The true heart of man is something

no one can deny.

Men wish to dye their souls in the Crimson of innocents.

To bleach their eyes of the cruel injustices of life.

To deafen their ears to the screams of the lowly.

And to wash away thier morals as if they were dirt on the pavement.

The true facts of man is that they are cruel.

Unfair and ignorant of the soul.

That they are greedy and

Selfish of their own successes and are forever unkind.

Abusive to the Earth, calling upon a God to justify their own actions, their own human slaughters instead of facing the human judgment.

Facing the facts of man's worthless hearts

their wretched souls and vile breath.

Face the facts of their lust for carnage and their unquenched thirst for blood.

Listen to their own feral screams that echo into their own thudding hearts.

That is man.

Crimson blood Instinct.