Once upon a time, there was a murderer.

Well, he didn't murder anyone, but his cult did.

You see, he was born in a small, backwoods town, to a hillbilly family.

He grew up a craftsman, and was persecuted for his belief that he was holy.

He later held secret meetings and was eventually killed.

He then "came back to life."

Apparently, it took him him hundreds of years later to write a book about himself,

Which was full of in-continuities and negated phrases.

It was like reading Alice and Wonderland, then worshiping it.

This "all forgiving man" declared holy wars against a peaceful people, and spawned some of the most

greedy nations in the world.

Does this sound like someone you would want your kids to worship? No? Me neither.

His name, Jesus.

His cult, Christianity.

His claim, Messiah.

His methods; Genocide, Civil War, Debate, Hatred, Bigotry, and Murder.

Does this sound holy to you?