and spun the combination then opened it. Something small fell to the floor. I picked it up and examined it. It was a note. Or, to be more precise, a poem.

It said:

You will receive a dream.

It will not make a bit of sense.

It will deceive you greatly.

But, then again, doesn't all of life?

That's odd… it doesn't really make sense… and the rhyme scheme isn't average either… Maybe someone put in my locker by mistake. Maybe it was meant for an inside joke, like the one Josh and I shared earlier about me yelling. The bell rang and I let a string of four letter words quietly escape my lips as I rushed to class.


"Settle down children!" Ms. Mayer called. Her shrill voice rang throughout the room and a deafening silence spread across it. "Now then, we have a new student attending our class today, Derek, you may come in." She said towards the door.

A really attractive, tall guy walked in. Talk about tall dark and handsome…

"This is Derek Keaner." Ms. Mayor informed the class.

Derek bowed his head slightly in greeting.

All the girls were practically drooling as Ms. Mayor was filling Derek in on what we were learning.

"So where you from Mr. Weiner?" Matt, the class jerk, asked in an extremely lame attempt at an insult.

But Derek was unfazed by his snide question. "Colorado." He said, his voice cold and bored.

"Derek, why don't you go sit next to Ms. Flynn." She pointed to the seat next to me.

He nodded and walked over to sit down. When he was seated he fished around in his bag for his things. He started to scrawl something on notebook paper. It looked like some kind of notes. I almost gasped when I noticed his handwriting. It was the exact same kind as on the note.